What Is A Acquire Board Game

Introduction to Acquire Board Games

A Acquire board game is a complex strategy game that has been played since its first commercialized edition in 1962. In the game, players look to earn money by building corporate empires from establishing and merging hotel chains across the board. Each player is constructing their own hotel chain by acquiring stock, buying property, and merging hotel chains with others during their turn. Points are scored for having the majority of shareholders for each hotel chain; however, points can also be lost when other players acquire stock of a company that another player owns.

The goal of the game is to gain as much money as possible while managing your investments and trying to keep your corporations running smoothly. To do this, you must purchase stocks, build hotels on properties acquired from start-up tiles on the board and merge with other hotels in order to gain points and vitality from a central pool known as The Bank. With each turn comes new opportunities for adventures or tragedy depending on how well you can make decisions about which stocks to buy and when the time is right for mergers.

Interesting Facts about Acquire Board Games:
1. The first commercially-produced version was produced by 3M Company in 1962 and sold over 500 million copies worldwide since then.
2. Has received several awards including being inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame in 1989.
3. Has inspired many computer versions such as “AcquireOnline” which revived interest in this classic game type again more recently (2004).
4. The original version used paper money instead of currency making it difficult later versions to replicate economically though modern editions do still use paper money tokens or coins instead.

Game Play Mechanics

A Acquire Board Game is a strategy-based game of merger and acquisition for two to six players. The objective of the game is to acquire majority stockholding in various companies, then to merge these companies, with the final aim being the highest profit at the end of the game.

The playing board represents a corporate city, divided into sections known as tiles. Each tile contains one or more hotel chains and a corresponding stock market listing. On their turn, players can purchase stocks or build hotels on existing tiles sending share prices up or down depending on their action. In order to win the most money, a player must acquire as many majority stakes as they can throughout the game while also keeping an eye on their opponents’ strategies.

Players must manage their investments carefully; put too much into one company and you may find yourself bled dry when an opponent takes control and proceeds to merge that company with another one they have a majority stake in. There are other hazards to negotiate throughout the course of play such as hostile takeovers and price manipulation by other players but ultimately it’s all about balancing risk and reward while attempting to outperform your opponents

The game pieces necessary to play Acquire include stock certificates, hotel tiles, wooden cubes that represent starting holdings at each hotel chain, money cards indicating shares owned in each corporation, “saver” tokens for capturing bonuses when two competitors are merging two different companies together, dice for introducing a random element of luck into some turns (or use experienced based determination instead) ,and an information track which records each player’s score at all times.

Players take turns in clockwise order during which each individual will choose one out of three actions: Purchase a stock certificate from the bank Place a tile onto board Build an additional hotel level onto any chain where someone holds stocks On every turn every participants earn profits dependent upon matches generated by other’s movesThe goal of Acquire is to have accumulated more wealth than any rival by strategically creating matching chains favouring those controlled by oneself while averting allowing rivals gaining majority ownership over any chain When one stocksholder gains complete control over any chain respectively merging it with another his/hers score is boosted by bonus tokens ” thus leading towards winning positionTo summarize;Acquireis afast-thinkinggame which focuses on precise stock market strategy and nimble decision makingrather than relying purely on chance Taking into account itsvarietyof methods required closing ones head around it takes some time until all parts come togetherand thus makes for an exciting gaming experience suitable both for casual enjoying innkeepersAND competitive strategists

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Components of the Game

A typical Acquire board game consists of tiles, such as hexagonal-shaped pieces of different colors and values, as well as a variety of placement cards. There are also two special tiles that are placed in the corners of the game board: no poaching and merger. The basic premise is that players compete against each other to acquire and develop businesses by buying shares and forming large corporations. They must purchase stock in various companies while trading properties and cash between themselves and other players on their turn.

