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Puerto Rico is an award-winning board game designed by German designer Andreas Seyfarth. It was first released in 2002, and players have been enjoying it ever since. The object of the game is to be the player who earns the most victory points by building plantations, constructing buildings, shipping goods from the island’s ports, and taking part in other activities. Players earn a certain amount of money for each activity they do, with money being collected throughout the game, which can be used to purchase items and build plantations or buildings. Additionally, players can use money to influence various stages of production and trading. Puerto Rico offers a unique blend of strategy and luck mixed with some economic elements so that all players regardless of their level of experience can join in on the fun!

History of Puerto Rico Board Game

The Puerto Rico board game first premiered in 2002, making it a relatively widely known classic board game. Developed by Andreas Seyfarth, it is widely considered one of the greatest modern games ever designed. The popularity quickly soared and it has since become one of the best-selling German-style board games of all time.

In the game, players assume the roles of colonial governors on the island of Puerto Rico. In the course of the three rounds (spanning up to five minutes), players must strategically manage their inhabitants and their resources to build cities, monuments, and other parts of their colony. They also must navigate trading with supplies from Europe, field crop production from plantations such as tobacco or indigo and shipping goods back to Europe for gaining victory points. It is a highly immersive strategy game that requires mastery over economics and outwitting your opponents – making it great for those who have an affinity for deep thought!

The mechanics within the game involve drafting roles allowing each player – depending on what role they draft during each round – to receive special bonuses during particular actions made throughout play; these vary between additional victory points attributed to building friendly villages or something as simple as receiving extra gold pieces after shipping off goods at a harbor. Additionally, there are five different easy breezy buildings to construct such as coffee plantations, tobacco plantations or trading houses etc. Alongside alternative activities Like fishing which expose additional perks when performed while granting no victory points but providing helpful means like Harbor Master allowing extra gold shards earned at port eliminating need for trading resources with other players in market area at table center costing extortionate amounts of money for little returns. It’s this depth by which this timeless classic offers its players a highly enjoyable play experience that keeps both casual and enthusiast gamers returning time and time again!

Key Components of the Game

Puerto Rico is a strategy board game designed by Andreas Seyfarth and is one of the most popular strategy board games in the world. The game is set in a colonial-era Caribbean island and each player takes the role of colonial governors striving to become wealthy. Players produce goods such as coffee, tobacco, corn, indigo, and sugar and ship them to Europe to earn funds. Each governor must carefully invest their resources into helping them gain victory points throughout their journey.

The Puerto Rico board game comes with several components: An instruction booklet explaining how to play, a main game board with various boxes for different tokens/resources, items on the side such as wooden playing pieces (plants and traders), money cards for trading resources or building buildings, bonus cards that give additional privileges if certain goals are met in-game, scoring chips for tracking progress towards victory points, and custom dice to roll in order to produce goods or activate special events. Additionally, there are expansion packs available with new items such as additional resource cards or unique buildings for players can build onto their island further adding depth to the game itself. With these items combined you have everything you will need in order to enjoy Puerto Rico with friends or family.

Different Variations & Versions of Puerto Rico Board Game

Puerto Rico is one of the most popular board games of all time, with players building plantations and trading goods around the island. The original classic game has been around for decades, and there are now several variations and versions that you can buy.

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The standard edition of Puerto Rico allows three to five players to compete in a race to build the most successful plantation. Players start with one small plantation each and must use their resources – such as colonists, settlers, money and victory points – to build their own empire. Colonists are used to construct buildings, while settlers specialize in harvesting specific goods on the island. Once your plantation is in full swing, you can trade goods with other players and sell them at market for profit. The player who has earned the most victory points after 12 rounds wins the game!

Other editions of Puerto Rico include San Juan – a card-based version released in 2006 – which plays differently than the classic board game. In San Juan, players put down cards from their hand depicting various types of buildings instead of physically building them on a board. Cities & Knights – released in 2007 – adds some interesting strategic elements by introducing two new commodities: knights (protecting against invasion) and cities (producing more resources).

The latest version of Puerto Rico comes in tabletop form as well as on iOS devices such as iPads and phones. This new version offers streamlined gameplay compared to its predecessors, but retains some essential features like trading between players using tokens instead of physical goods. There is also an “Expert” version that includes some complex elements from other versions plus unique cards and rules for veteran gamers.

Tips for Beginner Players of Puerto Rico Board Game

Playing the Puerto Rico board game can be a fun and intriguing experience, but it’s important to understand some of the game’s basic rules, mechanics, and strategies in order to succeed. Here are some tips for beginner players:

1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the rules. Take some time to read through them carefully, as this will help you understand all of the goals and objectives of the game.

