How Do You Track Your Board Game Collection

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Managing a budget when collecting board games can be difficult, as the hobby can quickly become an expensive affair. That being said, there are several tips and tools that you can use to help track and manage your collection within a reasonable budget. It may help to first set aside an amount of money devoted solely to board games each month or year so that you know how much you have available for purchases. Additionally, you should make sure to compare prices at different retailers while looking out for sales and discounts.

In terms of keeping track of your collection, there are many digital tracking apps available such as Board Game Geek and Board Game Atlas where you can log all aspects of your collection including the condition of the game pieces, publisher information and cost. You could also create a spreadsheet with columns for different sections such as name of the game, date purchased, item cost etc. With either method effectual tracking is possible so that it’s easy to remember what you have purchased without having to worry about breaking the bank on duplicate items or going over budget.

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Board game trading is a great way to increase your board game collection while still being mindful of your budget. It allows you to fill in any gaps in your current collection and keep up with new releases from across the globe, without having to spend limitlessly on every new game that hits the market. It works by swapping one or more of your games for another from someone else’s collection, often at a fraction of the cost buying a brand new copy.

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To ensure success with board game trading, it is important to keep track of what games you have on hand. A great way to do this is with a list, spreadsheet or cataloguing app like Board Game Geek or BoardGame Stats. This will help you easily identify which games are currently available, as well as letting potential traders know what you’re looking for in return.

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There are a few different ways you can track your board game collection. Here are a few of the most popular solutions:

1. A Board Game Collection Database – You can use software like Geekdo or BoardGameGeek to store and track your games. These databases have comprehensive catalogs that provide key details about each game, including publisher, designer, year of release, recommended player count, and more. Additionally, users can rate the games they own and even put them up for trade with other users in these networks.

2. Writing It Down on Paper – Some people prefer to register their gaming collections manually. This will require a notebook where you write down every game you buy or own along with any pertinent details about them (publishers, designer, etc.).

3. Digital Spreadsheets – Those who wish to easily access their collection remotely may record their collections in digital spreadsheets on Excel and/or Google Sheets. This will allow you to enter all game information as columns while adding games into additional rows ahead or below existing ones as needed.

4. Online Portfolio / Personal Website – If you want to show off your collections and proudly share them with others then launching an online portfolio or website may be the right solution for you! Set up an account via sites such as Wix and customize your page any way you’d like ” upload photos of your library, add space-themed music or graphics ” then showcase it around the internet (just be sure to keep your family safe through due diligence).

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5. Social Media Platforms – Utilize social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter to post images of your collection and share updates with everyone following them!

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