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Board game cafes have become wildly popular in the past decade. These cafes offer a unique experience for customers to enjoy board games, as well as food and drinks. Board Game Cafe Hoboken is no exception! What makes Board Game Cafe Hoboken stand out from all of the other board game cafe locations is their impressive selection of both classic and modern board games. Every Thursday, they offer special gaming events such as tournaments or featured custom game designs. Additionally, they also serve handcrafted cakes, specialty coffees and craft beer selections to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable!


Board Game Cafe Hoboken is an ultimate spot for game lovers offering delicious food, soda and an exciting board-game atmosphere. Located in the vibrant city of Hoboken, New Jersey, it is a perfect gathering place for friends and family to enjoy a night out filled with fun and entertainment.

The Board Game Cafe serves up American cuisine ranging from burgers to sandwiches to salads as well as imported snacks, soft drinks and sodas. In addition, you can find many craft beers on tap at their bar. What sets the Board Game Cafe apart from other spots is their range of conventional and exotic boardgames which may be chosen from their library giving visitors an array of options while spending time with friends or relatives. Many online reviews rate this establishment highly owing to its friendly service staff, cosy ambience, pocket-friendly meals and an extremely entertaining experience especially when accompanied by friends.


1. Soups & Salads
2. Sandwiches & Wraps
3. Snacks & Nibbles
4. Burgers & Fries
5. Sharing Platters
6. Desserts
1. Soft Drinks
2. Coffee Selection
3. Hot Chocolate
4. Tea Selection
5. Lattes & Specialty Drinks
6. Smoothies & Juices
7. Milkshakes & Floats
8. Alcoholic Beverages

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Board Game Cafe Hoboken offers a wide range of exciting events and activities that customers can participate in.

Our regular Open Gaming Nights feature the latest board games for all tastes, from the highly strategic to the laugh-out-loud hilarious. We provide game experts who are always eager to explain game rules and offer suggestions on which games might suit a particular group’s preferences. Additionally, we have an ever-changing selection of craft beers on tap, plus coffee and tea drinks, snacks, light meals like sandwiches or pita platters, and desserts.

We also host tournaments with prizes ranging from coffee drinks to full board game sets. Our “Game Designers’ Night” is a great opportunity for budding designers to show off their creations to an appreciative audience, who will provide feedback and ask questions about their ideas.

At Board Game Café Hoboken, we love hosting special occasion events like birthday parties or company meetings both during our regular hours or after dinner by reservation. On these occasions customers will pay per head for access to our expansive selection of board games plus food and drink packages catered specifically to their needs.

Finally, don’t forget our weekly Live Trivia Night! It’s a fantastic way for friends and families to come together and test their knowledge about all kinds of topics. Complementary trivia snacks such as sausage rolls are provided as well as prizes for the winners! So don’t miss out ” join us at Board Game Café every Tuesday evening!


The Board Game Cafe Hoboken offers a unique and enjoyable atmosphere. The cafe is spacious and inviting, featuring comfortable seating options to accommodate large groups as well as cozy tables for two. The décor is modern yet inviting, with colorful art and vibrant wallpaper adorning the walls. Strands of twinkling lights hang over the bar and gaming tables, creating an irresistibly charming atmosphere.

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As patrons enter the cafe, they’re welcomed by friendly staff members ready to share tips about game rules and interesting facts about different genres of board games. By day, relaxing background music sets the mood for lively conversations among friends while playing strategic card games or bracing competitions on classic board games. At night, DJs spin fan-favorite tunes to amp up the energy for more intense game battles. Patrons can also enjoy a wide selection of local beer, craft cocktails, and small bites ” perfect for fueling their competitive spirit or indulging during friendly game nights!


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