2. Keep track of which buildings you’ve built and how much income they are providing you. This is an important part of Puerto Rico since each building provides different bonuses for income or victory points.

3. Choose your Colonists wisely by considering their abilities in harvesting resources, working buildings or producing goods. This will help make sure you stay ahead of your competition even after losing out on turns where other players have had faster ships or bigger storages than yours.

4. Try to plan ahead to make sure that you have enough production available to meet demand so that you don’t run short on resources needed later on in the game. Consider that having higher production levels may also get more bonus victory points at the end of each round.

5. When distributing colonists in a round, try to match up their ability ratings as much as possible with what is needed for either production or storage purpose at anytime during the game play process.. Having more colonists with higher capacity in certain areas can give an advantage over your opponents if they don’t quickly realize it and take stategic action against it.

6. Make sure to manage your resources well throughout each turn, especially when it comes to trading with other players or using them for construction purposes later on during the course of play.. Both will require very specific components from your asset pool so having too many unneeded items won’t be a positive at any point in time within this type of card driven strategy board title

Strategies for Experienced Players of Puerto Rico Board Game

If you are an experienced player of the Puerto Rico board game looking for new strategies to try, here are a few to consider:

1. Focus on Colonists: From the start, build up your colonists and pick buildings that offer the most colonists with each action. This way you can get an edge over other players in terms of production and delivery.

2. Develop Different Strategies: Plan different strategies for every role you choose, as this gives you more options during play. You can adjust your strategy as needed depending on what your opponents are doing. For example, if they’re focusing on building plantations, then you should focus on building factories or shipping goods.

3. Go After Victory Points: Make sure whatever type of building or activity you undertake will give you victory points; it doesn’t matter how many colonists or how much money it’s taking away from you – the goal is to win at the end of the game!

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4. Use Your Buildings Wisely: When playing with buildings, use them wisely so they complement each other rather than competing against one another in resources. The goal is to maximize resources before using them for delivery phases and occupation roles so that you reach victory points faster than other players.

5. Prioritize Resources: Examine all available ports and look for opportunities where trading resources with others can lead to maximum gain/profit while minimizing resource usage; likewise make sure to prioritize resources such as corn or ore so that they don’t become wasted when used in activities where there is no benefit (e.g., constructing a wharf).

6. Utilize Occupations: It is important not to underestimate occupations’ benefits since they often open up efficient pathways towards earning victory points in addition to providing colonist employment opportunities and increasing productivity potentials through shipbuilding for example; thus make sure to use occupations often and strategically because it may turn out be a huge advantage towards winning the game!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Puerto Rico Board Game


1. Puerto Rico is an exciting and enjoyable game for people of all ages. Its bright, colorful components make it an attractive addition to any game room or collection.

2. The game has a strong replay value since each game play produces different strategies and outcomes each time you play.

3. Puerto Rico also offers a unique “vp-currency” that allows players to score points throughout the game while managing long term investments with immediate and future rewards.

4. The strategy element of the game is easy to pick up but difficult to master, creating an ideal challenge for frequent gamers or even newcomers to the gaming scene.


1. Despite its intricate and ever-changing nature, the game does have a learning curve that can turn off some casual players who may not be interested in dedicating several games before understanding the nuances of the product (notably true for board games).

2. Also, as with most complex board games, assembling all the pieces prior to playing can be time consuming which could create an issue if the players are short on free time or patience levels run low during setup.

3. Lastly, Puerto Rico is best enjoyed with 3-5 players meaning it would be hard for someone who wants to play alone since much of its enjoyment comes from competing with multiple players

Reasons to Invest in Puerto Rico Board Game

Play Puerto Rico Board Game for Fun and Education

Puerto Rico is a great board game that provides hours of entertainment and educational value. The game is designed to simulate the economic and production cycles of a settlement in 17th century Puerto Rico. Players must work together to efficiently manage the resources available to them, including workers, crops, buildings and money. Through thoughtful decisions, players can produce food, export goods and develop infrastructure. Negotiation skills must be used to ensure the best results for the entire island! Playing Puerto Rico teaches skills such as resource management, planning, prioritization and more. The game also forces participants to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions that benefit all players. In this way, it encourages cooperative play while fostering an appreciation for history and culture.


Puerto Rico is one of the most beloved strategy-based board games of all time. It is praised for its unique mechanics and strategy-building complexity, as it incorporates a range of important game elements such as resource management, architectural planning, and diplomacy. With its engaging theme of developing Puerto Rican island colony, the game provides hours of challenging entertainment for players. Its infinite replayability makes it an incredibly attractive Board Game that remains challenging no matter how many times you play it. If you are looking to switch up your game night routine or seeking a new way to think tactically, Puerto Rico is the perfect game for you.

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