Aggravation Board Game Dimensions

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Game Stats:
Aggravation Board Game Dimensions are 8.75” x 8.75” x 1.6” and the game is played on a star-shaped board game with each point having two safe spots for marbles and a central “hub.” Aggravation is designed for two to four players and recommended for ages six and up. It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to play a full game, although more experienced players may be able to finish it quicker.

There are several different versions of this classic board game, including double-deckers, triple-deckers and marbles also made of varying materials such as wood or plastic. Older versions feature action-oriented cards while modern editions often require the player to solve simple math problems in order to win. Special edition bingo-style cards are available as well as limited edition Aggravation pieces complete with unique themes and designs not found in your typical set.

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The Aggravation board game is a fast-paced race to the finish line. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces around the board. In order to play the game, each player must choose three pawns (or pieces) of one color, which they will use throughout the game.

On a player’s turn they roll the two dice and can move any of their 3 pieces around the board based on what is shown on the dice. The goal is to be first to get all three of your pieces onto your home space. Depending on how many players are playing, some spots landings may need more than one piece in order for that landing spot to become safe. There canbe up to 6 pots aroundthe outside ofthe board for players store their pieces if they are hit by an opposing player’s piece or sent back Home due to unfortunate dice rolls.

Players continue rolling dice and making moves until someone has earned all three pieces in their Home space. If multiple players create a traffic jam on the board, no one can make it through until one player strategically releases a pot or trap others ” this release must be done with perfect timing! If all pieces from one team have been eliminated from play then that team will lose and the otherteam will win – this can happen if allpieces fromone team got stuck inpots and could not escapein time!

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The classic game of Aggravation has been around since the 1960s and is still loved by many as a board game to play with friends and family. The dimensions of the game board vary, depending on which edition you are playing. The average overall dimension is 24″ x 24″ with two games being able to fit the same size. It consists of 6 large round black holes called home bases, six large round yellow numbered spaces, twelve small triangular-shaped red corner spaces and 48 multi-colored traditional pegs for players to use in playing the ridiculous game!

The newest version is labeled Deluxe Edition 10” Square Board Game. This has all of the features found in the classic version but with a more convenient size to both store and transport one’s board. It also comes with 4 dice cups instead of 2, 18 multi-colour marbles plus 8 extra ‘star marbles’ ” which under special circumstances grants a player an automatic win! Moreover, an alternative Tree House Edition was released in 2011 featuring a foldable version dependent on no tools for setup making it perfect for those who are constantly on the go or find themselves without an available table surface. This 15” square made from wood- sturdy construction comes complete with 4 bright primary colours and matching chairs suitable for children ages three and up!

The Reminisce Diamond Anniversary Edition is celebrating 60 years since its initial conception bringing forth some enjoyable additions such as 6 clear diamond-shaped cubes ” used to mark one’s progress about the board – coins for keeping score making it easier as well as 32 mini tokens appropriately coloured light blue & pink replacing marbles pieces making it more user friendly especially with smaller hands present!

No matter what edition you choose you can sit back, relax, & revel in entertaining hours of fun & dialogue while both indulging yourself in reminiscent aggravations past & conquering brainstorms ahead!

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Strategy: Aggravation is a game of strategy and luck, so the key to winning the game is to make the most of both. To gain an advantage in the early game, try to land on your inner stars first so that you can move your pieces around the board quickly. When you reach the corner of the board and are ready to start moving around again, be careful with your placing. You don’t want multiple enemy pieces lining up as they may bump or get stuck behind others. In addition, try to block off enemy paths through corners and spaces with two or more pieces on them. This can help dwindle down their options for moves and create obstacles for them in the middle game. As the endgame approaches, aim for forming several “aggravations” with five of your pieces in a row, preferably before everyone else has done so already. Finally, remember that luck oftentimes plays a role in who wins Aggravation–so have fun and be patient!

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The Aggravation Board Game is a great traditional game that is both nostalgic and exciting. When you first get the game, there will be some setup required that includes understanding the game board dimensions.

This link takes you to a helpful video tutorial which covers everything from setting up the game board to playing through an entire round of Aggravation”setting up your pieces, taking turns, and ultimately winning the game! In addition to being a tutorial, it includes tips on how to make play more strategically so you can maximize your chances of winning.

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