A Game of Thrones Board Game Tyrell Strategy

The world of Game of Thrones is not only captivating on television screens, but also on the tabletop with the Game of Thrones Board Game. As you venture into this strategic game of political alliances and military conquests, it is crucial to understand the unique dynamics of each House. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of playing as House Tyrell, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred playing style.

Before we delve into the Tyrell House strategy, let’s take a moment to provide a brief overview of the Game of Thrones Board Game. Designed for 3-6 players, this epic game is set in Westeros and requires cunning and diplomatic skill to claim control over the Seven Kingdoms. Players must navigate the treacherous realm through military maneuvers, alliances, cunning diplomacy, and resource management.

Now let’s focus on House Tyrell – a prominent noble family known for their wealth and influence. Playing as Tyrell presents unique advantages such as economic prosperity and a potential for establishing strong alliances. However, every House has its weaknesses as well. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses will be instrumental in formulating a successful Tyrell strategy.

To conquer in this game requires more than just brute force; it involves careful planning and calculated moves. So let us embark on our journey to uncover the essence of playing as House Tyrell – learning about their strengths and weaknesses while unraveling their distinct playing style that sets them apart from other Houses in the Game of Thrones Board Game.

Understanding the Tyrell House

The Tyrell House in the Game of Thrones Board Game is known for its strategic gameplay and ability to adapt to different situations. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and playing style of the Tyrell House is crucial in order to develop a winning strategy.


  1. Diplomatic prowess: The Tyrell House excels at diplomacy and can easily form alliances with other players. They have a natural charm and persuasiveness that can be used to their advantage in negotiations.
  2. Economic advantage: The Tyrells have access to fertile lands, giving them a strong economic base. This allows them to generate more resources than other houses, which can be used for various purposes such as recruiting troops, building structures, or bidding for power tokens.
  3. Versatile troops: The Tyrell House has a diverse range of troop types, including both infantry and cavalry. This versatility allows them to adapt their military strategy based on the situation on the board.


  1. Vulnerability in early game: The Tyrell House often starts the game with fewer territories compared to other houses. This makes them more vulnerable to attacks from neighboring houses in the early stages of the game.
  2. Limited access to power tokens: Unlike some other houses, the Tyrells do not start with any power tokens at the beginning of the game. This means they need to focus on gaining power quickly in order to stay competitive.
  3. Lack of defensive capabilities: While the Tyrells have versatile troops, they lack strong defensive capabilities compared to some other houses like Stark or Lannister. This means they need to rely more heavily on diplomacy and strategic alliances for protection.

Playing style:

The key to playing as the Tyrell House is adaptability and flexibility. They are excellent at forging alliances and using diplomacy as a tool for survival. A successful Tyrell strategy involves maintaining good relationships with neighboring houses while also keeping an eye out for opportunities to expand their influence.

In terms of military strategy, the Tyrell House should focus on defense and consolidation in the early game while gradually expanding their territories and building a formidable army. The economic advantage of the Tyrells should be used to its maximum potential by investing in strongholds and structures that provide additional benefits.

Overall, understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and playing style of the Tyrell House will give players a solid foundation for developing successful strategies in the Game of Thrones Board Game.

Essential Components of a Strong Tyrell Strategy

The Tyrell House in the Game of Thrones Board Game possesses various strengths and weaknesses that players must consider when developing a winning strategy. Understanding these aspects is essential for formulating an effective plan to navigate the treacherous landscape of Westeros.

One of the key components of a strong Tyrell strategy is establishing alliances and maintaining strong diplomatic relations. The Tyrell House has access to valuable resources such as vast farmlands, which can be used as leverage to negotiate favorable deals with other players. By forging alliances early in the game, the Tyrell House can secure support and protection from stronger houses while focusing on building their economic advantage.