Players start with four face-down tiles which they can reveal once they reach a certain point in the game. These tiles represent hotels that they will be controlling throughout the course of gameplay. Hexagonal floor pieces are placed next to these tiles, showing their name, color, and value.Players must carefully manage their investments throughout the game by strategically placing these floor pieces onto the gameboard to create closer corporations and increase/decrease property prices in order for them to gain an edge over their fellow players. Throughout the course of gameplay, other objectives will gradually become available such as acquiring new cards or playing special bonus tokens. It’s important for players to collect resources in order to reactivate dormant stock objects or form bigger corporations.

Players can trade stocks privately amongst one another at any point during a turn without consulting other players or revealing what is being traded upon completion is vital for those who want to get ahead early on in a game. Trading properties and cash is legally binding so all participants must agree upon which trades take place before they progress with moves further along into the game’s progression.. Acquisition cards, number cards (hotels have associated numbers) as well as proprietary money are all included within an Acquire board game set up and alongside rulebooks providing guidance during play sessions accordingly.

Strategies for Winning

Strategy is an essential part of winning any game, especially of Acquire. The game has a few popular strategies that can be used to increase one’s chances of success. One is to buy stock in small companies and let them merge so that the value of those large companies can be enjoyed when disposed. Another way is to wait for high-valued tiles to reach their maximum potential by not putting tiles next to them until their value can reach its maximum; this will give bigger payouts when the tile is sold or merged.

In order for these strategies to be effective, it’s important to take note of which stocks are prone to merging and have large payout potential. It’s also useful to keep tabs on the board, noting which tiles are being played and where blocks may potentially form that could lead to large mergers. It’s also beneficial for players to control board conditions by buying tiles themselves in order to either prevent the formation of large mergers or reap the rewards from such formations if they occur in advantageous locations near high valued tiles.

Lastly, it’s important for participants in Acquire not just focus on optimizing their position but also take into account what other players are doing as well. Taking opponents into account can help predict certain scenarios as well as enable blocking strategies where possible.

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Popular Acquire Board Games

Acquire is an award-winning classic game that has been around since 1963 and is still hugely popular today. In this game, players use their money to buy stocks of different businesses in order to earn the most money at the end of the game. At the start of the game, several tiles are placed on a board in a specific combination to form hotels – once all tiles are placed, these symbols will indicate which hotels they belong to.

Players will take turns buying stocks of one or more hotels, as well as building hotels with their acquired funds. The largest hotel networks earn their owners high dividends, but can be acquired by other players for even larger sums. As play continues, mergers occur between two or more hotel networks and if you own stock in any of those hotels then your value increases significantly. The objective is to acquire stocks from various different companies so that when mergers occur you benefit from them financially.

Different versions of Acquire provide slight variations on play. For example, some games feature split hotels where ownership can be shared among players or a stock exchange model where prices fluctuate based on player action rather than preset values.

Acquire is a great game for two to six players and it offers an excellent balance between strategy and luck which makes it highly enjoyable for adults and children alike!


A Acquire Board Game is a classic strategy game for players of all skill levels. Players purchase stock in hotels, planning to make the most money by buying and selling shares of these hotels in order to grow or merge them. Each player starts off with different capital to buy stocks, meaning they must make wise investment decisions in order to come out on top. There are a variety of strategies that can be employed, adding layers of complexity that make it an enthralling and competitive game.

For those who want to explore the game deeper, there are a number of helpful resources available online. Numerous websites provide comprehensive rules explanation and tutorials on how to set up and play Acquire. Additionally, online stores such as Amazon and Target sell the board game version, as well as its electronic app version for both Android and Apple devices. Finally, many YouTube videos exist featuring people playing the game with full commentary, providing instruction as well as strategies for serious gamers with enough time on their hands!


A board game is a great way for people of all ages to spend time with one another and have a little competitive fun. Acquire is a strategy-based game where players must build businesses and make investments on the stock market while trying to take over other businesses, with the ultimate aim of growing their empires and coming out on top. Although it requires some strategic thinking and careful attention to detail, Acquire is an exciting game that can provide plenty of fun for experienced and inexperienced gamers alike. With its interesting mechanics, thought-provoking gameplay, and replayability, Acquire is truly one of the best board games out there!

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