How To Play Bigble In Little China Board Game


Bigble in Little China Board Game is a unique and exciting board game inspired by the world-famous movie Big Trouble in Little China. This light-hearted game takes players on an adventure up the mysterious Lo Pan’s Tower, as they attempt to locate the source of his powers and stop him from unleashing his supernatural sorcery upon the world! The goal of the game is for players to become determined heroes and bravely battle their way past perils and monsters, work together to acquire key items, and make it to Lo Pan’s Chamber before time runs out!

Players will have fun while testing their luck and strategy in this exciting twist on cooperative boardgaming. With resource management, item combos, puzzles to solve, tensions throughout negotiations between players, dice rolling that matters – it’s sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats! Kids will be enthralled recreating classic scenes from the movie as they build relationships with each other while taking part in this adventure-filled quest. So grab some friends or family members, put your courage to the test, and let’s go explore Big Trouble in Little China!

Overview of the Game

Bigble in Little China is a board game based on the iconic 80s movie starring Kurt Russell. The game allows players to experience the adventures of Jack Burton as they explore deepest, darkest Chinatown. Like all classic board games, it requires strategy and an element of luck to win.

Players can choose from four characters, each with their own set of powers and abilities to aid them on their quest for victory. The goal is to be the first player to complete their secret mission within eight turns. During each turn, you will move around a 3D grid styled map looking for plot cards and performing various tasks that will lead you closer to fulfilling your mission.

Players must also use their amazing knowledge of talismans and magical artifacts in order to battle each other, navigate different environments and face off against powerful bosses while they seek the answers they need. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!

Bigble in Little China Board game puts a unique spin on traditional board games by offering more interactive play elements than some games do; such as having direct outcomes based on character abilities and moves made during certain circumstances – as well as offering challenging objectives like defeating powerful bosses or having special events occur depending on where a player lands on the map grid. Additionally, it encourages strategizing between players through interactions like using magical artifacts join forces against enemies or negotiating allies so that everyone can benefit from shared resources – not just one single individual.

How to Play

Bigble in Little China is an exciting board game that combines mini-game mechanics with different strategies and money management. The gameplay revolves around gaining influence in the Big Ble city and competing with other players for control of its districts. To get started, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Choose a starting character – Each player chooses one of the five characters with their own strengths, special abilities and starting funds (Tommy Tong, Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Margo Wong and Egg Shen.)

2. Place your pieces on the board – Place your 3 workers on the board. Your opponents will do the same by placing their 3 workers on three different streets or alleyways.

3. Start the turn sequence – During each turn sequence, the game is divided into eight steps that all players must complete before ending the turn: Collect Income, Claim Action Card Spaces and Power Up cards; Move Pawns/Pass Worker Actions; Purchase Items/Monsters; Attack Opponent Pawns/Businesses; Resolve Damage/Arrests; Discard excess cards from hand/tablet; Draw 2 cards from either deck or discard pile then Pass Turn Marker Clockwise to next player).

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4. Take turns until victory requirements are met – A player wins when either they have acquired a majority of influence points in any district (excluding town squares) or if another player has lost all their pawns or has gone below zero money in their bank account. Play continues until one of these conditions is met!

Game Mechanics

The object of the game in Biggle In Little China is for the players to form bonds with a variety of powerful industries and partnerships. Players will be competing against each other to complete objectives, increase their influence, and gain abilities in order to become the most powerful influencer of Little China.

Gameplay consists of first getting investors, which are represented by cards that are drawn from a draw pile. These investors will give players access to new pacts, buildings and other resources which can be used across multiple generics to accumulate points and build local influence. The player with the most points at the end of the game is crowned as King or Queen of Little China.

The cooperative elements come into play when two or more players join forces for a pact or building assignment ” essentially working together on shared objectives within the game. This collaboration allows them to draw from combined resources and work together towards victory conditions that would otherwise not be possible if all players were competing alone.

The competitive elements exist as each player wants to outcompete one another in order to gain as much influence as possible and win the game, so strategy is key. However, when it comes down to it, cooperation is key for any sort of financial success in Little China ” so striking balanced alliances where all participants are able to benefit is essential for victory!

Strategies and Tips

Bigble in Little China board game is an exciting new game from Fantasy Flight Games, based on the classic movie of the same name. The goal of the game is to navigate your character through a mission-based narrative storyline with surprising twists and turns. In order to do this, you must collect items, defeat enemies and evade traps.

If you are looking for expert advice for playing Bigble in Little China Board Game then here are some tips and strategies that can help:

1. Pay attention to your strategy – When considering which paths you follow or which actions you take, remember that each of these decisions has a potential impact on your big picture goals. Keep an eye on how your decisions may shape the wider story and be careful not to overextend yourself if it could create more difficulties later down the line.

2. Make use of Items – Throughout the game you will come across various helpful items. Make sure to keep track of them and use them when necessary as they can provide vital boosts at key moments during your playthroughs.

3. Planning ahead – During longer campaigns it’s important to have a plan mapped out in advance so that you don’t find yourself stranded too far away from objectives or events at any stage during your progression through the story modes. It is also wise to consider the implications for each action; if something costs resources, does that mean it has sunk cost associated with it? Will this create complications further down for other players?

4. Give yourself time – While feeling time-pressured to make decisions can sometimes be enjoyable, when fighting against virtual opponents there’s no need to rush while making choices; use this to your advantage by taking time during planning sequences so that you stay one step ahead!

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5 Take calculated risks – Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks if you feel they are right ” especially if you think a particular path could lead directly towards success and victory!


Playing Biggle in Little China is a unique and engaging strategy board game for 2-4 players. The objective of the game is to build an empire using the resources from various cities. Players have to use the resources of those cities in order to create a powerful kingdom, including securing powerful allies, building planetary defenses, and researching new alloys and technologies for their own advancements. With different resources and paths to victory, there are many strategies that can be used to win the game. The game is highly addictive, as it encourages players to think strategically on their turn, while also planning out long-term strategies for themself in order to win. Overall, this game provides a fun and engaging experience that will keep players wanting more every time they play.


Big Trouble in Little China is a popular and beloved fantasy adventure film first released in 1986. The cult classic tale was recently adapted into a board game, which has become wildly popular. If you’re new to the world of Big Trouble in Little China, here’s what you need to know about playing the game.

Prior to play, players choose their favorite Big Trouble in Little China character. These characters include Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Evil Courtesan Miao Yin, Lightning and Thunder, David Lo Pan and the Three Storms; alternatively players can also choose to create their own custom hero character if desired.

Once your heroic character has been chosen it’s time to set up the board game. The board game requires 1-4 players with each player taking turns rolling dice during their turn as they traverse imaginary locations from the movie such as Chinatown Alley and Wing Kong Exchange with an end goal of reaching David Lo Pan before he unleashes ultimate destruction upon Earth. On each turn players are presented with different challenges including participating in fights armed with weapons such as a sword or demon dagger, solving riddles or casting powerful spells that will advance their progress towards defeating Lo Pan’s evil schemes.

To enhance your experience while playing it is advised that the theme & scenes from the original movie be played on full blast either by way of an old VHS tape or digital download for maximum ambiance! Additionally there are numerous resources for those who want to get more out of the Big Trouble In Little China Board Game experience that can help make it more memorable beyond just slapping down cards & rolling dice until all are defeated. Some of these helpful resources inclue visiting online game review websites, forums devoted to strategy records kept in past games, official websites like Publisher Arcadia’s listing as well as additional videos devoted solely specializing instructional playthroughs of various levels found on Youtube etc. All these links & other sources can prove helpful and important in getting the most out of this unique board game experience further!

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