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Company Of Heroes Board Game is a cooperative strategy game produced by Academy Games and was released in 2015. It puts players into the chaotic events of World War II, where they command troops and tanks on a WWII style map and work collectively to try and complete their mission.

The game has been highly praised since its release on the board gaming scene. Academy Games, who are known for their innovative wargaming styles, had previously developed games such as Freedom: The Underground Railroad (2012)and Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! (2008). With Company Of Heroes Board Game, they also sought to create an immersive war experience that accurately conveys what WWII was like in terms of tactics, strategies, decisions and consequences.

Players can choose from different nations to control which include America, Britain or Germany in both singleplayer campaigns or multiplayer mode. Moreover, special editions have been released such as Western Front Armies (2015), which allowed for more scenarios and operations for up to 8 players. Expansion packs such as Rising Sun (2016) and Ardennes Assault (2016) were later added too. In 2017, playing over 2000 missions had unlocked enough content that required all game components(including previous expansions)to be repackaged with extra pieces in a ‘Mega Kit’ format consisting of building liners, roads, rivers tank traps. This increased the senses of realism while giving each scenario an extra level to play it with more difficulty levels available including Hard AI+ settings affording unique gameplay options each game session with endless variation due to its random generator campaign-style structure. Also added recently are experimental iOS devices providing tactical support during games in terms of speeding up the rounds quickly giving commands updating orders giving greater accuracy while uncovering hidden enemy movements -all working together simulating a perfect live strategy environment at its peak rendering virtual reality through tabletop gaming where one can never really lose until its end-game conclusion creates these often deep duals between players that become story-filled rivalries filled with moments never again experienced or artificially imitated making it’s future everlasting entanglement for all to share and laugh about among friends over drinks unseen before but surely come again another day in another far away land fulfilling our preconceived fantasies alike is what truly makes Company Of Heroes Board Game so great ” its effects pushing boundaries beyond even the best airplane flights foreseen combined with WW2’s most famous stories are purposely meant to be explored further becoming even better every time played…


Company of Heroes is a strategic board game designed primarily for two players who take command over two opposing forces in World War II. Each force consists of several distinct units including tanks, infantry, engineering and air wings. The objective is to out-maneuver and outwit the opponent in order to break through their ranks and capture key strategic points on the board. To do this, the player uses probability distributions, coordination and knowledge of war-time tactics as well as knowledge of which combinations of units are most effective against one another.

The game features three levels of play: Open Game (Novice), Standard Game (Expert) and Campaign Game (Elite). In Open Game, players are not restricted by terrain or strategy so it can be played quickly with minimal time commitment. Standard Game requires prepare plans concerning both attacks as well as defense while Campaign Game provides additional depth to provide a more personalized experience establishing loyalty and esprit de corps among troops using a branching storyline featuring different progression paths.

Company of Heroes also includes components such as dice, cards, tokens and unit miniatures made from plastic that recreate battle scenes realistically. Additionally, players get access to more advanced gaming tools such as terrain boards representing various terrains encountered during WWII including forests, deserts and even cityscapes along with detailed game manuals that illustrate game rules clearly while providing historical information on landmark WWII battles.

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Company Of Heroes is an intense board game with a focus on realistic military tactics, and exploring different strategies to win. Players build up different squads of infantry and tanks, collect resources, exploit their opponents’ weaknesses, and strive to gain the ultimate victory against the odds.

To play Company Of Heroes, it’s important to think ahead. Knowing how your opponent is likely to move their troops can help you position yours in a way that maximizes your advantage – denying them access, but protecting yourself from receiving unwanted damage. You must also consider the terrain, as that can have a major impact on the game. With each turn presenting new choices, every decision matters in this incredibly atmospheric board game.

Making full use of your units’ strengths will give you an edge in battle; tanks are powerful weapons but are slow-moving and vulnerable when crossing open areas! Infantry move quickly but die easily; make sure to protect them by utilizing cover whenever possible. Additionally, always weigh up the benefits of taking locations early ” these zones provide resources that can be invaluable for purchases like armoured vehicles or air strikes later in the game if used correctly!

In addition to bringing strong strategy into play during battle planning, another key part of winning at Company Of Heroes is resource management ” you don’t want to get caught out without money or materials when it comes time to purchase something crucial! Use any ‘free’ resources wisely; they could be the deciding factor between victory or defeat!

Overall the game is challenging yet rewarding ” it tests you not only with strategic decisions but also quick action thinking during its high-pressure battles. If you want a realistic yet exciting board game experience that really puts your tactical skills to the test then Company Of Heroes might just be perfect for you!