Another crucial aspect of a successful Tyrell strategy is resource management. The Tyrell House benefits from a fertile land that allows them to generate significant income. It is vital to prioritize investments in infrastructure, such as improving supply lines and enhancing production capabilities through technological advancements. Proper resource management ensures a steady flow of wealth and gives the Tyrell House an edge when it comes to influencing power dynamics on the board.

In addition to diplomacy and resource management, manipulation also plays a significant role in a strong Tyrell strategy. The house has a reputation for cunning schemes and subtle maneuvers that undermine opponents’ positions without resorting to direct conflict. Utilizing subterfuge and intrigue can divert attention away from the Tyrell House’s true intentions, allowing them to seize opportunities while remaining relatively unthreatening.

To summarize, a strong Tyrell strategy involves establishing alliances through diplomacy, managing resources efficiently, and utilizing manipulation tactics effectively. By mastering these essential components, players can maximize their chances of success in the Game of Thrones Board Game.

DiplomacyForging alliances and negotiating favorable deals
Resource ManagementEfficiently utilizing the Tyrell House’s economic advantage
ManipulationUtilizing subterfuge and intrigue to undermine opponents

Expanding your Influence

One crucial aspect of a strong Tyrell strategy in the Game of Thrones Board Game is expanding your influence by capturing and holding strongholds. Strongholds are vital because they provide valuable strategic advantages such as extra tokens, allowing players to muster larger armies, and granting control over crucial areas on the map. Here are some essential components to consider when focusing on strongholds:

  1. Military buildup: Before attempting to capture strongholds, it is crucial to establish a formidable military presence. Building up your army will ensure that you have the necessary strength to successfully take and hold these key locations.
  2. Strategic targeting: Identifying which strongholds to prioritize is essential. Focus on capturing those that offer long-term benefits, such as ones providing access to multiple territories or resources. Additionally, consider seizing strongholds near opposing players’ territories to disrupt their plans and weaken their positions.
  3. Alliances: Forming alliances can greatly aid in capturing and holding strongholds. Coordinate with other players who share common goals or might benefit from supporting your efforts. Negotiate alliances that involve sharing the rewards of captured strongholds, reinforcing each other’s positions, or defending against common enemies.

Once you have successfully captured a stronghold, it becomes imperative to maintain control over it throughout the game. Here are some strategies for holding onto your conquered territory:

  • Garrisoning troops: Stationing troops at the stronghold provides a defensive advantage by deterring potential attackers. Make sure to allocate sufficient forces while considering the possibility of counterattacks from adversaries.
  • Diplomatic agreements: Use diplomacy to secure non-aggression pacts or alliances with neighboring players who could pose threats or have an interest in challenging your position. Offering incentives such as shared resources or support in their own territorial ambitions can help maintain peace and stability.
  • Fortification: In the later stages of the game, consider investing in fortifications to strengthen your stronghold’s defense. Fortifications provide additional defensive bonuses and increase the difficulty for opponents attempting to seize control of your territory.
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By focusing on capturing and holding strongholds strategically, you can expand your influence over Westeros, establish dominance in key regions, and increase your chances of emerging victorious in the Game of Thrones Board Game. Remember to adapt your approach based on changing circumstances, forge alliances when necessary, and continuously assess the ever-shifting political landscape.

Navigating Diplomacy

One crucial aspect of the Game of Thrones Board Game is the ability to navigate diplomacy, forge alliances, and negotiate deals. The Tyrell House is particularly suited for this strategy, as they are known for their political prowess and ability to form strong alliances. In this section, we will explore the art of diplomacy in the game and how the Tyrells can excel at it.

When playing as House Tyrell, it is essential to remember that alliances and negotiations are key to your success. Forming alliances allows you to secure additional support and protection from other players while negotiating deals can help you gain resources or strategic advantages. Establishing strong relationships with other players early on can make a significant difference in the outcome of the game.

One effective diplomatic strategy for the Tyrells is to position yourself as a valuable ally. Offer your assistance and support to weaker players in exchange for their loyalty. By doing so, you can secure their allegiance while simultaneously weakening potential threats. It is also important to be adaptable and open-minded when negotiating deals – sometimes temporary alliances or exchanging resources can have long-lasting benefits.

