My Farm Shop Board Game


My Farm Shop Board Game is a family-friendly game designed by the game designer, Kristina Andler. It was created with the purpose of teaching children about the importance of sustainability and responsibility when it comes to managing resources. The game teaches players how to use their resources in the most efficient way while still having fun. Players get to pretend they are running their own farm shop, competing against each other to collect valuable goods and complete orders on time. The goal of the game is to maintain a successful farm shop that is profitable, self-sustaining, and environmentally conscious. The game emphasizes resource management, problem-solving skills and cooperation among team members. It includes five different playing modes so even non-farmers can join in the fun. With beautiful illustrations from world-renowned illustrator Sanna Karlssonn, My Farm Shop Board Game will keep players entertained for hours!


My Farm Shop Board Game is the most unique board game on the market. What makes it special is that it offers players the opportunity to experience a realistic farming environment. Players can take on various jobs such as plowing, planting crops, building fences, and more — all while trying to make their farm the biggest and most successful enterprise possible. This game lets players build their own virtual farms from scratch and provides them with an immersive experience complete with stunning visuals, captivating sounds and dynamic gameplay that encourages strategic thinking. With numerous levels available for play, this game is sure to entertain users for hours on end. My Farm Shop Board Game is a must-have for all of those who have always wanted to live life on a farm without actually having to do it in real life!


My Farm Shop Board Game not only provides hours of fun and entertainment, it also has numerous benefits that can help to increase mindfulness and build healthy habits of play.

Players will be encouraged to use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they develop strategies for how to best manage the farm shop. As they move around the board, players will be encouraged to think creatively and strategically as they negotiate, decide where to invest resources and make decisions related to production decisions, supplier relationships and market trends. Players will enhance their capacity for creative problem solving while having fun at the same time!

The game encourages teamwork as players must plan together with friends or family in order to succeed. This helps deepen interpersonal bonds while also promoting collaboration between players. It is also a great way to promote imaginative play as players learn about owning a business from an early age. This helps them by giving them valuable skills that can serve them in both their professional and personal life. Additionally, since the game is structured around running a farm shop, it can also cultivate an appreciation for sustainable farming practices like composting and recycling.

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Overall, My Farm Shop Board Game provides endless opportunities for learning and connection while simultaneously encouraging mindfulness and healthy habits of play!

Strategies & Tips

Video demonstrations and tutorials of game play can be a great way to help show players how to navigate their way through your farm shop board game. It’s important that these videos demonstrate the full scope of the game, and explain all steps users will need to take in order to master playing this game. This could include explaining what pieces they need, what their objectives should be at the beginning and throughout each round, as well as strategies on how to win each round. You can also have visuals that showcase what pieces there are and how they interact with each other. Furthermore, provide a few fun tips and tricks that experienced players might be interested in trying out for an added layer of challenge or entertainment too.

Fun & Engaging

The game features four main characters: Farmer Joe, Maisy the Mule, Cornelia the Cow, and Baabara the Sheep.

• Farmer Joe is the hero of the game. He’s a hardworking man who loves nothing more than tending to the farm. He’s always ready for a challenge, and his love for farming means that he never gives up on a task. He always looks out for his animal friends and is eager to complete any task they bring him.

• Maisy is an old mule with a kind heart and gentle spirit. She’s always willing to help out when needed and can often be seen helping others around the farm. She loves to have fun, is wise beyond her years, and never complains about having to work too hard or too long.

• Cornelia the cow is the life of any party! Her bubbly personality makes her loved by everyone she meets. Nothing fazes her; she takes everything in her stride while still managing to get things done Her patience and energy mean she can always be relied on to finish tasks quickly – no matter how small or large they are!

• Last but not least is Baabara the sheep. She’s small but mighty; her curiosity often gets her into trouble but it also helps her learn more about how things work on the farm! Whenever there’s an issue to solve or an obstacle to get around, Baabara will usual be first in line with a plan in hand!


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Encouraging endorsements from local entrepreneurs and business owners is a great way to promote the My Farm Shop Board Game. Ask them to write a few sentences or even an entire review discussing why they are excited about this game and the unique experiences it can provide. If they feel strongly enough, offer them a few complimentary copies of the game so they can play it with friends and family. This will provide real-world feedback that could be invaluable in improving the game and gaining more buyers for future editions. Ask them to post their thoughts online via social media, leave reviews on ecommerce sites, or share their thoughts with any other public outlets such as podcasts, print magazines, local newspapers, etc. In addition, you could send out press releases to relevant media outlets and contact specific media influencers who might be interested in writing about the game or interviewing someone from your team.


My Farm Shop Board Game is a fun and challenging board game that stands out from the rest. Players must collect a variety of farm items to help them expand their farm shop. The game encourages creative problem solving and resource management as players must manage their coins and balance their turns between bringing in new items, investing in the right types of land, and satisfying customer demand. The unique design allows for different strategies, making it possible for each game to be completely different. With its engaging narrative and customizable gameplay, My Farm Shop Board Game stands apart from other board games on the market today.

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