How To Play Starks In Game Of Thrones Board Game


The Starks of Westeros are popularly known as the honorable and noble House from the North, ruled by Eddard Starks. Their adherence to justice and virtue sets them apart from other Houses in Westeros. In the Game of Thrones board game, players strive to become the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Whether they win or lose, they will discover that playing as a Stark holds a special significance and can grant certain advantages.

Beginning with Season 1 of the television series, players who choose to play as House Stark start with Eddard’s seven domains: Winterfell, White Harbor, Greywater Watch, Castle Cerwynn, Flint’s Finger, Widow’s Watch & Ironrath. By controlling these seven domains and fortifying their borders during game play, House Stark can dominate early game play by gathering power tokens and strengthening their armies throughout Westeros.

Each character card for House Stark describes how one may develop its characters strategy in order to rule all of Westeros. As players build relationships with other Houses through interactions in Summons Councils and alliances during court games like Trial by Combat or Influence Wars it becomes evident that making alliances is fundamental to winning any war. Utilizing special abilities in combat scenarios can be advantageous for House Stark when defending against an enemy’s surprise attack or seiging an unsuspecting ally.

Of course each character card has unique benefits; some characters are better at marshalling financial support necessary for either defensive or offensive battles while others are better suited to constructing powerful fort conversions which help secure borders during key moments in game play. These characters have a real chance of making it to King’s Landing if they don’t get killed on their way there!

The Game of Thrones board game has been gaining immense popularity over recent years due to its intricate storytelling and intense strategic gameplay- it should come as no surprise why choosing to play as House Stark makes your victory even sweeter!

Materials Needed

The materials needed to play the Game of Thrones board game are as follows: 1 game board, 6 player shields and tokens representing each house, a deck of 72 cards featuring characters and locations from the show, 2 special dice for movement, 1 Wildling die for event cards and encounters, 3 trap tokens for use in battle scenarios, 1 Storm token for political orders, and a set of rules. Additionally, different expansions may require additional pieces such as figurines or items from beyond the Wall. With these materials you are ready to experience Westeros like never before!

Setting Up the Game

To begin setting up your Game of Thrones board game, you will need the main game board, the tokens representing the houses of Westeros, and the seven house cards. Place the board in front of all players, making sure everyone can see clearly. Then take a token for each house and place it on a space marked “House” on each accompanying House Card. After doing this, take a dragon token and place it on top of the Iron Throne space ” this will represent the start of your game. Next, determine which player will go first by choosing randomly or assigning to an individual player. Each player takes their corresponding House Card, 14 wooden supply tokens in their color and 2 dice. Finally, place the neutral tokens (kingsguard and wildling) around portions of the board as per the instructions in the rulebook and you’re ready to Play!

Character Selection and Summary

In the Game of Thrones Board Game, players have the unique opportunity to take on one of four Stark characters in order to build and protect their House. Depending on the number of players, you will be able to select from either Eddard Stark, his wife Catelyn Stark, his younger son Robb Stark or his youngest daughter Arya Stark. Each character has different purposes and weaknesses that define a strategy for how that character is played.

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Eddard Stark ” As the Lord of Winterfell and Head of House Stark, Eddard’s main purpose is to provide a strong leader for his people and keep order inside the kingdom. He excels in political diplomacy as well as military tactics; however, he can suffer if too many enemies pile up against him.

Catelyn Stark ” As an honorable woman of House Tully before her marriage to Eddard, Catelyn works best when she dealt with diplomatic resolutions, instead utilizing her power within her family to bring solutions that don’t risk bloodshed. Her weaker points are in military combat and maneuvering large armies through treacherous terrain.

Robb Stark – Raised by his father alongside his siblings as they prepared for their impending journey into adulthood, Robb is an experienced warrior who excels in one-on-one combat situations and pressing offensives against an enemy force. His lack of political guile may leave him vulnerable at times where diplomacy aims to end a conflict without resorting to violence.

Arya Stark – The youngest daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Starks has never been properly trained in any type of warfare but carries a wealth of knowledge about different strategies from having been witness to much during her time living amongst seven Kingdoms. She revels in surprises attacks against larger forces where she can use exceptionally clever maneuvers unlike any other character in the game. However she lacks settlement management ability which could put her holdings at risk should she ever choose to build them up.