To further navigate diplomacy successfully, pay close attention to the actions and intentions of other players. Stay informed about their strategies and possible alliances by observing their moves on the board and listening attentively during negotiations. By being aware of your opponents’ positions, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, you can better leverage your own diplomatic maneuvers.

In summary, diplomacy plays a crucial role in playing as House Tyrell in the Game of Thrones Board Game. Forge strong alliances, negotiate favorable deals, be adaptable in your approach, and stay informed about your opponents’ actions. By mastering the art of diplomacy, you set yourself up for success in Westeros.

Position yourself as a valuable allyOffer assistance and support to weaker players in exchange for their loyalty.
Adaptability in negotiationsBe open-minded and flexible when negotiating deals, consider temporary alliances and resource exchanges.
Stay informed about opponents’ actionsObserve opponents’ moves on the board, listen attentively during negotiations to understand their motivations and strategies.

The Power of Manipulation

The Tyrell House in the Game of Thrones Board Game is known for its subtle power plays and cunning manipulation. In this section, we will explore the power of manipulation and how to effectively utilize subterfuge and intrigue as a Tyrell player.

One key aspect of manipulation is understanding the dynamics of the game and the motivations of other players. Diplomacy is a crucial tool for the Tyrell House, and forging alliances can be vital to your success. When approaching diplomatic negotiations, it’s important to assess each player’s goals, strengths, and weaknesses. This way, you can offer incentives that align with their interests while securing your own advantages.

Another effective strategy for manipulation is sowing discord among your opponents. By spreading rumors or misinformation, you can create doubt and mistrust within enemy alliances. This can lead to internal conflicts and weaken their overall position. However, it’s important to be strategic in your manipulation efforts as blatant lies may damage your credibility in future negotiations.

Utilizing spy cards is another powerful tool at your disposal as a Tyrell player. These cards allow you to gather information on other players’ strategies and plans. By using this knowledge strategically, you can make informed decisions that give you an edge over your opponents.

In summary, mastering subterfuge and intrigue is crucial for any Tyrell player looking to come out on top in the Game of Thrones Board Game. Diplomatic negotiations, spreading rumors or misinformation, and utilizing spy cards are all tactics that can help manipulate the game in your favor. By understanding these techniques and practicing them strategically, you can harness the power of manipulation as a Tyrell player.

Resource Management

Understanding Tyrell’s Economic Advantage

One of the key strengths of House Tyrell in the Game of Thrones board game is their economic advantage. Understanding how to effectively manage and maximize this advantage is crucial for a strong Tyrell strategy.

The house starts with a significant number of knights, which allows them to generate more power tokens than other houses. These power tokens can be used to influence different aspects of the game, such as bidding for positions on the King’s Court or resolving combat.

Focus on Consolidating Power

To maximize Tyrell’s economic advantage, it is important to focus on consolidating and expanding their holdings early on. Prioritize capturing and holding high-income areas like Highgarden or Oldtown, which provide greater income at the start of each round. Additionally, invest in building power icons within your territories to further boost income potential.

Another aspect of resource management for Tyrell is investing in the Supply track. This allows for greater flexibility in recruiting units and placing orders during mustering phases, giving Tyrell an edge when it comes to reinforcing their positions or launching offensives.

Face Challenges Head-On: Spending Wisely

While managing resources and generating income are important for any successful strategy, it is equally crucial to spend those resources wisely. Carefully consider how best to allocate your power tokens based on current objectives and potential challenges.

For example, if you anticipate a military conflict with a neighboring house, allocate enough resources towards raising a formidable army that can defend your territories effectively. Alternatively, if diplomatic negotiations are underway, it may be wise to allocate some power tokens towards forging alliances or securing political influence.

