Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas Board Game Instructions


The Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas Board Game is a great family fun activity that encourages interaction and creativity among all players! It is designed for everyone to have a good time, learn about each other, and laugh about their differences. In this game, players choose between two wacky dilemmas. Players will vote on which option they would prefer and then secretly record their answers on dry-erase boards. Players are allowed to debate so that everyone can get to know different perspectives from different people. After the discussion, each player must state why they chose their answer, making it an opportunity to explain opinions. This game adds a unique element of fun by forcing players out of their comfort zone when they must answer questions between two wild options. Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure – no two rounds of the Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas Board Game will ever be the same!

Objective of The Game

The objective of the game Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas Board Game is to be the player with the most points at the end. To play, each player takes a turn asking a question to the other players in the game and then everyone has a chance to answer their own question. A point is awarded for each unique answer given. The game ends when all questions have been asked, with each player tallying up their final score to see who is the winner.

Game Setup

1. Separate the game cards, tokens and dice into an individual pile. Shuffle both the Crazier Dilemmas cards and Difficult Questions cards, each player takes a token of their color, choose one of the players to be the starting player (this is more for ease of play as will be explained in further steps)

2. Place the Crazier Dilemma game board in the center with each space forming a row from Start to Finish. Place 6 tokens onto their start space on the board, selecting one of each color for the starting player, for a total of 4 tokens left unused in this step.

3. Put all 6 dice together in a cup or bowl to form a “dice shaker”
4. Pass out 5 Difficult Questions cards to each player
5. Select how many rounds you would like to play – each round must consist of no less than 1 full set of all 6 questions/answers combinations
6. During each round, player take turns rolling the dice shaker and moving their token according to what they roll- if they land on an opponent’s token they send them back to start!

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Gameplay Rules

The Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas Board Game can be played by between two and five players. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces around the board. When a player’s piece lands on one of the spaces with a question mark, they pick up two cards from the deck and must choose which of the two dilemmas to answer. The other players listen as the answering player responds ” whether true or false – to whichever crazy dilemma they chose.

If an answering player gives an incorrect response, their turn is over, but if their answer is correct, the answering player gets to roll again. The first player to move around all four corners of the board wins the game!

Winning Strategy

One of the key strategies for winning the Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas game is bluffing. Bluffing is a way to misdirect other players, making them think that you have a different answer than the one you do. Here are some tips for bluffing in this game:

1. Experiment with exaggerating your answers – To be effective with your bluffs, it’s best to make your answers sound more outrageous or interesting than they really are. This will help you confuse your opponents and increase your chances of winning.

2. Take studies – Notice how other players react to certain questions and keep track of their responses so you can use them to your advantage later on. You can also use this knowledge to come up with creative ways to blur lines between true and false answers and fool other players into choosing what is actually the wrong answer.

3. Be unpredictable – Don’t give away too much about yourself or your preferences in the beginning of the game so people don’t try to figure out how you’ll respond in advance. The element of surprise can go a long way in giving you an edge over other players’ decisions.

4. Stay consistent – Make sure you stick with your original strategy throughout the game, as changing it up could make all of your bluffs valid and predictable which would end up costing you instead of benefiting you during playtime!

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Variations Of The Game

1. Choose Your Own Endings: At the end of each card, rather than choosing from the two options listed, you can create your own option and ask the other players to choose from yours.

2. Create Stakes: Establish stakes for wrong answers – if a player guesses incorrectly, they must take a drink or draw an extra card, depending on what you decide.

3. Quiz Master Mode: This variation pits one player as the Quiz Master in control of asking the questions and requires them to provide the answer with a short explanation regardless of whether it was chosen or not.

4. Turn It Into A Challenge: Assign each answer two points and keep track on paper of who gets which points in order to declare one overall winner at the end of all given rounds played.

5. Time Yourself & Speed Rounds: Each question is given for only 30 seconds or less before either player must provide their answer – this is especially beneficial when playing with more than 2 people per round!


The Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas board game provides players with an entertaining and interactive way to ask questions and discuss topics that require critical thinking! Players can choose from two cards that each have a unique dilemma. The goal of the game is to guess which answer other players will choose. This game encourages creativity, original thinking, and lively discussion. It produces humorous yet thought-provoking conversations among family or friends. Whether you want to learn more about each other or just have fun, the Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas board game delivers a truly engaging experience! Takeaway: The Would You Rather Crazier Dilemmas board game provides a perfect opportunity for players to explore interesting ideas and spark thoughtful conversation in a fun atmosphere, providing an engaging and enjoyable experience together.

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