Dream Crush Board Game


Dream Crush Board Game is a board game for two to four players where the objective is to be the team that destroys the most obstacles. Players use clues to deduce which of their opponent’s pieces are behind certain numbered walls and then move their pieces accordingly. As they make their moves, they earn points as they crush walls and eliminate their opponents’ pieces. It is a strategic game that requires logical reasoning and analyzing skills. Dream Crush has become popular because it stimulates gamers’ minds while they play, as well as providing a fun way to bring people together socially. The challenge of strategically blocking one’s opponent while also ensuring their own victory keeps everyone engaged until the end!

Objectives & Strategies

Dream Crush is a board game where players take turns matching shapes and colors in order to form bigger blocks of their own color. The objective of the game is to either completely fill your side with blocks or be the first to create three complete sets of blocks (three different shapes plus one point block).

In order to succeed and win Dream Crush, experienced players focus on strategic blocking techniques. For example, they may try to build up and protect large stacks of their color so that their opponents don’t have any room to make moves. Other strategies include creating unexpected paths for pieces so that opponents are unable to predict your movements. Lastly, advanced players may use more aggressive tactics such as force attacking the opponent’s stacks or blocking the sides in order to limit opposing choices.


Dream Crush board game includes a beautifully illustrated board that resembles the home of all your boldest dreams – a majestic castle surrounded by lush and colorful gardens. The player pieces are vibrant and cheerful, including two dragons, two dolphins and a kefurcap. Dream crush also includes 6 challenging fold-out geometrical puzzles to succeed before reaching the center of the castle. To add more excitement to the experience, there are four sets of 15 cards with mysterious riddle-like words. Finally, you can take your whole dream come to life with 4 wooden cutouts: a carriage, a flying saucer and an unicorn, plus a Jackpot Wheel with secret prizes in pink envelopes.

All these components will ensure an enjoyable gaming experience full of immersive story telling. The colorful illustrations on the board, pieces and cards will transport you into this magical realm while the puzzles will keep players entertained while they uncover secrets hidden in each level of play. Finally, the prize wheel at the end will challenge players with suspense as they spin around to see what awaits them at the end!

Game Mechanics & Scoring

Dream Crush Board Game is a strategy board game designed for 2-4 players, aged 8 and up. The objective of the game is to collect as many symbols (in the shape of clouds) and dream points as possible while blocking and outsmarting the opponents.

The game includes a hexagonal board, four pawns in different colors, 55 cloud cards, 6 dream tokens in different shapes, 20 score cards (4 each of five distinct colours), 10 bonus point tokens, and rules sheet. Each player has their own color fun pawn that allows them to move around the board to attempt various strategies.

The mechanics and scoring system involve laying down one of the six dreampoint tokens on an empty or occupied space on the board during their turn, playing cards or covering other tokens with their colour fun pawns to secure points. A diagrammatic representation of how symbols interact is included in the instructions manual for reference.
The aim of the game is for each player to score as many cloud points and dream points as possible to gain a higher score than your prospective opponent. Different scoring opportunities exist throughout each turn, some which can be employed tactically against opponents. To do this players must employ various techniques such as strategy planning ahead by considering how an entire move might accrue more points than just one single token; spreading coverage across multiple areas of play; manipulating hindrances that prevent another from continuing play such as placing multiple pawns at once; competing for special bonus point awarded for movers captures; or collecting four pieces per colour wheel awarding additional bonus point at random times throughout play. Through careful selection amongst these strategies players may achieve victory.

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Rewards & Progress

Dream Crush Board Game is an interactive, strategic game where players attempt to achieve their dream. Players can customize their player profile and set goals they want to achieve in the game. As they progress through the game, they will collect rewards such as tokens, coins, cards and badges. These rewards are used to advance the player’s level or gain access to new content within the game.

Each time a player achieves a goal or milestone, their progress will be tracked by the game. They will get a visual representation of all the milestones met so far for each character that can be accessed directly from the main interface of the game. This allows players to stay motivated and keep track of their achievements as well as use this as bragging rights when playing against friends. The goal system also gives players access to higher level rewards not available before reaching a certain point in the game.

User Reviews & Ratings

Dream Crush Board Game has received strong user reviews, with many players finding the game to be highly enjoyable and compelling. Many people have praised the game for its intuitive rules and simple objectives, as well as its colorful art style and vibrant characters. Players have enjoyed the variety of playstyles that Dream Crush Board Game offers, especially given the ability to build unique decks. Additionally, users have pointed out that the game is quite strategic, encouraging players to think carefully through their moves in order to maximize rewards or thwart their opponents’ plans.

Overall, Dream Crush Board Game has earned an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars across major online retailers and user review sites. Reviews mention that this game can appeal to both newcomers and experienced players alike with its clear-cut rules and approachable mechanics. Several reviewers indicate that although Dream Crush can be challenging because of how randomized the decks are, it’s still a thrilling experience all throughout”thanks to the palpable intensity it offers!

International Reception

Dream Crush Board Game has been a hit around the world. In Japan, it has sold over 200,000 copies since its 2017 launch and continues to be a very popular choice among families. In South Korea, Dream Crush Board Game is one of the most requested board games in the market, with sales going through the roof. China has taken to the game well too, as over 20 million copies have been sold in the past two years alone. The board game continues to gain momentum in Europe and North America, with gamers loving its intuitive gameplay and colorful visual aesthetic. Overall, Dream Crush Board Game has seen huge success internationally and is likely to remain popular for many years to come.

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Comparisons & Alternatives

Dream Crush Board Game is a fun, dynamic game where players take turns trying to connect two secret dream tokens with 26 unique cards. The challenge of this game is that none of the players know what their dream token looks like until it is uncovered. However, each card has two unique symbols that must be matched in order for the player to make a connection. This game does require some strategic thinking and encourages collaboration from the other players as they all try and help each other out.

In comparison to other board games on the market, Dream Crush Board Game offers something new and exciting. It stands out with its easy-to-learn rule system and challenging yet family-friendly gameplay. For those looking for something more competitive, there are several alternatives out there including Apples to Apples or Pictionary which offer more intense rounds between contestants. For those looking for a lighter experience that can still excite and involve the whole family, Dream Crush Board Game is an excellent pick. Another potential alternative could be Taboo where players have to guess words based on clues without using certain words from their teams list – making it a great game of challenge and wit!

Recommended Ages

The Dream Crush Board Game is recommended for ages 8 and up. This age range is ideal because the game requires a certain level of cognitive development in order to understand the rules and have a meaningful experience playing. A player must be able to follow basic instructions, think critically, plan ahead, and consider a variety of strategies to defeat opponents. In addition, the wide range of assorted cards also requires a solid reading comprehension level as each card contains specific instructions within. Children under 8 may have difficulty finding success with the game due to its complex rules that require players to apply higher-level thinking skills.


Dream Crush Board Game is an enjoyable and competitive experience for the whole family. Players get to create their own backstory as they make their way around the game board, matching tiles and getting closer to achieving victory by crushing their opponent’s dream. Move cards offer different benefits, such as unlocking new pieces or powers, adding additional obstacles to the game board – all of which bring exciting twists to the game. The goal of this game is not only to defeat your opponent but also create a story that everyone can play and enjoy together; connecting the players while competing. The unpredictable path to victory is sure to bring laughter and joy between the players as they explore vivid scenarios on their way there. Dream Crush Board Game offers a unique and engaging journey that is fit for all ages!

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