Barricade Board Game Rules


Barricade board game is a strategic board game designed in 1967 by Joe Kotch and Walter Lourie. The aim of the game is to be the first player to navigate through a course without being blocked or blocked off by barricades. Players can use their dice rolls, cards and intricate maneuvering to make their way through the obstacle course’s winding pathways and walls. Barricade is sometimes referred to as “the race with brains.” It takes strategy, sharp observation skills and efficient planning in order to reach the other side before your opponent does.

The beauty of Barricade lies in its simplicity – there are only four pieces (one for each player) and thirteen barriers that players may place on the board. Players roll a die to determine how many spaces they may move before placing a wall – this creates an intriguing balance of chance and skill-based play within the game. The objective of Barricade is not just about reaching the end, but also about strategically trapping your opponents and getting them stuck. This adds yet another layer of depth, strategy, and excitement to an already thrilling game!

Overview of Rules and Objective of the Game

Barricade is a fun and exciting board game for 2-5 players. The objective of the game is to be the first player to navigate their piece through the streets by jumping off of every barricade, while blocking other players from doing so. The player’s pieces must start in their home corner and then they must race against each other in order to move around the board. When two pieces meet, they create a barricade that prevents any piece from passing until it is jumped over. At times a player can create a double barricade with their own piece along with an opponent’s piece, this allows them to jump over and advance further around the board. As the game progresses more and more double barricades are created making it even harder for others to advance around the board. The first one to successfully navigate all of their pieces past all the baricades wins!


1. Start by placing all solid bricks in the middle of the board. Each player chooses a different color and takes an equal number of pieces.

2. The first person rolls the dice to determine who goes first. Afterwards, players take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces accordingly around the board.

3. On each turn, a player can move one existing piece or place a new piece on an empty space on the board while following three simple rules:

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• No more than two pieces allowed in any single space

• Bricks are limited to five spaces in either horizontal or vertical directions with no diagonal moves allowed

• Pieces cannot jump over other player’s pieces

4. Players must continuously work at creating strategies to block their opponents from advancing further across the board. Blocking your opponent is done by displacing their piece with your own as well as blocking multiple possible paths for them to move around, restricting mobility and progress across the entire board.

5. If an area is completely blocked with either color then no more pieces can be added to that space; however, there can still be exchanges between different colors within that proximity if needed for strategic purposes, provided it is done so following game rules previously established (e.g., swapping pieces out to create better defensive positions).

6. To win the game, a player needs to block off all possible paths of movement excluding those already established so that they have complete control over every corner of the board before their opponent manages to do so first, securing total dominance over all game pieces within those blocked off spaces (i.e., allowing them access through those routes previously established).

Variants of the Game with Examples

One of the most fun and exciting ways to play Barricade is with a variant. Variants provide additional gameplay options and add complexity to the game. Here are some examples of popular variants:

* Infinite-Round Win Condition: In this variation, the game continues until one team accumulates a certain number of rounds. This variant adds tension as teams attempt to reach their goal before their opponents do.

* Tag Team Mode: Players can form small teams, with each team having a barricade set up on either side of the board. One player’s turn will be followed by their teammate’s turn and so on, creating an extra layer of strategy for each group playing.

* Dynamic Playfield Mode: This variation allows players to alter the path of rows while they are playing, adding dynamism and unpredictability that challenge players reflexes and strategic thinking capabilities.

* Deck Wars Mode: Players pick which cards they want to use instead randomly drawing them, allowing competitors more freedom in coming up with strategies.

* Speed Race Mode: The game’s speed is amped up and players must battle it out to assemble their barricades quickly using limited movements. This added pressure makes things even more exciting!

Advice and Strategies to Win with Practical Tips

Barricade is a classic board game for two to four players. The objective of the game is to get your four colored pieces from their starting locations on the board, around the edge of the board, and back to your home area.

Basic Rules:
-Players take turns rolling a die and moving one piece in any unblocked direction by the indicated number of spaces.
-If two pieces land on the same space, then each piece forms a barricade that other pieces cannot move through until it is removed by rolling a six.
-The first player to get all their pieces to their home base is declared the winner.

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Advice and Strategies:
– Before beginning play, it is important for each player to plan out a route for each piece. Taking into consideration blocked or dangerous routes, players should align themselves with the most accessible path possible.
-Building defensive barricades using your own pieces can be an effective way of blocking off opponents and protecting your territory ” risking alerting them of your plans if they roll a six. To minimize this risk while still blocking off competitors, try building barricades out of your own pieces on spaces where there are no other pieces nearby so that opponents cannot use those spaces as shortcuts while you stay safe within barricades built based on strategic foresight.
-Positioning multiple pieces near corners of the board gives you more choices when planning out paths and helps make sure you don’t become blocked in. Keeping strong presence near short cuts or choke points will also help ensure others are hindered from progressing further along their own paths.

Conclusion with a Summary of the Game and Suggestions for Future Play

Barricade is an exciting and fun board game which will appeal to all ages. The aim of Barricade is for players to be the first to reach their goal with the fewest barriers in-between. It involves strategic planning, as players must plan ahead to create a path without obstacles that can be used by themselves or hindered by other competitors. Games tend to take around 30 minutes depending on the number of participants and level of difficulty.

To summarize, Barricade offers a great way to spend quality time with friends, family, or strangers alike. To keep things fresh, players can alternate turns acting as a giant ‘monster’ who moves barriers on the board in order to block opponents from their goal. This variation makes things even more interesting, challenging each players ability to strategize and come up with new ideas – thus keeping the game alive. With its mix of competition, friendly camaraderie and fresh ideas, Barricade makes an ideal choice for a fun evening indoors or out!

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