Military Might

Building a Formidable Army:

The Tyrell House in the Game of Thrones Board Game possesses unique strengths that make it well-suited for military endeavors. With their fertile lands and large population, the Tyrells have ample resources to build a formidable army. In this section, we will explore the essential components of building a strong Tyrell army and how to effectively utilize it on the battlefield.

  1. Quantity AND Quality: The Tyrells’ primary advantage lies in their ability to field massive armies. Their stronghold, Highgarden, allows them to recruit an impressive number of units per turn. However, quantity alone is not enough. It is crucial to balance numbers with quality by expanding your combat capabilities through Siege Engines and Knights. These units provide strategic advantages such as increased mobility and extra combat strength, respectively.
  2. 2.Tactics and Strategy: Once you have established an army, it is vital to understand tactical maneuvers that can give you an edge in battles. With substantial forces at your disposal, consider employing flanking maneuvers or encircling enemy forces to take advantage of your numerical superiority. Keep in mind the special abilities of your units and plan accordingly.
  3. 3.Supporting Armies: Building a formidable army does not mean neglecting other aspects of gameplay. Ensure that you still maintain a solid defensive presence within your territories by leaving behind sufficient units for garrison purposes. Additionally, prioritizing supply routes and securing adjacent areas can help fortify your positions against potential attacks from rival factions.
  4. Utilizing a Formidable Army:

  5. 1.Coordinated Offensives: With a formidable army under your command, seek opportunities for coordinated offensives against rival factions who pose a threat to your dominance. Evaluate the strategic value of capturing key regions – especially strongholds or castles – when planning military campaigns. Collaborate with allied houses if necessary to create multi-front assaults that overwhelm opponents.
  6. 2.Naval Superiority: Don’t limit yourself to land-based operations. The Reach is known for its naval capabilities, and utilizing your fleets effectively can provide a significant advantage in controlling critical sea routes and launching amphibious attacks on rival territories. Utilize naval forces for both offense and defense, ensuring that your supply lines remain secure.
  7. 3.Flexibility: While building a formidable army is essential, it’s also important to stay flexible in your military approach. Adapt to changing circumstances on the game board by adjusting your army composition or focusing on specific target areas as required. Remember, the Tyrells’ true strength lies in their ability to adapt and wield power subtly when necessary.
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With proper focus and execution of a strong military strategy, the Tyrell House can establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Game of Thrones Board Game. By effectively building and utilizing a formidable army, players can proactively control regions, protect their own interests, and exert influence over rival factions.

Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Constantly Assess the Board

One key tip from experienced players when playing as House Tyrell is to constantly assess the state of the game board. This means keeping an eye on the actions and moves of your opponents, as well as identifying potential threats or opportunities for expansion. By staying vigilant and actively observing, you can adapt your strategy accordingly and make informed decisions.

Balance Offense and Defense

Another valuable insight from seasoned players is to strike a balance between offense and defense. It can be tempting to focus solely on building a strong army or capturing enemy territories, but neglecting defensive measures can leave you vulnerable to attacks. On the other hand, being overly defensive may hinder your expansion efforts. To maximize your chances of success, it is essential to find a middle ground and adapt your approach depending on the current game situation.

Utilize Special Abilities Effectively

Each House in the Game of Thrones board game has its own unique strengths and abilities. For House Tyrell, their special ability allows them to muster more units than the usual limit during specific phases of the game. Experienced players emphasize the importance of utilizing this ability effectively by strategically timing its activation. By mustering additional units at opportune moments, you can quickly bolster your forces or surprise your opponents with unexpected strength.

Adapt to Changing Alliances

As with any strategy game, alliances play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of each match in the Game of Thrones board game. However, alliances are not set in stone, and they often change throughout the course of gameplay.

Seasoned Tyrell players advise being flexible when it comes to alliances and adapting to shifting dynamics on the board. This includes knowing when it’s advantageous to break an alliance in order to gain an upper hand or form new alliances that align with your long-term goals.

