The Crew Board Game


The Crew Board Game is a unique and strategic game that is full of fun, adventure, competition and team building. The goal of the game is for each player to become “the Crew” and sail around to various islands in search of treasure. Along their journey, the players must make decisions in how best to navigate their ship, balance the supplies and crew members onboard, purchase different items from ports of call and stay on course with their ultimate goal – to collect all the pieces of lost treasure from around the world!

The benefits of playing The Crew Board Game are numerous! Not only does it provide hours of entertainment for players of any age or experience level but it also fosters communication between teammates as they work together to conquer challenges throughout the game. It encourages collaboration and encourages critical thinking skills by challenging players to put into practice decision-making strategies. Furthermore, The Crew Board Game provides an opportunity for family members, especially children, to learn valuable strategies associated with risk taking while having fun doing so!

History of The Crew

The Crew Board Game, first released in 2014 by Canadian game developers George Fan and Vlaada Chvatil, has quickly become one of the most popular board games around. Within a year of its release, it established itself as a top pick amongst gamers due to its focus on cooperative play between 2-6 players.

At the heart of the game was a unique mechanic that allowed players to combine their individual roles and skills together in order to meet objectives and complete challenges during different parts of their journey. Players could customize each part of their voyage, from selecting crew members to building their ship and choosing a final destination. Over this every-shifting backdrop, player had to work together, as any single mistake could jeopardize the entire mission.

The Crew Board Game proved an immediate success both critically — garnering several awards — as well as commercially. It became an instant hit with fans worldwide across various groups and ages. Social media posts about The Crew soared, with many people using it as an ice breaker for new friends or bonding experience for old ones. Soon enough The Crew began appearing at gaming floors & conventions around the continent including PAX East, Geekway Midwest & UnPub competitions in Baltimore US. Additionally its presence outside of these gaming conventions also grew due to word-of-mouth recommendations from stores like Target and Wal-Mart who incorporated The Crew into their catalogs soon after launch.

Today The Crew is one of THE most popular co-op games around with several expansions released over the years following initial success including Venturesome Voyages (2015), Race Across Nature’s Wonders (2017) & more recently Lost Ruins (2020). A free Digital 3D version is also available on iOS App store in case you’d prefer less clutter while playing while still maintaining the original board game feel & aesthetics!

Setting Up The Crew

The Crew board game is a great game for the whole family to enjoy, and luckily it doesn’t take too much to set up – all you need are a few simple materials. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up The Crew:

1. Gather players – You’ll need at least two players of any age Old enough to play.

2. Get the material – There are four main pieces needed to play The Crew: A board, nine tokens, 24 tall cards and nine flat cards. You can also grab a timer if you want; but, it’s not necessary.

3. Place the board – Spread out the board on the table and place all alien tokens in their nominated places on each world shown on the board.

4. Pick teams – Divide the players into two teams and give one team five green alien tokens and four red alien tokens, while giving the other team vice versa (so five red alien tokens and four green alien tokens).

5. Choose who goes first ” To choose who goes first both teams must pick 1 card from either set of tall cards or flat cards; whoever has the highest number on their card goes first, if there’s a tie repeat as necessary until someone has highest number on their card turns out victorious!

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6. Set up objects ” Now there’s one more bit of preparation left: putting all of your distance markers across planet Earth, they go anywhere outside of your own zone.(You can get creative here!)
7. Place tiles + invader groups ” Place two tiles in front of each player then 1 invader group on each tile for their respective sides. Once complete, you’ve now finished setting up The crew! Now you’re finally ready for an epic interstellar game night between you and your friends/family!

Rules of The Crew

The Crew Board Game’s goal is for players to reach the target destination by strategically navigating their way out from a massive asteroid field. Players take turns maneuvering the star ship around the field, avoiding deadly asteroids while trying to collect valuable resources within each game round.

At the start of a turn, each player receives three Command Cards that they can use in any combination as they decide what actions their star ship will take: Put Engine Full Throttle (accelerate), Fire Shield Generator Beams (protect), or Reverse Thrusters (decelerate). All choices incur risk and reward ” there is no right or wrong. Once all players have selected their actions, they roll the dice and then compare the number of resource cards collected compared to other players in order to determine who survives and is closer to reaching the target destination. The Crew Board Game continues until one of two outcomes are met: either all players fail to survive a round or one player successfully navigates their way out from the asteroid field and reaches the target destination.

In order for players to win The Crew Board Game, strategies must be implemented according to each individual’s calculated risk-reward ratios; no single strategy is more powerful than another when it comes running success against conflicting opponents. For example, one player may decide that accelerate constantly would be most beneficial while another might find success in decelerating when near deadly asteroids as well as accelerating whenever safe terrain is nearby.

