Game of Thrones the Board Game Tyrell Strategy

The Game of Thrones the Board Game is an immersive and strategic tabletop experience that brings the world of Westeros to life. With its intricate gameplay mechanics and emphasis on diplomacy, alliances, and political maneuvering, it offers players an opportunity to vie for power and control over the Seven Kingdoms.

At the heart of this gameplay lies House Tyrell, a noble and formidable house known for their wealth, influence, and cunning. In this article, we will explore the unique strengths and weaknesses of House Tyrell, as well as delve into key characters that play a pivotal role in shaping their strategy.

One of the key aspects of this game is the power of diplomacy. As House Tyrell, players have the advantage of being skilled negotiators, able to form alliances with other houses to further their own ambitions. We will discuss various strategies for leveraging these alliances effectively and using them to gain an upper hand in the game.

In addition to diplomacy, establishing strongholds and expanding influence are crucial components of any successful Tyrell strategy. We will explore different ways to solidify your powerbase through careful placement of forts and consolidating control over territories. Furthermore, we will take a closer look at how political maneuvers and spies can be utilized to manipulate events in your favor.

Join us as we uncover the intricacies of playing as House Tyrell in Game of Thrones: The Board Game. From managing resources wisely to navigating battlefields with military strategies tailored specifically for this faction, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide that aims to hone your skills and ultimately lead you towards claiming the Iron Throne.

Understanding the House Tyrell

House Tyrell is one of the playable factions in the Game of Thrones board game. In this section, we will delve into understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and key characters associated with House Tyrell.


House Tyrell possesses several strengths that players can leverage to their advantage. One of their biggest strengths lies in their ability to manipulate diplomacy. They have a natural inclination towards forging alliances and negotiating favorable terms. This strength allows them to build strong relationships with other players, ensuring a continuous flow of support and resources.

Another notable strength House Tyrell possesses is their vast amount of resources. Their stronghold, Highgarden, provides them with an abundant supply of power tokens, enabling them to exert influence over various areas on the map. With this wealth at their disposal, House Tyrell can shape the game’s narrative and strengthen their position significantly.


Despite their strengths, House Tyrell also has a few weaknesses that players need to be mindful of when formulating their strategy. Firstly, House Tyrell starts the game with fewer armies compared to some other factions. This means they may initially struggle in direct military conflicts unless they garner support from allies or engage in intelligent diplomatic maneuvers.

Additionally, House Tyrell’s position on the board can be challenging due to its location between multiple rival factions such as Stark and Lannister. This proximity makes it crucial for House Tyrell players to carefully navigate delicate alliances while safeguarding against potential threats from these neighboring powers.

Key Characters

House Tyrell boasts several influential characters that can greatly impact gameplay. Mace Tyrell serves as the faction’s house card leader and brings his diplomatic prowess to bear during battles or support actions. His ability to forge alliances more easily than others makes him a valuable asset when building strong relationships with other factions.

Olenna Tyrell, also known as the Queen of Thorns, serves as an Intrigue Card leader for House Tyrell. Her cunning and wit make her an adept player in the political realm of the game. With her ability to remove opponents’ orders or neutralize their special abilities, Olenna can disrupt their strategies and tip the balance of power in House Tyrell’s favor.

Understanding these strengths, weaknesses, and key characters is crucial to formulating a successful strategy as House Tyrell in the Game of Thrones board game. By capitalizing on their diplomatic acumen, leveraging available resources, and utilizing influential characters effectively, players can strive towards victory and claim the Iron Throne.

The Power of Diplomacy

House Tyrell in Game of Thrones the Board Game is known for its diplomatic prowess and ability to form strong alliances. In this section, we will explore the power of diplomacy and how it can be leveraged as House Tyrell to gain an edge over opponents.

Building Alliances

One of the key strengths of House Tyrell lies in its ability to build alliances with other houses. Diplomacy is crucial in securing these alliances and forming strategic coalitions.

As House Tyrell, you should focus on establishing strong relationships with houses that can complement your strengths and offset your weaknesses. For example, forming an alliance with House Stark can provide you with a strong ally in the North, while aligning with House Martell can give you control over the southern lands.

Negotiating Deals

Negotiation skills are vital when playing as House Tyrell. You should be skilled at striking deals and negotiating favorable terms to advance your own agenda. Whether it’s offering military support in exchange for resource cards or promising not to attack certain territories in return for political backing, mastering the art of negotiation will greatly enhance your ability to succeed as House Tyrell.

Maintaining Trustworthiness

In a game where trust is scarce, being perceived as trustworthy by other players can give you a significant advantage. As House Tyrell, it is important to uphold your end of agreements and maintain a reputation for fairness and honor. This will make potential allies more likely to trust you and consider forming alliances that benefit both parties.

