Calgary Board Game Cafe


The Calgary Board Game Cafe is a unique social experience that allows customers to enjoy both delicious food and exciting board games in the same establishment. Some of the popular attractions at this cafe include classics such as Monopoly, Clue, and Risk. In addition, the cafe offers a huge selection of new games from small independent game publishers that are sure to excite even the most experienced board game enthusiast.

The cafe also has an amazing atmosphere with comfy couches and cheerful music playing in the background. The staff members are all friendly and will help customers find the perfect game for them. Plus, there’s an extensive menu that features artisanal baked goods as well as hot barista beverages for those looking for something sweet or caffeinated.

Testimonials from past customers applaud this Calgary cafe for its incredibly engaging atmosphere and wide range of gaming choices. One review reads: “Without a doubt the most memorable evening I have had with friends in years! The staff were so helpful and knowledgeable about each game they offered”I never would have thought I’d be able to find such sophisticated strategy games here!” Another adds: “This place completely exceeded my expectations with its selection of board games and delicious sounding food/drinks combos.”

The Calgary Board Game Cafe is open Thursday-Sunday every week and always provides excellent customer service seven days a week! Whether you’re looking to challenge your friends in a game of chess or just want to relax with some good conversation over pies and coffees, this cafe is without a doubt your best choice for fun times with great people!


The Calgary Board Game Cafe was founded in 2011 by Chris Chin and his brother Ryan. After hours of planning, dedication and hard work, the cafe finally became a reality. They had a dream to create something that would not only provide entertainment for Calgary natives but also bring people together for hours of fun.

The mission of the cafe is to provide an enjoyable environment where family and friends can gather around the table and play their favourite game. It’s also meant to act as a local hub for gaming enthusiasts who have a passion for playing board games. Not only do they offer hundreds of modern board games to choose from, they also have experienced staffers at hand to help clients make the right selection and learn how to play it in no time! The cafe offers friendly staff always on-site, homemade food including pizza, sandwiches, salads and delectable desserts like ice cream sundaes with gluten-free options available as well. Apart from coffee specialties like cappuccinos, lattes and espressos via specialty coffee house Modearo Roasters (local Calgary company) are also up for grab too!

Calgary Board Game Cafe aims to provide an unforgettable experience with its unique selection of board games, entertainment and food catering to any type of players – be it veteran or beginner gamers alike! Be sure to check them out if you’re ever in town!


The Calgary Board Game Café is a cozy and inviting spot to host great family nights, make new friends, or simply spend time with yourself. Its modern decor features bright colors, comfortable chairs and couches where people can relax while playing board games. There are tables and benches along the walls perfect for groups to enjoy a fun session of game night. The café’s atmosphere is relaxed and communal; surrounded by laughter, the sound of dice being rolled, and friendly chatter between players. Windows throughout the space fill the room with natural light that bounces off of brightly colored walls reminding you that its time for yet another friendly competition!

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The Calgary Board Game Cafe is a great place to play popular board games with friends and family. With a full selection of classic and new, fun and exciting games, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Popular choices include classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, as well as the more modern popular games such as Ticket To Ride and Bananagrams.

At the cafe, you can plan a gaming night with friends and family by choosing from the wide selection of popular board games. From fantasy-themed dungeon crawlers to immersive social deduction challenges, the cafe has something for everyone. If you don’t find a game you want to play, there’s an option available to purchase one and then add it to your group’s gaming night. With robust graphics and high quality components all packed into one convenient package, these purchases are sure to make any game night even more enjoyable!

To show off your experience of playing at the Calgary Board Game Cafe, why not take photos while playing? Just tag your photo with the hashtag #calgaryboardgamecafe so your friends can see where you’ve been spending your evenings!

Food and Drink

The Calgary Board Game Cafe features specialty drinks and an eclectic menu, offering vegan and gluten-free options. Boasting a wide selection of craft house coffees, lattes, tea and hot chocolate, the cafe also has local beer, wine, whiskies and signature cocktails as delicious beverage offerings. Whether it’s sharing tapas in the evening or enjoying brunch on the weekends in this cozy atmosphere, Calgary Board Game Cafe will satisfy your appetite with homemade fare created using seasonal ingredients and produce; these include soups, salads, sandwiches and home-style specials for lunch with scrumptious desserts to finish off every meal. With its unique combination of modern decor and classic board games scattered about the dining area – from classics like Chess to new releases from Catan – there is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to having a good time while eating out. And make sure to keep an eye out for exciting monthly events hosted by the cafe such as movie nights with trivia or game show tournaments!


The Calgary Board Game Café hosts weekly game events Games Night every Tuesday and Thursday, where both longtime game enthusiasts and new visitors can enjoy some classic board games, card games, and party games. On weekends our special programming kicks in with a Monthly Board Game Bash the first Sunday of each month open to all ages, followed by Family Day on the third Sunday of each month for families of all sizes. In addition, we host a Student Discount Night every Sunday, providing students with free entrance any time after 5pm if they show their student ID. As an added bonus to regular admission fees, we offer discounted token packages that provide entry and $10 to use toward tokens and food items. Keep an eye out for other upcoming events too!

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Specialty Nights

The Calgary Board Game Cafe is a place for people to come together for some fun and relaxation. The cafe hosts various special events such as monthly, cultural, and theme nights that provide a unique atmosphere where people can enjoy the company of their friends while playing board games they love.

Monthly Nights are held once a month and include an assortment of board games with foods and drinks. Each night features different themes and all types of games, whether it’s trivia, strategy, or just plain old family fun. Additionally, each Month Night has its own unique selection of food and drinks to complete the experience.

Cultural Nights are dedicated to celebrating different cultures through activities, games, art projects or movies related to those cultures. Participants bring their own game boards if available but guests can also play heritage-related word puzzle games or try their luck on traditional outdoor activities like croquet.

Theme Nights are geared towards more specific topics such as pirates or superheroes where attendants wear costumes for the night that correspond to the theme. There is a wide variety of activities depending on the topic chosen; participants may play classic card/board games in theme-based editions as well as scavenger hunts, charades, role playing adventures and other fun activities thought up by the staff at Calgary Board Game Café!

Past events have been incredibly successful with many photos taken throughout the event that were posted online so others could see how much fun was had! Photos will allow you to see adults dressed up with elaborate pirate costumes along with children playing traditional marble games such as ‘tax’ or ‘sharks & minnows’ among many others! Visitors have brought their own home cooked dishes related to their culture which provided a great dining opportunity for everyone involved.


The Calgary Board Game Cafe is a unique experience that had something for everyone. Visitors from all backgrounds, ages and interests could find at least one game to enjoy, regardless of their skill level. Visitors often left with new friends and many were eager to return for more opportunities to relax, laugh and play.

Overall, the Calgary Board Game Cafe was a great success among visitors. Guests described it as an amazing experience and stated they had loads of fun playing the various board games provided. They also appreciated the warm environment created by the cafe staff who were helpful in suggesting different games and teaching guests how to play them. The games allowed visitors to create an inclusive space while still being able to engage in healthy competition. Everyone agreed that the Calgary Board Game Cafe was a great place to spend time with family and friends while experiencing something new unlike anything else in town.

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