Company of Heroes Board Game is a two-player tactical strategy game set in the WWII European Theater. The game comes with 214 game pieces and components such as 46 three dimensional command units, 144 unit cards, 22 scenario maps, tablets with an exclusive app, ruleset and more! The game pieces are made of heavy plastic and come in six different army colors depicting the axis and allied forces. The 46 three dimensional command units include infantry companies, tanks with crew, 85mm artillery guns, 81 mm mortars and various support units. There are also 48 tank turrets/hulls included to accurately recreate each battle scene.

The 22 scenario maps are designed to depict varied terrain which can help players recreate certain battles of WWII. Each map consists of hexagonal grids which provide guidance when maneuvering your pieces across the contested terrain. The tablets contain statistics for each unit printed on its respective card so that rules are easily known even by novice players.

Overall Company Of Heroes gives you all the pieces necessary to establish your battlefield from the comfort of your home. It’s a great family activity or group night idea!

Pros and Cons

The Company Of Heroes Board Game has many positive strengths. The game offers a unique, exciting war-based strategy experience that encourages players to make strategic decisions while being immersed in an interesting story-driven campaign. The game is highly tactical and requires players to consider numerous options when deciding how to move troops, execute orders, and ultimately win the battle. It features gorgeous miniatures and evocative art pieces which help draw the player into the game’s world of WW2 combat. Additionally, the expanded content is always adding new challenges to keep strategy gamers interested.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Company Of Heroes is its steep learning curve. For someone who is more of a casual wargamer or unfamiliar with this type of tactical war game, it can seem overwhelming to learn all the rules and units. Furthermore, with so much going on at once”controlling multiple battalions in often complex combat situations”the game can feel bogged down by details at times. Additionally, some have found the reliance on dice rolls causes some unfortunate luck-based gameplay elements that can be unpredictable and frustrating for gamers looking for a dependable strategic edge over their opponents.

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Company of Heroes Board Game is a strategic war game based on Company Of Heroes, the popular real-time strategy video game series. The game involves players taking control of three unique companies and leading them to victory over the other players’ forces. Playing time can be up to two hours, depending on players’ abilities and tactical approach.

Like many other war board games, Company Of Heroes combines cleverly designed mechanics with well-executed artwork to simulate a realistic battlefield experience. The rules are easy enough for newcomers, but keep experienced players engaged with different strategies for each turn. It’s easy to access scenario cards that divide the play field into individual map parts where squadrons move from one area to another. Players must manage resources carefully in order to defend or attack their territories. Each company has individual special abilities and speed ratings that affect the flow of combat in an exciting way.

Unlike most competitive strategy board games, Company Of Heroes requires more than just managing resources like money and weaponry; it also includes elements of character development filled with special powers that create unique roles within each game session by granting stat boosts and unique special abilities, influenced by leaders’ thoughts and mannerisms which allows them to improve their armies’ performances in certain areas more effectively than others. This element makes the game both challenging and fun as you develop and experiment with strategies tailored to your particular style of play rather than adhering strictly to the basic concepts present in other similar board games.


Company of Heroes Board Game is an exciting tactical game that would be most suitable for strategy gamers and war-based board game enthusiasts. It offers a 30-45 minute game experience filled with intense battles between two players, where they act as commanders of the Allied and Axis armies in World War II. The game features detailed miniatures along with an innovative command system to make tactical decisions. Its heavily reinforced rules provide a challenging and rewarding experience while demanding attention to details of each battle situation. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a fast but strategic board game that pays homage to the Second World War.


Expansion Packs:
Company of Heroes: Ardennes Assault Expansion Pack, Company of Heroes II: The British Forces Expansion Pack, and Company of Heroes II: Southern Fronts Expansion Pack are all great expansion packs to accompany the original board game.

Strategy Guides:
There are several strategy guides available for the Company Of Heroes board game, such as Mark ‘Moe’ Muyres’ Company Of Heroes Strategy Guide and Tom Vassel’s Official Strategy Guide. Both provide detailed advice on how to play the game and strategize effectively, as well as tactics to help gain an advantage in battle.

Expansion Sets:
If you’re looking for more miniature troops to use in your game, there are a variety of expansion sets that can be purchased, allowing you to bring even more realism and depth to your gaming experience. Examples of these include Panzer Command Ostfront 1941-45miniatures pack, Overlord Armies miniatures pack, and U.S. Infantry Troops miniatures set.

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