Overall, diplomacy is a crucial aspect of playing as House Tyrell in Game of Thrones the Board Game. By building alliances, negotiating deals, and maintaining trustworthiness, you can leverage diplomacy to solidify your position on the board and outmaneuver your opponents.

Solidifying Your Powerbase

Establishing strongholds and expanding influence are crucial aspects of the House Tyrell strategy in Game of Thrones the Board Game. As one of the Great Houses in the game, House Tyrell starts in a relatively advantageous position with multiple starting units and a stronghold in Highgarden. However, it is essential to solidify this powerbase and expand influence to secure victory.

One effective way to establish strongholds and expand influence as House Tyrell is by strategically placing your armies and consolidating your forces. Highgarden should be heavily defended since it serves as a valuable stronghold, both for defense against rival houses and for launching offensives. Additionally, consider spreading your armies across key areas on the board to control resources and strategic locations. This will enable you to leverage these assets for future actions.

Another important aspect of establishing strongholds is forging alliances with other players. Diplomacy plays a significant role in Game of Thrones the Board Game, so forming alliances with other houses can help cement your powerbase. Seek out opportunities to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements that can protect your territories while also allowing for expansion.

Expanding influence goes beyond just capturing territories; it also involves exerting control over them through support orders or consolidation of power tokens. Support orders can provide an added layer of defense or assist neighboring provinces when needed. Additionally, strategically managing power tokens is crucial for expanding influence since they are a limited resource. Use them wisely to bolster your position and gain an advantage over other players.

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Sample Data Table: Stronghold Placement

Territory Recommended Action
Highgarden Place stronghold and defend vigorously.
The Reach Consolidate forces and establish control.
Oldtown Expand influence and secure a power base in the region.

Playing the Intrigue Game

As House Tyrell, one of the key aspects of your strategy should be mastering the art of political maneuvering and utilizing spies to gain an advantage over your opponents. In the game of Game of Thrones the Board Game, these tactics can be instrumental in securing your position and outmaneuvering your rivals.

One effective way to utilize political maneuvers is by forging alliances with other players. By negotiating alliances, you can consolidate power and create a formidable force against common enemies. When approaching diplomacy, it’s crucial to assess the strengths and weaknesses of potential allies, as well as their objectives. A strong alliance can provide you with valuable support during conflicts, help you secure vital territories, and even assist in carrying out strategic moves that may be difficult to achieve alone.

In addition to alliances, spies play a pivotal role in House Tyrell’s gameplay strategy. Spies are a powerful tool that enable you to gather intelligence on your opponents’ plans and actions, providing you with essential information for countering their moves. You can use spies strategically to infiltrate enemy strongholds or gain knowledge about upcoming battles. Furthermore, using spies effectively can help you expose potential threats within your own ranks and prevent sabotage attempts from rival houses.

To optimize the use of spies, it’s important to manage them efficiently throughout the game. Consider allocating resources towards recruiting more spies so that you have a diverse range of options when it comes to gathering information. Prioritize placing your spies where they can have maximum impact – target regions that have high strategic value or areas where enemy movements are anticipated.

By utilizing political maneuvers and harnessing the power of spies, House Tyrell players can significantly enhance their chances of success in Game of Thrones the Board Game. These strategies allow you to stay one step ahead of your opponents, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and secure victory on your path towards claiming the Iron Throne. Remember, in this game, knowledge is power, and it’s up to you to wield that power to seize control of Westeros.

Maximizing Resources

Efficiently managing power tokens and supply is a crucial aspect of playing House Tyrell in Game of Thrones the Board Game. As one of the major houses in Westeros, the Tyrells have access to abundant resources and a strong economic position. However, without careful management, these advantages can easily be squandered. In this section, we will explore strategies to maximize your resources and ensure you stay ahead in the game.

Power Tokens: Quantity vs Quality

One important aspect of managing resources as House Tyrell is understanding how to utilize power tokens effectively. Power tokens play a vital role in various actions such as bidding for influence tracks, mustering units, or using special abilities. It is essential to strike a balance between accumulating power tokens and knowing when to spend them wisely.

At the start of the game, it can be tempting to hoard as many power tokens as possible. While having a large quantity of power tokens can give you flexibility and options later on, it’s important not to neglect opportunities where spending power tokens can give you an immediate advantage, such as securing strongholds or claiming key positions on influence tracks. Strategic spending early on can help establish your dominance and set you up for success in later rounds.

Supply Management: Expand Without Overextending

Another critical aspect of efficiently managing resources is maintaining a solid supply chain for your armies. Expanding your influence across Westeros is essential for gaining territory and securing victory points. However, expanding without careful consideration can quickly deplete your supplies and leave you vulnerable.

