How To Play Lannister Game Of Thrones Board Game

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The Lannister Board Game of Thrones Board Game is based on the popular HBO series and is a great option for those who want to recreate the exciting action-adventure of the show in their own home. This game allows players to take on the roles of famous members of House Lannister such as Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion, in an attempt to protect their interests while attempting to gain more power. Players compete against each other by playing cards representing powerful allies, resources, and tactics from the show. The basic strategy is to build alliances with other players, use those alliances to acquire resources and expand your power base, fight off enemies that threaten your rules over the various Kingdoms of Westeros, and ultimately vie for control over King’s Landing. As a family steeped in centuries of tradition, tactics and strong-willed characters surround House Lannister ” making it a compelling addition to any game night!

Players start out with their own individual player boards representing one of the three Lannisters: Tywin, Cersei or Jamie. Each board shows a number of locations around King’s Landing which corresponds to section matched in the main board. During each turn players draw additional cards that can help or hinder them ” these may come from getting into fights with hostile groups or agreeing to team up with people who can bring some benefits along with it. Additionally when events occur onscreen such as war battles or legal cases this influences how further actions are taken in the game ” for better or for worse! In order to try and be victorious against their opponents players need to successfully manage both their hand-cards and their location zones on the board in order to become ruler at King’s Landing. May luck be on your side!

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Pieces and Resources:

● Dragons: In the game, players can use dragons as a powerful figurehead of their forces. The slower but immensely powerful dragons have high morale and deal tremendous damage. Players must manage the risk of not only summoning them, but also maintaining them to stay effective in battle.

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● Armies : In the Lannister Game of Thrones Board Game, armies consist of Footmen, Knights and Siege engines (i.e., catapults). Footmen are the frontline offense while Knights are more expensive but offer more protection when attacking other players’ territories. Catapults can fire at distant targets and do massive damage if aimed excellently.

● Fleets: This valuable resource is used to sail across Westeros in order to launch surprise attacks or even deliver messages between different regions on the board game. Fleets move relatively quickly given that they use ships instead of walking through land terrain making them a highly useful tool for any side involved in a potentially long game.

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Buy or Deploy Phase: During this phase, players may buy options from the supply such as House cards and Wildling cards from the available discard pile. If these are bought and taken into the player’s possession, then those cards are deployed to provide additional resources, characters and strength to their own houses. Additionally, if a card is acquired that has an action ability, then it can be implemented immediately.

Battle Phase: During the Battle Phase, one attacker fights against a defender in an attempt to gain more influence over a particular region. The strength of both armies is determined by adding up all of the House cards, Wildlings and special abilities that each player controls in that region. Whoever has the strongest force wins the battle and captures control of that area of influence.

Reinforcement Phase: Players can use this phase to move additional forces into contested regions, or to increase their influence in areas already under their control. Each house can bring reinforcements into their controlled territories while Wildlings can be used defensively or offensively based on who holds them.

Mustering & Consolidation Phase: This final phase allows players an opportunity to reinforce their position across Westeros by developing strong military forces of Warriors & Knights along with powerful characters from either house or Wildlings. Armies can be formed within individual regions or spread out across multiple regions for maximum defense and offense during future battles. Additionally, any goods accrued throughout game play can be spent on upgrades such as additional troops or supplies as well as special bonuses like diplomatic immunity with outside nations.

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Fun Facts:
* The Lannister game of Thrones board game is based on the HBO hit show, Game of Thrones.
* Characters from the show such as Jamie Lannister, Cersei Lannister, and Tywin are featured in the game.
* Several iconic places from Westeros such as King’s Landing, Casterly Rock and Winterfell are included in the game.
* The aim of the game is to manage resources, win battles and ultimately be crowned as King or Queen of Westeros.

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To play the Lannister Game of Thrones Board Game, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, set up the board, depending on which version you are playing (there are two versions -a beginner and an advanced one). Place all the pieces on the board according to their color and shape, making sure that everyone has an equal amount of pieces. Next, decide who will go first using a random selection method such as rolling dice or rock-paper-scissors. Then, take turns playing your pieces according to their movement restrictions. As you move, try your hardest to capture other player’s pieces by trapping them between two of your own! The game ends when all the pieces of one player have been captured or blocked from any further movement.


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