What Are Some New Board Games


Board games have been a source of entertainment for centuries. From strategy and trivia games to cooperative games the world of board gaming is rife with fun and excitement. Board games like chess, checkers, backgammon, and go are timeless favorites that have served as leisurely pastimes for generations. The beauty of these classic games lies in their simplicity; their rules are easy to learn and require no skill to play.

Due to an increase in interest over the last few decades, new board games have sprouted up all over the world, providing exciting options to traditional gaming. Modern board games can be classified into three broad categories: party games, cooperative games, and strategy games. Party games typically involve dozens of players at once, often joining forces in strange explorations or bizarre competitions–from wacky word adventures to twisted climbing races. Cooperative board games challenge players with dynamic puzzles that require the group’s collective knack for problem-solving in order to progress through difficult stages before solving a game-ending goal. These ever-evolving tasks put players’ problem-solving skills to the test! Finally, strategy board games offer levels of deep gameplay that encourage full immersion rather than shallow completion”a perfect combination for those seeking a truly stimulating experience from a game.

Although no one style or genre exists on its own (it’s easy mix and match different elements as you wish), creativity has become essential in creating successful modern board game designs appealing enough to intrigue new generations of gamers used to more screen time than tabletop action. Subsequently, an immense number of innovation-filled titles have appeared including zombie encounters mixing card drafting with worker placement mechanics; strategic conquest involving imaginative property auctions; stunning puzzlers blending memory challenges with hidden powers; intricate head-to-head battles centered around unique area control systems; and many more fresh takes on classic classics from beloved creators situated all over the world! This varied category often makes it difficult to choose which one deserves space on your shelf!

Break Down of Different Genres

Strategy Board Games:

• Splendor ” Players compete to gain income, buy gems and build beautiful palaces.
• Scythe ” takes place in an alternate-history 1920s Europe and players attempt to earn their fortune through careful resource management and expansion.
• Terraforming Mars “Players must manage resources like energy, heat, and oxygen while developing their own corporation to terraform Mars.

Storytelling Board Games:
• Tales of Arabian Nights ” Players tell stories as they explore legendary places in ancient Arabia through the use of dice rolls.
• Once Upon A Time ” Players take turns telling a story and try to reach the end using cards for hints along the way.
• Dixit ” Players use images on cards to share stories with each other in a game of hidden meanings using keywords for subtlety.

Cooperative Board Games:
• Pandemic – Players work together to cure diseases that threaten the world before it’s too late.
• Flashpoint Fire Rescue – Players band together as a team of fire fighters save victims from dangerous burning buildings.
• Shadows Over Camelot – Groups assemble brave Knights who must protect Camelot from complete destruction by evil forces by completing quests and vanquishing threats.

Real-Time Gaming:
• Quick Strike – Card-based real-time game where players battle each other by assembling their decks with characters and weapons that can attack or defend their opponents in fast paced action games.
  • Rush & Bash – Real time car race game where each player takes control of a car on the track which they must drive quickly but tactically around the course while competing against other players in exciting head-to-head races.                                            
  • Escape Room The Game – Real-time board game with puzzles that participants must solve collectively within 60 minute time limit before it’s too late!

New Board Games

Catan Cities and Knights is a strategy game that was released in 1998. Players compete to build the most powerful city on Catan Island- building even bigger and better cities with each roll of the dice. Canals, roads, fortifications and knights are all up for grabs as players gain resources such as wool, grain, bricks and ore. The goal of this game is to score the most victory points by building a prosperous city.

Scythe is a strategy board game set in an alternate history 1920s european-themed world. Players take control of single characters who seek to dominate their land; players must manage resources, develop economic strength through factories, mechanize troops and discover new technologies to outwit their opponents. Through careful resource management and strategic planning, players have the ability to accelerate their empires to victory!

2 Minutes To Midnight Board Game

Burgle Bros is an exciting thief-film themed cooperative board game in which one to four players work together as burglars attempting to infiltrate a highly secure skyscraper in search of objects that can prove their innocence or wealth. Players use custom dice rolls, tools cards and equipment items ” such as Crowbars and Laser Cutters ” to navigate 3 different levels while remaining undetected by guards patrolling the floors or stationary security systems like motion sensors. High risk/reward choices need be made when dealing with guards: bribe them or fight them off? A perfect balance between stealthiness and speed will guarantee success.

Catan Cities and Knights

Catan Cities and Knights is an interactive and engaging board game for two or more players. It was released in 1998 and designed by Klaus Teuber. The game is based on the real-life island of Catan and combines the strategy of a board game with the adventure of discovery. Players control their own settlements, build cities, collect resources, construct knights, and battle barbarians as they strive to become the most influential leader among all players in order to win. The game is suited for ages 10 and up, offering high levels of replayability due to its various strategies and elements.

Each player in Catan Cities & Knights starts with one playable capital city which gradually grows till four cities at the end of the game. Furthermore, each player can buy development cards which offer special abilities to help move towards victory. To effectively utilize these cards players need to collect raw materials such as ore, wheat, lumber, brick clay and sheep from hexagon tiles around the board. A player’s progress is tracked by their “Progress Panel” and once enough points have been accumulated by either military strength or technological advancement then they will be declared a winner of the game!

