Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game


Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board Game is a thrilling, action-packed board game that combines traditional board game strategy with modern cinematic experience. It offers a unique gaming experience for Star Wars fans of all ages. Players will join the famous characters such as Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron on an exciting journey of exploration and adventure through their galaxy. Choose your team of Rebels or Imperials, fight off enemies and gain allies to win the ultimate battle against the dark side.

The star wars franchise has enthralled generations since its humble beginnings in the mid 70s. From spectacular battles featuring light sabres to larger than life heroes fighting evil, Star Wars continues to captivate audiences around the world. The addition of Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board Game brings yet another exciting way for fans to experience the thrilling universe that George Lucas created so many years ago. This new addition to the Star Wars franchise also serves as a bridge between those who appreciate traditional board games and those who have grown up in an age where technology is intertwined with everyday life.

Using state-of-the-art technology, players can customize their own character class”Jedi, Bounty Hunter or Droideka”in order to alter their strategies according to missions, scenarios and goals and even use real-world sound effects inspired by John Williams’ famous score from the movies and television series. Additionally, holographic figures offer players an engaging 3D representation of iconic characters from the Star Wars universe as well as working holo-chess boards and lightsabers for added battle advantages during playtime. Through these features, players can experience different paths of consequence alone or with friends that may lead them closer to victory or more dire consequences across multiple playsessions in galactic space levels filled with danger and excitement!


Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game is an exciting and interactive game that brings classic Star Wars scenes to life. Players take on the roles of characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader in order to battle it out for points and bragging rights!

Gameplay consists of a turn-based system where players navigate the board by accruing points earned during each round. During their turns they can invite a friend or join another game online, unlocking new levels with all kinds of challenges along the way. Along with actually playing pieces on a physical board, players can control virtual figures using the app-supported commands from their devices ” adding a unique spin on traditional gameplay. Each character also has its own special abilities like blasters, sabers, and Force powers that help in gaining an edge over opponents. As players progress through the game, they are challenged with ever greater puzzles that reward them with greater rewards if solved correctly.

In addition to actual gameplay interactions, there is an overarching story associated with this game that is discoved as players make their way through 15 different missions and survive space battles. With its challenges more difficult than most classic board games; this game will keep you entertained for hours!

Fun Features

Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game is a fun and exciting experience for family game nights. Players take turns making moves and spinning the wheel to figure out their tasks for each turn. This interactive board game includes special powers to explore, social interaction, and creative themes.

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Players get to unlock unique special powers throughout the game as they reach higher levels. These can include super speed, extra shields, and more! Social interaction is also built into this game, allowing players to bond with each other while playing. Lastly, players can enjoy the various creative themes throughout the game’s artwork, music and characters that make it an immersive experience.


Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game brings a whole new level of visual experience to its players. For starters, the game utilizes cutting-edge special effects to ensure that the visuals are as realistic and immersive as possible. Everything from explosions and spatial transitions to vehicle movement is designed with sophisticated 3D graphics; so no matter what is happening in the game, the visuals remain detailed and authentic. The quality of the visuals are also outstanding; each layer of animation is clear and vibrant, creating an incredibly realistic feel for a board game. Finally, the variety of visuals is impressive – ranging from rendered battles against multiple enemies to visually dynamic characters like Luke Skywalker or Yoda. All these elements together create a unique board game experience that players won’t quickly forget.


Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game is an exciting way to bring the iconic Star Wars universe into your home. Players are able to control all the actions of their favorite characters and participate in thrilling Star Wars battles. The game’s audio options bring an extra level of excitement with music and headphone compatible audio effects, including battle sounds like laser swords clashing and light sabers humming, explosions, epic soundscapes, as well as many other space adventures. With a wide variety of sound effects available, users can not only feel immersed in the Star Wars universe but also enjoy it fully with customized sound tracks. This feature makes the game even more entertaining and entertaining for players of all ages and backgrounds.

Player Reviews

Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game has become very popular with players, who have generally enjoyed the user experience. The game includes an interactive board, two special Jedis and several collectible figures, as well as a Star Wars themed video that engages each participant in the game’s action. Players can join up teams of two and select a Jedi to lead them through an adventure filled with magical moments in this classic sci-fi world.

Users report that the overall experience of playing Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game is quite enjoyable. Not only do they get the opportunity to explore a truly iconic universe, they also get to live out their own personal adventure while doing so. There are plenty of opportunities for common creative problem solving, tactical strategy and good-natured competition between otherwise friendly rivalries. Players particularly enjoy working together under the given circumstances and engaging each other using characters from this beloved franchise.

The critical reactions to Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game have been incredibly positive across almost every platform for which it was released (including Google Play Store). People seem to appreciate its unique approach on combining elements from traditional board games with technology reminiscent of video games, creating an overall immersive feel that captures players’ imaginations from start to finish. The physical components of light sabers and small figurines add a nice touch for tactile stimulation which many avid fans appreciate about the experience of playing it.



• Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game provides a unique, creative way for players to immerse themselves into the Star Wars universe.

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• It’s a great entry point for those unfamiliar with the franchise who want to get familiar with all the characters and settings in the series.

• The game aids both children and adults in learning important strategies such as strategy-making, problem solving, and decision making.

• Players can become immersed in scenes from the movies and listen to iconic soundtracks while playing.

• The game requires multiple players, which can limit some people’s option of being able to play due to needing a certain amount of players.
• There are still many elements of random chance leaving people frustrated if they lose a game due to bad luck.
• Not all characters have been included which could leave some disappointed depending on what character they were hoping to play.

Tips and Strategies

Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game is an exciting game designed to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the film saga. With multiple levels and various characters, you can become immersed in a battle to help restore balance to the force! When playing, it’s important to remember that strategy is key and that each character comes with their own unique abilities and skills.

In order to win at Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game, you’ll need to focus on building your team’s strength by properly utilizing each character’s combat moves during battle. At the same time, you should also be mindful of how your opponents are working together with their own unique combat moves. Make sure you keep track of how many pieces you have left and don’t forget about collecting power-ups when given the opportunity. Finally, mastering techniques such as quickly bouncing between characters using the game controller buttons can be integral for victory as it increases your speed and effectiveness in battle!

Final Thoughts

Star Wars The Interactive Video Board Game is a great game for anyone who loves the franchise. It combines board game strategy with digital elements and encourages players to strategize and think out-of-the-box. A few of the main benefits this game offers include: its portability, ability to use a mobile device as an augmented reality controller, younger players can gain knowledge on Star Wars trivia and a quick set up time.

This game is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new way to interact with Star Wars or just have some fun with friends. However, there are alternatives that should be considered. Games like Armada by Fantasy Flight provide more advanced tactics, like asymmetrical objectives, and accommodate up to four players. Imperial Assault allows cooperative play in missions like in Dungeons & Dragons, and Risk: Star Wars Edition simulates massive battles between two opponents in a strategic setting. These options offer different ways to enjoy the classic video game style environment while still providing fan favorite themes and effects from the Star Wars universe.

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