Choosing Equipment

The Crew Board Game is a strategic game of seafaring aimed at all ages and skill levels. To get the most out of playing this game, it is important to choose the right equipment, analyze different mechanic variations, and combine these mechanics in effective ways that suit your skill level.

Different players have different levels of experience and strategy when it comes to playing The Crew Board Game. For those who are new to the game, they should consider the game’s basic mechanicsfirst and focus on gradually increasing their skills until they gain confidence in how to play. They may want to choose only one or two pieces of equipment at first, such as two boats with sailboats or motorboats for speed and maneuverability. Through observations and experimentation with different strategies each player will eventually find a number of combinations that work best for them in terms of speed and maneuverability when playing against others.

As players gain more experience, they can start introducing more pieces of equipment into their strategy as well asconsidering multiple variations when analyzing different mechanic variations such as wind direction, route optimization, weather forecast conditions, tide schedules etc.,
For example, utilizing these variable would allow the player to create a multi-route strategy or reroute their course if sudden weather changes impede upon their original path taking plan .
Experienced players should also look for creative ways to use additional equipmenttypes such as mine transportation vessels suggesting specific new combinations for different skill levels often overlooked by rookies. Different types of actions such as patrolling nearby waters for enemy boats or cutlass flurry attacks can prove beneficial depending on the context of each individual situation.

Players should select their boat type, from working in tandem with another vessel or flying solo styleis just one step towards becoming victoriousin during The Crew boardagame . It is crucial that players understand both defensive and offensive strategies while also familiarizing themselves with the vast varietyof equipments available while evaluating which setup works bestfor any given situationWhile there are hundreds possibilities aboard any given The Crew match , actualizing the right one carries true importance based on each individual’s experience level thus helping build camaraderie amongst your teams while sailing around treacherous waters.

Playing Strategies for The Crew

The Crew Board Game offers a unique and challenging team gaming experience that requires players to work together in order to win. Strategies are key when playing The Crew, as there are specific steps that must be taken during each player’s turn in order to maximize their chance of winning.

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To start off, players should decide which card they’ll be taking during their turn. This is one of the most important decisions a player needs to make as it will determine whether they can save or delete cards from their inventory, move around the map, or collect points and resources needed in order to expand their crew. Each card has its own unique ability and should be used with care by considering things like the current state of the game, what bonuses it provides, and what other players currently have on the board.

Once a card is chosen, players must use tactical thinking to decide how best to move around the board in order to win. This includes taking into consideration which neighbouring islands have advantageous items and resources needed for growth and expansion, such as trade goods or pickups located on certain tiles across the map. It is essential for players to pay attention to their opponent’s movements so that they know what not only they should do next but also what could put them at a disadvantage.

Finally, while playing The Crew Board Game, it is very important for players to remember that being successful requires teamwork amongst your crewmates in order for you all together can outmanoeuvre your opponents efficiently enough so as too gain a key victory point advantage that sets you apart from all others playing The Crew!

Benefits of Playing The Crew

Playing The Crew is a fun and interactive way to socialize with friends and family. It allows people of all ages to join together in an enjoyable game that encourages communication, teamwork, problem solving and creativity. Players can build great friendships or strengthen existing ones by working together as a team to try and complete various missions.

The cognitive skills strengthened while playing The Crew board game are many. This includes problem solving as players come up with strategies on how they must create their ship, provision it with the right equipment, and allocate resources to succeed in their mission. Also, it requires players to recall facts about the game’s environment so they can make informed decisions about bonuses that could assist their progress. In addition, players must practice critical thinking skills which involves making meaningful judgments based on information received from their teammates or from progressive gameplay. Finally, the game develops fine motor skills through dice rolling or placing people pieces on the board during various actions taken by the player.

Overall, playing The Crew board game has valuable social interaction benefits as well as numerous cognitive skill-strengthening components for players of all ages. These include communication strategies for team play success; problem solving techniques; memory recall drills; critical thinking ability; and strengthening fine motor skills developing when completing tasks like rolling dice or moving pieces around the gameboard. With these combined elements The Crew provides an engaging activity where personal growth is achieved through enjoying cooperative gaming sessions with others.


Playing The Crew Board Game is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. This game will not only bring family and friends together, but it offers a number of other benefits. Players get to explore different strategies, practice problem-solving skills, and build teamwork. In addition, The Crew Board Game encourages communication and understanding amongst players who may be from different backgrounds or levels of experience. With its exciting game play and unique challenges, it is the perfect way for everyone to spend a fun night together. Playing The Crew Board Game is a great way to take time away from technology, foster relationships, and have fun all at once. So go ahead”grab your copy today and get ready for some friendly competition!

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