As House Tyrell, focus on expanding gradually while ensuring a secure supply route back to your strongholds. Controlling key areas that provide supply support will allow you to extend your influence deeper into enemy territory while keeping your troops well-fed and prepared for battle.

Additionally, being mindful of other players’ movements and potential threats can help you avoid future supply shortages. Always have a backup plan, such as alternative routes or alliances with other houses, to ensure your supply lines are not easily disrupted.

Economic Advantage: Invest Wisely

House Tyrell enjoys a strong economic position in the game, thanks to their fertile lands and bountiful harvests. To maximize this advantage, it is crucial to invest your resources wisely.

Investing in power tokens early on can help you secure valuable positions on influence tracks, ensuring a steady flow of support and potential sway over crucial decisions in the game. Furthermore, leveraging income-generating territories and ports can provide an ongoing influx of resources that can be used for further expansion or strategic maneuvers.

However, don’t forget to balance your investments with other aspects of gameplay. While having a strong economy is advantageous, neglecting military preparations or alliances in favor of accumulating wealth may leave you vulnerable to aggressive moves from other players.

By efficiently managing power tokens and supply as House Tyrell, you can strengthen your position on the board and increase your chances of claiming victory in Game of Thrones the Board Game. Remember to adapt your strategies based on the ever-changing dynamics of the game while keeping an eye on potential threats and opportunities for growth.

Navigating the Battlefields

House Tyrell is known for its strategic military capabilities and the ability to navigate the battlefields of Game of Thrones the Board Game. In this section, we will explore effective military strategies and tactics that can be employed by House Tyrell to secure victory in the game.

One important aspect of House Tyrell’s military strength is its ability to field a large number of troops. This allows them to overwhelm their opponents and control key areas on the game board. By focusing on expanding their troop numbers early in the game, House Tyrell can establish a strong presence and deter potential enemies from attacking.

In addition to quantity, House Tyrell should also focus on quality when it comes to their troops. Upgrading units to knights can significantly enhance their combat effectiveness and provide an advantage on the battlefield. Investing in knight upgrades should be a priority for House Tyrell, particularly in regions where they have established strongholds.

Another key tactic for House Tyrell is using support orders effectively. By supporting adjacent armies with support orders, House Tyrell can bolster their allies’ defense or offense in crucial battles. This not only strengthens relationships with allies but also helps ensure victory in key conflicts.

Furthermore, utilizing special abilities like “Muster” or “Consolidate Power” can grant House Tyrell additional troops or power tokens respectively, further enhancing their military capabilities. It is crucial for players controlling House Tyrell to seize opportunities to gain advantage through these special abilities.

By employing these military strategies and tactics, House Tyrell can successfully navigate the battlefields of Game of Thrones the Board Game and increase their chances of claiming victory in the game. With a strong army, effective use of support orders, and leveraging unique abilities, players controlling this house have a solid foundation for success on the battlefield.

Military Strategies Tactics
Focus on expanding troop numbers early Upgrade units to knights for enhanced combat effectiveness
Utilize support orders effectively to bolster allies’ defense or offense Seize opportunities to gain advantage through special abilities like “Muster” or “Consolidate Power”

Exploiting Navies and Ports

House Tyrell in Game of Thrones the Board Game possesses a unique advantage when it comes to controlling the sea. With their coastal region and access to powerful ports, they have the opportunity to dominate naval warfare and exert influence over other players. In this section, we will explore strategies and tactics that can help you maximize your sea power as House Tyrell and achieve enhanced control over the game.

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One key aspect of leveraging sea power is understanding the importance of navies. As House Tyrell, it is essential to build up a strong fleet of ships that can be used for various purposes such as exploration, defense, or aggression. Ships can also serve as transportation units, allowing you to move your forces swiftly across different areas of influence. By establishing a formidable navy, you can not only protect your own territories but also project your power beyond your borders.

In addition to navies, ports play a crucial role in enhancing your control over the sea. Ports act as strategic locations that allow you to mobilize your forces more efficiently and establish new strongholds along the coast. It is crucial to secure ports early on in the game and maintain control over them throughout.

Not only do ports offer valuable resources and supply points, but they also provide opportunities for trade and alliances with other players. By establishing dominance over key ports, House Tyrell can strengthen its economy and forge alliances with other houses.

Advantages Strategies
Coastal region Build a strong navy
Access to ports Secure and maintain control over ports
Power projection Use ships for exploration, defense, and aggression

By exploiting navies and ports, House Tyrell can gain a significant advantage in Game of Thrones the Board Game. However, it is crucial to remember that power projection must be balanced with diplomacy and alliances.

