How To Create A Matching Game Using Poster Board

Adding Photos

Creating a matching game using poster board is a relatively simple yet fun DIY project. To create the game, start by gathering supplies including poster board, scissors, markers, and stickers. Next, draw patterns or images on one side of the poster board and then cut out the shapes. Once this is complete, use the same shapes to make the back of your cards and glue them together in pairs. Once all of the cards are paired up you can begin decorating them with markers and stickers. Finally, grab some friends to play and enjoy your custom matching game!

When it comes to adding photos to help readers visualize the steps for creating a matching game from poster board, it could be as simple as taking shots throughout each step – from acquiring supplies to cutting out patterns/images on one side of the poster board and gluing two cards together for a pair – to give people an idea of what’s required for this fun DIY project. Additionally, it could be helpful to document decorating each card with markers and stickers to give people ideas for how they can customize their own matching games – showing off creativity along their journey of making their own!


When creating a matching game using poster board, it is important to be mindful of size. Make sure the pieces you’re cutting will fit together correctly. If they don’t line up properly, use scissors and ruler to cut blocks of cardstock slightly smaller than the original piece, making sure that the end product is appropriate for the difficulty level of your game. You can also use a paper trimmer or guillotine blade to help ensure precise cuts.

If your pieces keep tearing when you try to pull them apart, you may want to try using a softer material like foamboard instead of poster board. Foamcore has added cushioning and won’t tear as easily. Alternatively, use two-sided adhesive tape instead of glue or double-sided tape on the backside of your cards for easy detachment after every round without having to worry about ripping or tearing paper.

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Finally, if you find that pieces break quickly during playtime due to constant folding, consider switching to thicker poster board that won’t fold as easily or investing in laminating sheets so your cards last longer through repeated playtimes.

Age Level

This activity is suitable for children aged 4-12. For younger children (ages 4-6), create a simple game such as a shape matching game by drawing a variety of shapes on large pieces of poster board and cutting them out. Have the child match the shapes up either by colour, size or pattern. Older kids (7-12) can play more complex games such as memory match, where you can create pairs of pictures and have the kids take turns trying to find the matches. You could draw simple objects or characters like animals or people on poster board and cut them into cards for this game.

Family Activity Ideas

Creating a matching game on poster board can be a fun family activity! To begin, choose an appropriate theme for your game. This could be animals, colors and shapes, world geography, or even letters of the alphabet. Anything that you think would be suitable to match up pairs with will work! Once you have your theme, make pairs of cards out of poster board; For example cut out one animal and print another one next to it so its pair is complete.

Once all the cards have been created, have every family member help label parts of the poster board with the different elements in their chosen theme. For instance using letters as our chosen theme each paper element should read A is for Apple B is for Banana etc… You can also place illustrations or images alongside these elements if desired.

To play the game simply make sure the pieces are shuffled up before you place them face down on the table. The object of the game is to take turns flipping two pieces over at once and then trying to remember which card was used for each flip throughout gameplay. If you get a match correctly then that round would be given one point as well as bragging rights; If a match does not occur when flipping two cards at once then rotate them 90 degrees and try again until you find the correct match.

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This matching game on p oster board provides endless entertainment value and learning experiences combined! Enjoy quality time with your family while they sharpen their skills in understanding relationship between different ideas or objects with this creative strategy fueled game.

A Variety Of Games

1. Memory Game: Cut out letter pairs, animal silhouettes, shapes, or other visuals onto separate cards. Glue each card onto one side of two separate poster boards; the images should match up so when someone flips over the one poster board it goes with the other one.

2. Spot The Differences Game: Take a picture of an object or landscape and glue onto poster board. With a black marker, draw changes to the pictures that make them different – like making hair tufts on a dog where there previously weren’t any – then cut out each board into small squares. Have players race to identify which squares have been altered in comparison to the other set of squares.

3. Pattern Game: Draw a grid shape on poster board ” like an airplane boarding pass shape ” with thick lines between rows and columns and four large squares at each corner (like tokens). Cut out smaller pieces from four colors of paper that fit inside the rows and columns, along with tokens for each player so they can tell whose turn it is, and place them in their designated areas. Ask players to create patterns within rows or columns as quickly as possible, switching token placements when someone completes their pattern first!

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