How Big Is Risk Board Game Dimensions


Risk is a board game of strategy and conquest dating back to the early 20th century. The game was developed by Frenchman, Albert Lamorisse, whose intention was to represent global domination through play. It quickly rose to popularity for its strategic elements and world-building themes. In addition to global attention, Risk also caught the attention of Parker Brothers who manufactured and produced the classic version that gamers know today.

As the years progressed, so did the design of Risk. A variety of different editions were created including ” but not limited to ” variations such as Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars and Game Of Thrones. Each edition had their own unique features and tweaks while still having some similarities in terms of settings and objectives. Included in all these special releases was one constant: size”the Risk board game dimensions remained virtually unchanged over the years at 18 inches by 18 inches when unfolded, or 3/4 inch when folded up (21” x 10.25” when folded). All versions were designed withPlayers are able to easily store game pieces within this slim frame as well as carry it from place-to-place for collective fun no matter their location courtesy of its design comprising folding boards and trays for pieces storage following each match completion..

The sizing aspect hasn’t always been present however; original images suggest that Risk was once equipped with a larger overall frame than what we see now”a main base measuring 34 inches by 22 inches with two smaller inner bases attached. It wasn’t until mid 1980s that game producers shifted from larger models to one consolidated piece made out of durable cardboard materials suitable for handling through years of travels with friends and strangers alike. As many board games tend to stray away from their initial designs, Risk has stayed true over time since 1936 while subtly evolving into new exciting realms found across stores today without skipping a beat on traditional appeal desired by those long after the original concept’s creator had all but departed the world due perhaps to fortune or fate…

Physical Overview of the Game

The official size of the Risk board game is 27” x 21” with a 3” full-sized gameboard and 642 pieces (including six sets of armies in different colors). It also has 42 plastic infantry and cavalry tokens, two dice for determining rolls as well as 42 territory cards. All game pieces are set atop a vinyl map, and territoriess are marked accordingly all around the semi-rectangular board.

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For easier comprehension, the dimension of this game when compared to other standard objects make it about the size of two hardcover books placed side by side or a large pizza box. That being said, the board itself is broad enough to fit into most tradtional dining tables without any problem without any corner overlapping during gameplay.

As for scale, this version of risk has territories marked out on the board so that each square inch represents 200 miles across. This isn’t exact by any means, but it serves its purpose as a marker for approximate heights, widths, distances and general area outlines when playing engagement scenarios within inhabitable terrains due to their imaginary nature on the map after all.

Dimensions of the Main Component

The main component of the Risk board game is the game board itself. This large, rectangular-shaped piece is 33.5 by 44 inches in size when laid flat on a surface. Setup time with the game will range between 10-15 minutes, depending on how many players there are and how familiar they are with the instructions. When setting up the game, you will need at least four players to compete against one another, as well assix sets of cards, risk tokens, a set of dice and pencils for each participant. The Risk tokens can vary in size and color so no tools are needed for them – just for use in storing them after play resumes. Finally some other items that might help make setup go quicker would be a timer or stopwatch to keep track of playtime as well as any map guides that come with a particular edition of the Risk board game that you purchase.

Dimensions of the Pieces

Risk board game pieces come in four different colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. They range from 0.25 inches to 1.75 inches tall and the width of each piece varies depending on the design. Pieces can be customized if desired; for example, players may choose to order a full set of customized pieces that use all four colors. Color variations allow players to quickly differentiate between pieces during gameplay. In addition, some versions also come with stickers which allow for further customization or specific player identification for team games. Risk board game pieces are typically made of plastic or wood, and some sets come with cards. While dimensions may vary by edition, the traditional wooden game pieces measure 0.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches high and weigh 0.04 ounces each.

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Space Needed to Play the Game- break it down room by room

Living Room: The playable space for Risk should be a minimum 3ft by 3ft, however more if possible to add movement and strategy of the game.

Table: A table around 5ft in diameter or square should give plenty of room for the board and pieces.

Chairs – Players will need to sit comfortably, around the table, so 4 armchairs are suggested.

Accessories: You may want a timer or scorekeeper, so choose one that can fit on a side table accompanying the table.

Benefits of Having the Correct Dimensions

Having the correct Risk board game dimensions is beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, it makes the game more aesthetically pleasing and therefore more enjoyable to play. It also ensures that all elements of the game board are accurately represented and easy to access for all players. Having a well structured and consistently-sized board makes it easier for people to identify space and pieces, making an overall better gaming experience. Furthermore, when all the pieces fit together snugly on the board and can be moved without too much difficulty, it adds an extra fun factor to playing this classic game. For these reasons, having the right board measurements is essential when playing Risk!


Risk board game dimensions vary depending on the set, but generally range from 72 x 28 inches for classic wooden sets to 36 x 24 inches for deluxe versions. To maximize Risk board game dimensions, you can use a large mat or table cover to protect floors and furniture when playing. Additionally, add in extra pieces such as custom dice and cards to provide more room and variety to gameplay. You may also want to invest in a flat storage solution that allows you assemble and break down pieces quickly while leaving enough space for other players. Lastly, try combining two regular-sized boards together in order to increase the size of the map and lengthen game time.

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