While naval dominance can offer advantages in warfare and control over the sea, it is equally important to maintain good relations with other houses and use your sea power strategically. With a strong navy and control over ports, House Tyrell can pave its path towards victory in the game.

Dealing with the Game of Thrones

As House Tyrell, it is crucial to carefully assess potential threats and counter moves in order to navigate the treacherous game of thrones successfully. By understanding the dynamics of the game and anticipating your opponents’ strategies, you can effectively safeguard your interests and maintain control over the Seven Kingdoms.

One key aspect of dealing with the game of thrones is identifying potential adversaries. Keep a close eye on other players who may pose a threat to your powerbase, especially those who have amassed significant armies or forged strong alliances. Pay attention to their positioning on the board, as well as their access to resources and territories that could potentially weaken your position.

Once you have identified potential threats, it is essential to develop countermeasures. This can be achieved through various means such as forming alliances with other players who may also be threatened by the same adversary. Diplomatic negotiations and political maneuvers can help create a united front against common enemies. Additionally, consider utilizing spies and espionage tactics to gather valuable information about your opponents’ plans and intentions.

In addition to countering threats, it is important to remain adaptable in response to unexpected moves from your adversaries. Continuously reassess the board state and adjust your strategy accordingly. Be prepared for sudden betrayals or surprise attacks, and always have contingency plans in place.

By effectively assessing potential threats and countering moves in the game of Thrones as House Tyrell, you can significantly increase your chances of survival and emerge victorious in the struggle for the Iron Throne. Stay vigilant, adapt quickly, and remember that every decision matters in this highly competitive game.

Example Strategies:

  • Focus on building strong alliances early on to deter potential threats.
  • Increase spy networks to gather crucial intelligence about opponents.
  • Keep a close eye on players with large armies or advantageous positions
  • React swiftly to unexpected moves and always have contingency plans.
  • Deploy troops strategically to defend key territories and resources.

The Late Game Gambit

In the late stages of Game of Thrones the Board Game, positioning becomes crucial for House Tyrell as they strive to claim the Iron Throne. This section will delve into some strategies and tactics that players can employ to maximize their chances of success in the late game.

  1. Consolidate Power: As the game progresses, it is essential for House Tyrell to consolidate their power and solidify alliances or create new ones. One effective strategy is to form a coalition with weaker houses against stronger opponents. This not only weakens the leading contenders but also allows House Tyrell to gain an advantage by leveraging its diplomatic prowess.
  2. Control Key Areas: In order to position themselves for victory, House Tyrell must focus on controlling key areas on the board. Capturing valuable strongholds and castles gives them a strategic advantage, not only in terms of resource production but also in securing victory points. It is crucial to carefully plan and allocate resources towards capturing and defending these important positions.
  3. Support Allied Houses: A key aspect of the late game strategy as House Tyrell is to provide military support to allied houses in their bid for control over key areas. By supporting weaker allies, House Tyrell can secure their loyalty while expanding their own influence indirectly. Providing military assistance through joint attacks or coordinated defenses can greatly enhance the chances of success for all parties involved.

By employing these strategies, House Tyrell can position themselves strongly in the late game and increase their chances of claiming the Iron Throne. However, it is important to remain adaptable and flexible, as other players may have intricate plans of their own. With careful planning, diplomacy, and strategic maneuvering, players can embrace the challenge that Game of Thrones the Board Game presents and strive towards ultimate victory.


In conclusion, mastering the Tyrell strategy in Game of Thrones the Board Game requires a careful balance of diplomacy, resource management, military tactics, and political maneuvering. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of House Tyrell, players can effectively leverage their key characters and alliances to solidify their powerbase and expand influence on the game board.

One key aspect of playing as House Tyrell is the power of diplomacy. Negotiating alliances with other houses can greatly enhance your chances of success. The ability to sway other players through diplomatic means is essential for securing strongholds and creating a network of support. By fostering relationships and utilizing negotiation skills, players can form powerful alliances that ensure their survival and potentially lead them to claim the Iron Throne.

Additionally, efficiently managing resources such as power tokens and supply is crucial for a successful Tyrell strategy. With an abundance of fertile lands and agricultural resources, House Tyrell has a natural advantage when it comes to acquiring power tokens. However, it is important not to become complacent and overlook the importance of wisely investing these tokens to maintain influence over the game board.

Furthermore, House Tyrell’s access to navies and ports provides an opportunity for enhanced control over strategic locations on the map. Leveraging sea power allows players to extend their reach across various regions and exert dominance in naval battles. Exploiting this advantage can ensure that House Tyrell remains a formidable force throughout the game.

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