Rules and Gameplay

The Starks are one of the two most powerful Houses in the Game Of Thrones Board Game. Their goal is to gain control of the Iron Throne by winning strategic battles, forming alliances and ensuring their allies are loyal. In order to do so, players will need a keen eye for strategy and an understanding of how to use their resources wisely.

At the beginning of the game, each player is randomly dealt a card from the Deck of Fate that outlines how many units and pieces of equipment they may deploy for battle. There are four different types of unit ” Melee Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Cavalry, and Archery ” which have unique strengths and weaknesses in combat. The equipment includes weapons that can boost attack or defensive power of certain unit types as well as siege items such as battering rams or towers that can be used during specific phases of battle.

Players also have access to Trading Cards that allow them to upgrade the capabilities of their units or gain extra pieces needed to bolster their armies on the battlefield – some Trading Cards even allow players to betroth characters from other Houses they’ve aligned themselves with!

During each round of play, players amass resources and strengthen their armies until it’s time to engage in combat against one another or against hostile forces controlled by Westeros itself. Depending on which type(s) each side has deployed for battle, there are up to five different rounds each involving a combination of Player vs Player interactions or Player vs Environment scenarios before victory (or defeat) is declared.

When combat concludes all units not casualties must retreat back into respective Houses’ fortifications where they will be added to supplies before being deployed again at the beginning of a new round – if all available forces have been wiped out then casualty tokens may be taken from stores or acquired from conflicts with outside enemies instead. Five victories wins you absolute control over Westeros!

Strategy and Tactics

Strategy and tactics are key to success in the Game of Thrones Board Game. Here are a few tips for experienced players:

1. Secure Supply Lines – Secure your supply lines first, so that you can build your army and complete objectives without impediment. If you have resources available, consider utilizing them on conquest to gain control of more castles and ports.

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2. Use Fortified Strongholds – When possible, use fortified strongholds provided by the board game pieces. Doing so allows you to build up powerful characters without having to spend extra resources on fortification yourself.

3. Prioritize Defenses – Even if attacking is tempting, prioritize defense first by blocking off boundaries such as rivers and mountains to hold back enemy armies while you assemble your own forces.

4. Play The Long Game – Don’t be afraid to play the long game with regards to resource management- invest in majority rule or opportunistic threats longterm that yield rewards down the line rather than tipping it all into one battle or offensive move which may not pay off in the end.

5. Expect The Unexpected – There will be times when matters both inside and outside of your control will affect your plans-unexpected weather, rebellions or betrayal for instance; keep a plan B in mind if things don’t go as expected, maximizing damage limitation even if the war is lost!

Game Variations

The Game of Thrones board game rules state that the object of the game is to control a majority of castles and strongholds while using strategy, diplomacy and a bit of luck. However, there are various methods for playing the game that alter its difficulty.

Player vs Player – This version requires two or more players to compete against each other in an effort to be the first player to capture seven castles and strongholds. Players must use strategic tactics when selecting territories, fortifying them with troops, and attacking their opponent’s targets.

Teams – This variation allows players to join forces against another team or teams in order to increase their chance at victory. It could be three people forming a cohesive unit or 10 people working together on various strategies.

Free Play – With this option individual players can explore different tactics and strategies without facing any competition from other players. It’s also beneficial for introducing new people to the game by allowing them to play around with different ways of approaching the board before being expected to battle it out against more experienced opponents.

Random Variations – For those who may want an added challenge, many stores offer random variations on the traditional Starks game play including themed pieces or maps with special bonuses. Some variations take place in small limited skirmishes while others add additional elements such as naval warfare or dragon battles!


Congratulations! You now have a better understanding of how to play Starks in the Game of Thrones board game. With the right strategy, you can become an unstoppable force and lead your House to victory. Make sure that you look out for spoilers to ensure you can make strategic decisions, and remember to always use your Diplomacy cards effectively. By following this guide, you’ll be able to outwit both your fellow players and the other houses in the game. Be bold, be brave and take control of your fate as the Lord Paramount of Winterfell. Good luck on your quest for dominance!

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