How Does Mole Rats Board Game Work


Mole Rats Board Game is a fast-paced and fun game, designed by Dr. David Levy, that encourages cooperation between players, as well as strategic thinking. The objective is to collect coins of differing values while evading predators who move through the mole rat burrow at different speeds.

The game begins when each player chooses one of two starting positions (Mole or Predator). Mole players work as a team to attempt to collect coins worth different points which are located throughout the board game. Predators attempt to capture Moles to prevent them from reaching the coins.

Players use designated playing pieces (typically small blocks) to move around the board, taking turns taking action according to the cards they are dealt. In addition, there are chutes scattered throughout the board that the Moles can take advantage of for quick escapes or daring advances. The ability for Moles and Predators to hide in these chutes makes it harder for their opponents to try and predict their movements around the board.

Once all coins have been collected, points are calculated and tallied up by adding up each player’s point values from their respective coin collection totals from throughout the game. The winner is whoever has earned the most amount of points at the end; either a single player or an overall Team Mole victory if multiple moles played together cooperatively.

Since its creation in 2002, Mole Rats Board Game has become a classic mainstay of family nights across many cultures and countries around the world due its interesting blend of strategy with cooperative play among different ages; making it a great option for large groups of people who enjoy fun and exciting challenges!

Exploring the Game Rules and Mechanics

Mole Rats Board Game works by having 2-4 players take control of a mole rat to navigate a board consisting of various food and danger areas. Each player has a starting zone at the edge of the board, then as they move around, they must collect food tokens (such as carrots and mushrooms) from different locations that have been placed around the board. Players also need to avoid danger tokens such as snakes, rats or geese that are placed randomly on the board. In order to avoid danger tokens, players can use their special ability specific to their type of mole rat, for example using its burrowing power if playing with an African Mole Rat. If you get close enough to a danger token you are eliminated from the game and must start again in your start area with no points earned so far. In order to win the game each player has to reach their finish line while carrying as many food tiles as possible. To make it more challenging there can be obstacles in between tiles that player’s need to complete if they wish to pass through it with all their collected food tiles still intact.

Delving Into the Game Pieces and Players

Mole Rats is an interactive board game for 2-4 players that combines strategy and luck as you race to find food and the safety of your burrow! The goal of the game is to find pieces of food and return to your own burrow. Each player takes turns spinning a spinner, moving their mole rat forward that many spaces, and then drawing a card with a special action on it, such as jumping their mole rat into an opponents tunnel or digging a secret tunnel of their own. The cards also contain vital information such as who goes first and when events occur like earthquakes which can add more twists and turns to already fierce competition.

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The game pieces are a combination of plastic mole rats which represent each player, wooden pieces that represent the tunnels, and clay tokens which represent food. There are also several special cards included in the game featuring instructions on how to move the mole rats around the board or play special actions. Mole Rats also comes with many other exciting accessories such as dice for random encounters, plastic gemstones for scoring points, and secret door tokens that give players access to unreachable areas.

Studying the Strategies For Winning Mole Rats

Mole Rats is a simple yet strategic two-player board game that encourages careful planning. The aim of the game is for each player to lead their group of moles from their beginning point on the board, around the board and back to their beginning point. Before making a move, players must plan all possible consequences of their actions.

At the start of each turn, players decide which mole they will move. Depending on which mole they choose and the direction they take, they must acknowledge they could be contributing to either themselves or your opponent’s success. Therefore, having knowledge of hypothetical moves is essential when playing Mole Rats. Players must be able to anticipate what effects a certain choice may have in order to win the game: will it open up shorter routes and eventually ones that can be closed if you stick close together?

On every turn it’s important to check for instructions laying around the board – these can change the way you play and where you should try and end up next. Also, some options require several turns from different directions so keeping track of those potential moves is key; this done by literally drawing out these lines and circles giving an aerial view perspective when trying figure out how to win.

Additionally, players should always consider whether it is worth collecting items along the way as well as moving forward towards one’s goal; items may help increase speed but also put one at greater risk since potential threats will sometimes still remain elsewhere on the map untouched as you collect assorted bonuses. Lastly, keeping track of cards gained throughout one’s journey helps maintain an accumulative bonus that can easily give an edge over any adversary while heading back through long forgotten paths home!

Exploring the Benefits of Playing Mole Rats

Mole Rats is a widely popular board game that is appealing to all ages. The game consists of using wooden pieces in the shape of animals, such as moles, beavers, and hedgehogs. Players take turns rolling dice to move these pieces around the board and score points by constructing tunnels and building dens. Players must strategize carefully to prevent other players from overpowering them, while still trying to outwit their opponents by developing strong strategies.

Playing Mole Rats can offer several benefits for those who decide to give the game a try. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment, but it also builds valuable skills such as strategic thinking, communication, problem-solving and cooperative play. Additionally, since learning important lessons often emerge during gameplay (such as how actions have consequences), Mole Rats can also prove to be an effective teaching tool for children. This can help foster better academic achievements in school and beyond due to increased comfort with problem-solving. Furthermore, playing together promotes family bonding among different generations and strengthens relationships between siblings or friends. Mole Rats ends up being much more than just a simple board game; it’s ultimately a source of fun and education for those who play it!

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Looking at Popular Tactics for Playing Mole Rats

Mole Rats is a fast-paced board game that is fun to play with family and friends. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their mole rats around the board in search of food and safety. The goal of the game is to be the first mole rat to reach the designated food or safe space at the end.

Popular tactics for playing Mole Rats involve carefully planning out moves in each turn, rather than simply rolling and moving at random. Paying attention to your opponents can also help you predict where they might land and allow you to block them from reaching their goals. Additionally, strategically placing obstacles such as rocks or branches may help slow down an opponent’s progress. As players move around the board, they can collect carrots for bonus points, which are collected if all four of their mole rats make it safely home. It’s important to be mindful of these bonus points, as they can be critical in winning the game. Finally, playing close attention when it’s an opponent’s turn will be beneficial because it allows players to strategize quickly and plan how they will maneuver next opportunity they have to play.


The Mole Rats Board Game is an exciting and rewarding experience as it requires players to use strategy and problem-solving skills to complete the game. The goal of the game is to dig out a network of tunnels and chambers, while also trying to evade adversaries such as snakes and raptors. Your task is to navigate underground without succumbing to your perils while collecting points”the player with the highest score wins the game.

The Mole Rats Board Game offers a unique challenge even for experienced gamers. As you progress, more powerful predators will surface, putting players under increased pressure to remain undetected and cleverly outsmart their opponents. To succeed in this game one must employ every bit of logic and ingenuity they possess in order to emerge as victoriously as possible.

Furthermore, this board game promotes team building by allowing four people to play together. Players can join forces to build tunnels faster, set traps for adversaries, or control large sections of the map more efficiently than going solo. Doing so can further increase point totals but also presents players with exciting opportunities for collaboration.

Overall, The Mole Rats Board Game offers a thrilling challenge filled with intense strategic action that rewards players who exhibit clever cunning tactics as well as cooperative thinking with friends or family members alike. It is sure to provide hours of satisfying entertainment while testing all of your covert subterranean survival capabilities!

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