R6 Siege Board Game


R6 Siege is a board game based off the popular video game by Ubisoft. It was created by the creator of the original Rainbow Six game, David Sears. The board game is designed to simulate tactical situations only possible in a competitive video game and offers realistic missions centered around each objective. Players must work together to complete a mission by coordinating attacks, utilizing defensive strategies, and communicating during play.

This board game has achieved great success among both gamers and non-gamers alike since its release in 2019. Players have expressed their appreciation for the strategic complexity of the game and its diverse range of exciting missions that allow for endless creativity in gameplay. The popularity of this board game lies in its ability to take real-life strategy decisions into consideration when preparing for a firefight or breach on an enemy fortification. Its detailed components give players room for creativity during intense battles, leading to intense waves of adrenaline-pumping action that can make any match exciting no matter how much experience one has playing R6 Siege video games prior.


The Rainbow Six Siege Board Game is a strategic board game that recreates the thrilling tactical combat and raid situations of the popular video game. The board game consists of two 50 cm x 50 cm full-color playing fields, each representing a real-world Rainbow Six Siege map. The maps are printed on sturdy 10 mm thick boards with glossy finish for maximum realism. Additionally, there is an Oversized board to store cards and components during set up, as well as eight 15 cm x 15 cm separate Regional Attacker Planning maps.

The game also includes 80+ Full Color Customizable deployable operators cards, representing all the different types of operator classes found in the actual video game. There are 54 highly detailed miniatures featuring operators from GIGN, Spetsnaz, SAS, FBI etc., along with one oversized siege drone model and two helicopter escape ladders. Other components include 50+ random mission cards, 20 barricade components, 19 destructible wall panels, 14 hostage figures and 8 drone amp range markers. Lastly there are over 36 equipment tokens such as shields, drones and cameras scattered frequently throughout gameplay so players can mimic their favorite strategies seen in the videos games.


Turns Progress: Each turn (called a round) begins with a setup phase. During the setup phase, players simultaneously select their Operators and set up their respawn points (which will also be randomly established). During each round, each player takes one action at a time until all players have played all of their actions. After all players have completed their actions, the round ends, and the next round begins.

Players Interaction: Players can interact with each other in various ways on the board game for R6 Siege. These interactions include moving their characters around the board, attacking the enemy team’s objective or HQ, defending against enemy assaults by placing barricades, setting traps at pre-defined locations, destroying obstacles with explosives, and using any equipment they may purchase.

How The Game Is Won: The game is won when a team successfully completes an objective such as destroying an enemy HQ or disabling enemy communication lines while protecting its own assets. This could involve taking down barricades that protect enemy HQs and preventing them from being destroyed or communicating updates on the battlefield to friendly teams via radio transmissions. In addition to these strategies, teams must also manage their resources wisely by buying and using equipment such as weapons and gadgets to fit specific strategies needed throughout the match.

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Advanced strategies for the R6 Siege Board Game involve utilizing team communication, planning ahead, and utilizing specialized tactics for different maps or operators. Players must be aware of not only their own position on the map, but also the positions of each member of the team. This requires strategic utilization of resources such as drones and attacker gadgets to gain the upper hand.

The mental challenge offered by the game comes from understanding an opponents strategy and adapting quickly to changing conditions on the battlefield. Players must develop efficient strategies for navigating enemy territory without being detected or defending an area without being overrun. Additionally, players must learn how to utilize specific operator abilities in concert with one another to successfully complete objectives. The ability to think critically in rapidly changing circumstances is paramount in this game as it tests a player’s tactical acuity and decision making skills.


The popular Rainbow Six Siege Board Game has spawned several versions, each with different rules and objectives. The Classic Version is modeled after the original game, which pits two teams against one another in inter-team battles. However, the Tower Edition introduces a unique take on the game, as it includes an extra tower to defend or capture, giving players even more tactical and strategic options. Other editions such as Hostage Rescue offers up a twist to the classic version by adding new random objectives like escort missions, while Outbreak Edition has its own style of gameplay with special abilities and events that can trigger at any time during play. Finally, the Wild Rush edition is based around fast-paced carnage where combat won’t slow down for anyone! Players will be able to choose from all these different editions according to their particular tastes and strategies. Along with each version comes a sheet of helpful tips and scenarios tailored to make sure every player enjoys their time immersed in this engaging board game.

Expansion Packs

Expansion packs for the R6 Siege Board Game can add a lot of complexity to the game. The various expansion packs will come with many new components, like extra playing pieces, cards, maps, objectives, and tokens which can make the game more interesting and enhance players’ strategy considerations. Each expansion pack also adds new rules and changes that can be used to alter gameplay in various ways. Players could choose how they want to apply these changes and added components in order to try out different strategies and styles of play. For example, one expansion pack might include additional territories on the board as well as a rule that allows players to form alliances with one another”adding depth to the strategy component of the game. Or another expansion pack might feature new characters or environments giving players whole new battlefields upon which to deploy their tactics. No matter what expansion pack is chosen, it’s sure to offer something exciting for long-time veterans or brand new players alike.

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The R6 Siege Board Game has been a popular game among both novice and experienced gamers since it first came out in 2018. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy fast-paced FPS gaming with plenty of strategic depth. With its multiple play styles, the game appeals to different crowds and ages, making it incredibly fun for all types of gamers.

Beginner players will find that the game is relatively easy to pick up, as there are plenty of tutorials on how to get started that can be found online or within the game itself. As you increase your skill level, the difficulty ramps up accordingly, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience for novices. The numerous customization options also make it easy for new players to quickly build their own loadout for maximum effectiveness in combat.

Advanced players have plenty to look forward to with R6 Siege Board Game too. With additional rules added through updates and expansions over the last three years, more experienced gamers can still continue pushing their skills against higher difficulties. This makes the title quite addictive and engaging throughout its life cycle. Furthermore, greater emphasis has been placed on balancing games in recent times instead of overwhelming newcomers with difficulty right away; this allows all skill levels – beginner or advanced – to enjoy themselves at their own pace without having one side completely overpower the other.


The R6 Siege Board Game is a great choice for those looking for a fun and stimulating board game experience. Not only does it provide a dynamic, challenging gameplay experience with unique mechanics, but also offers a unique way of playing Rainbow Six Siege, the popular first-person shooter video game. With intense and detailed strategy being needed to succeed at the game, this board game version of the hit video game provides an immersive and entertaining experience that is sure to be enjoyed by all who play it. Additionally, this board game ensures that players stay engaged throughout each turn as they attempt to coordinate their team in order defeat the opposing team’s forces. With its exceptional replay value and outstanding gameplay difficulty, the R6 Siege Board Game is truly one of a kind and one that should be highly considered for any opportunity to play something new and exciting.

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