Stay Agile and Flexible

Lastly, experienced players stress the importance of staying agile and flexible in your Tyrell strategy. The game board can quickly change due to unexpected events or moves by other players, requiring you to adjust your plans accordingly.

Having a predetermined plan is essential, but being willing to adapt and change course when necessary is equally important. By remaining open-minded and adaptable, you can better navigate the unpredictable nature of the Game of Thrones board game and increase your chances of success as House Tyrell.

By incorporating these insights and strategies from experienced players, you can elevate your Tyrell gameplay to new heights. Remember to assess the board constantly, balance offense and defense, utilize special abilities effectively, adapt to changing alliances, and stay agile and flexible. With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to embrace the blossoming ambition of House Tyrell in the Game of Thrones board game.

Case Study

The Tyrell House is known for its economic advantage and diplomatic prowess, making it a formidable player in the Game of Thrones board game. In this section, we will delve into a case study to provide an in-depth analysis of a successful Tyrell strategy. By exploring the key decisions and maneuvers made by a skilled player, we can gain valuable insights into how to effectively play as House Tyrell.

One crucial aspect of the successful Tyrell strategy is early expansion. As soon as the game begins, players should focus on acquiring as many territories as possible, particularly those with high resources and power tokens. By expanding their influence rapidly, Tyrell players can accrue a substantial amount of power that can be used to forge alliances and secure strongholds later in the game.

A strong military presence is essential for any successful strategy, and House Tyrell is no exception. However, rather than focusing solely on amassing troops, a clever Tyrell player knows when to strike and when to hold back. By carefully choosing their battles and conserving resources where necessary, they can optimize their military might without overextending themselves.

To illustrate these points, let’s take a closer look at an example scenario. In one game, a seasoned Tyrell player successfully implemented an expansionist strategy in the early stages of the game. They aggressively captured territories with high resources such as The Reach and Highgarden while forming temporary alliances with neighboring houses to ensure their safety.

As the mid-game approached, this player shifted their focus towards diplomatic negotiations and subterfuge to maintain their territorial gains. They strategically offered support in conflicts involving other houses while subtly undermining rival alliances through misinformation and manipulation.

By consolidating power throughout the game through careful resource management and playing off rivalries among other houses, the Tyrell player was able to build a formidable army that could not be easily challenged. This allowed them to secure strategic positions on the board that ensured victory in subsequent rounds of the game.

Key Takeaways:
– Rapid early expansion to acquire territories with high resources
– Strategically choose battles and focus on resource conservation
– Utilize diplomacy and manipulation to forge alliances and undermine rivals
– Carefully manage resources and consolidate power throughout the game


In conclusion, mastering the Game of Thrones Board Game as the Tyrell House requires a deep understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and playing style. By utilizing essential components such as capturing and holding strongholds, navigating diplomacy through alliances and negotiation, utilizing subterfuge and intrigue for manipulation, maximizing economic advantage through resource management, and building a formidable army, players can develop a strong Tyrell strategy.

With each decision made on the board, players must embrace the blossoming ambition of the Tyrell House. It is important to remember that this house excels in diplomacy and maneuvering rather than brute force. By embracing this characteristic, players can navigate the complexity of the game and position themselves strategically.

Furthermore, learning from experienced players’ tips and tricks can provide valuable insights to enhance gameplay. Understanding successful strategies utilized by seasoned players is crucial to improve one’s own game and increase chances of victory.

To truly master the Game of Thrones Board Game as the Tyrell House, it is recommended to analyze case studies that analyze successful Tyrell strategies in depth. These analyses offer an opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes and successes while gaining a greater understanding of effective approaches.

By embracing the ambition of the Tyrell House and utilizing strategic gameplay techniques, players can maximize their chances of success in mastering the Game of Thrones Board Game. With careful planning, calculated moves, and adept use of resources at their disposal, victory will be within reach for those who dare take on this challenging game as House Tyrell.

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