Additionally, knights are essential for protection from Barbarians that aim to pillage resources away from settlers on Catan! These knights come in three different strengths – Strong Points (x2 defense), Weak Points (x1 defense) & Break Points (x3 defense). When outfitted in these knights players can foray into territory previously occupied by barbarians as well as add strength bonuses when defending their own settlements against other players in combat!

Strategy is vital between rivals when playing Catan Cities & Knights! Positive strategies involve expanding cities quickly while planning ahead for future needs such as additional resources or external trades. Risk taking can pay off if balanced correctly by using knight deployment efficiently to defend teritories contested with other rivals at any instance during gameplay!


Scythe is a board game where players lead a faction of powerful mechs in an alternate historical timeline. Players are able to interact with each other directly to build their armies, explore the world, and enhance their ability to harvest the resources provided by the nearby land. The goal of the game is for players to control more victory points than anyone else at the end of the game.

The game features a unique mechanic known as “Encounter Management”, which allows players to determine who has access to resources and deny opponents entry into unexplored parts of the map. In addition, a simple dice mechanic offers randomness, but not so that it takes away from tactics and strategy involved in building an army.

Players can choose from among several different factions and can experience different paths of victory within their faction based on certain objectives they choose along their way. Through heavily-researched story-telling elements like art, characters and rule book narrative, Scythe offers players a chance to experience an immersive historical journey that feels like living vicariously through another culture and time period.

Burgle Bros

Burgle Bros is a new board game designed for one to four players ages 13 and up. Players assume the role of thieves as they attempt to break into an intricate three-dimensional structure, moving stealthily past various obstacles. In order to complete their mission, players must work together by planning out the heist, sharing rewards and workloads, communicating their next moves, and anticipating consequences. Not only must they remain undetected while maneuvering around guards, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and laser traps; they also have to do so in real-time before time runs out. With ever-changing tile layouts that generate unique levels of difficulty every play experience, this demanding mission will most definitely test a team’s coordination and strategy skills. As no two gaming sessions are ever the same, Burgle Bros can provide hours of exciting board gaming fun!

Best Board Games Under 30

Comparison of Games

Exploding Kittens: Exploding Kittens is a strategic, fast-paced card game. It is designed for two to five players and works best with four or five players. One aspect that makes this game unique is its “aesthetic” ” it features black and white cartoon cats with silly expressions. The gameplay of Exploding Kittens is simple but involves a fair bit of strategy; each player takes turns building up a deck of cards with the goal being to not draw an exploding kitten card. Pros: Fun, fast-paced, aesthetically pleasing Cons: Requires a lot of skill and strategy; may be too complicated for some groups

Monopoly Deal: Monopoly Deal is an adaptation of the classic board game, Monopoly. It contains less components than regular Monopoly, making it significantly easier to learn and play than its parent game. This version involves paying out money to opponents while preventing other players from doing the same by using Action cards or stealing their money through special cards. Pros: Quicker pace than traditional Monopoly, simpler versions benefit shorter attention spans or younger players Cons: Do not have all the same elements as classic monogamy so portions are missing

Codenames: Codenames is a turn-based, cooperative word guessing game designed for 4 or more people (two teams). Clues are given in order to help one’s team guess specific words on the board without accidentally giving away information about a rival team’s words, attempting to be the first team to win after uncovering all their words Pros: Great party game; encourages cooperation with teammates for victory; can involve as few or as many people as needed Cons: Requires significant vocabulary knowledge/skills in order to get clues across effectively

The Verdict

Today, there are hundreds of new board games available for people to play. From cooperative adventure titles to classic-style strategy and card games, the variety is incredibly varied. Popular new board game offerings include:

– The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Based on Paizo’s phenomenally popular Pathfinder pen and paper RPG, this co-operative game allows players to battle their way through an unfolding story. The interactive narrative allows players to explore a magical world by completing scenario-driven missions.

– Carcassonne: Another classic tile laying game, Carcassonne has been around since 2000 but continues to be popular today. Players build out a medieval landscape one tile at a time and claim buildings, roads and farms as they complete them.

– Ticket To Ride: Another popular title that sees players competing against each other while claiming railway routes from various cities across the globe. What makes this game so exciting is that it requires cunning negotiation and strategizing in order to win.

These new board games offer much more than just mindless entertainment – rather, they offer strategic opportunities for problem solving and creativity with social interaction built in! Playing these games can help promote cooperation among family members, strengthen relationship bonds with peers or ignite friendly competition between friends – no matter what the outcome may be, there’s something special about gathering around a table to simply have fun.


New board games offer something for every kind of player, from the most serious strategy gamer to someone just looking for a fun way to pass time with family or friends. From modern flavors, such as cultural themed trivia and party games, to innovative takes on classic classics, players can find a game that engages them and provides hours of entertainment. Adding a new board game to your collection is a great way to keep gaming fun while also exploring new ideas and challenging yourself in exciting new ways.

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