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Board Game Cafe Michigan is a unique concept in local entertainment. It offers patrons a chance to experience the classic fun and bonding of playing board games like never before. In addition, the location provides advantages that cannot be found at other establishments ” our space is both fun and safe, while also being in close proximity to downtown attractions. Furthermore, we are situated in an up-and-coming neighborhood with plenty of residential areas nearby so locals can enjoy easy access to all the benefits that our cafe has to offer. Our cafe is different from other cafes in that it offers something for everyone ” friends or family, young or old ” you can find your favorite board game here! Beyond just offering our patrons innovative entertainment, we embrace true community spirit: fostering relationships between families and friends while providing free Wi-Fi, delicious food & drinks, a welcoming atmosphere, cozy seating and TVs for those who’d like a more immersive gaming experience. By blending hospitality with gaming vibes, Board Game Cafe Michigan strives to create an enjoyable environment for everyone within reach!

History of the Cafe

The idea for Board Game Cafe Michigan first began in late 2012, when two friends with a love for board games, Joe Perry and Steve Harris, wanted to share this hobby with their community. They decided to take their years of playing experience and create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where people could play together. With the help of local businesses, vendors, volunteers and patrons, the cafe opened its doors in August 2013.

Since then, Board Game Cafe Michigan has experienced tremendous growth and success. In addition to selling classic board games like Monopoly and Rubik’s Cube, customers can also purchase brand-new board games, card games, role-playing games, etc., as well as enjoy a variety of homemade snacks. The cafe also offers gaming events and gatherings on certain nights of the week”with every Thursday evening being “Family Night””which allows members to borrow classic family favorites as well as try out new rules variations with others in the community.

Interviews with the staff and patrons demonstrate how much they all value Board Game Cafe Michigan: customers love how supportive and friendly everyone is; volunteers appreciate the camaraderie; staff laud its diversity; game developers are excited about finding new testing grounds for their prototypes; families enjoy having a space to gather where everyone is welcome; teachers are thankful for an educational space that many children don’t have at home. Everyone loves Board Game Cafe Michigan!

Menu of Games

Board Game Cafe Michigan is a wonderful place to visit, especially for those looking to play board games in a relaxed and social environment. Here you will find an extensive selection of all sorts of board games. From classic favorites like Scrabble and Monopoly, to modern classics like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, our menu of games has something for everyone.

The menu of games not only lists the various titles that are available, but also provides explanations on different types of board games and how to pick the game that will work best for your particular needs. Are you wanting a quick game with friends? Then try out one of our party-style games such as The Resistance or Telestrations. For those looking for something longer with more strategy involved, there are plenty of strategic Euro-style games such as Terra Mystica or Agricola. If you’re looking for a game that families can enjoy together there are plenty of options such as Ticket To Ride or Sushi Go!, perfect for gamers young and old alike!

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With our menu of games and helpful guide on game selection we are sure you will be able to find the perfect title whether if it’s your first time or hundredth time visiting Board Game Cafe Michigan!

Family Friendly Atmosphere

The Board Game Cafe Michigan provides an excellent atmosphere for families to enjoy. From game nights and themed events, social nights, and movie viewings, the Board Game Cafe provides a safe and comfortable space for families and friends to congregate. In addition to these fun activities, the cafe also hosts special events like birthday parties or ladies night, and can accommodate private events like reunions or team building exercises.

The cafe also works closely with local charities and organizations to provide unique opportunities for their members. The Board Game Cafe will donate a portion of its revenue to numerous charity partners in order to help support their cause. It is also involved in local tournaments, community days, and hiring initiatives held by partner organizations as well as providing discounts for those looking to visit the cafe regularly ” these are just some of the ways this business gives back to the community. Furthermore, the cafe often partners with nearby businesses in order to create packages that offer special discounts to customers.

Through its efforts of providing an enjoyable yet safe atmosphere for families, hosting engaging events and activities, working closely with local organizations on fundraising initiatives, discount programs and other projects that positively benefit the community”the Board Game Cafe Michigan presents itself as an invaluable piece of family entertainment not just somewhere you go in order eat dinner or play a few games here and there


Board Game Cafe Michigan is dedicated to building a strong and tight-knit community across the state. This cafe prides itself on offering ample opportunities for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to come together in the spirit of fun and socialization. The Board Games Café in Michigan provides facilities for customers to play their favorite games, make new friends, laugh, and create lasting memories out of simple social gatherings. This Board Game Café was built with one mission in mind-to bring people closer together over common interests or activities that allow for personal growth and connection. Through ample educational opportunities such as game club meetings, tournaments featuring various board games, themed events where enthusiasts can hone their skills and interact with fellow gamers from around the country, Board Game Cafe Michigan facilitates an environment of acceptance, fun and learning. Closed doors are not part of its program; the cafe invites everyone to join them in these special events that are made with each other’s enjoyment in mind.

Local Experience

Board Game Cafe Michigan provides a special local dining experience. The cafe offers a selection of locally sourced, Michigan-made products that can’t be found anywhere else. Customers can enjoy food and beverages made with ingredients from the nearby area, such as produce from Michigan’s famous farms and artisanal cheeses. Additionally, guests can explore some of the state’s most notable destinations by registering for tours and sightseeing organized around the cafe. Enjoy a truly unique experience at Board Game Cafe Michigan!

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Board Game Cafe Michigan offers a selection of quality board games and other activities for everyone to enjoy. With membership, customers have access to ongoing benefits such as discounts on game purchases, exclusive access to new releases before anyone else, invitations to special events and competitions, and rewards for products purchased through the cafe. As a member, you’ll also receive invites to tournaments across Michigan with the chance to win amazing prizes. Membership includes monthly newsletters with updates on new items and sales, as well as exclusive reward cards that can be used at any Board Game Cafe location. Customers will also have access to group orders ” perfect for parties and celebrations! Everyone of all ages is welcome in the Board Game Cafe family so join us today if you haven’t already! With a membership comes discounts on all our food and beverage options along with free drinks or snacks when requested or throughout events. Our staff stands ready to provide assistance in finding new games or expansions that may fit the needs of each individual customer. Best of all is the opportunity to meet new friends while enjoying different board games in a relaxed environment. Stop by today and discover how we offer fun experiences with great memories guaranteed to last long after the day ends!

Final Thoughts

Board Game Cafe Michigan is an incredibly unique experience that captures the essence of board game play. From the moment you walk in, you are welcomed with a warm and inviting atmosphere. There are countless board games to choose from in all different sizes, difficulty levels and themes. Whether it’s a classic like Monopoly or a new game like Mysterium, there will definitely be something for everyone. Alongside these classics are other fun activities such as trivia nights, table top gaming tournaments and themed movie nights.

No matter your age or skill level, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable time at Board Game Cafe Michigan. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly so if you need assistance finding the perfect game they’ll be more than happy to help out. Plus, they offer food options such as pizza or snacks which makes it easy to find something tasty even after hours of playing.

When not playing board games at Board Game Cafe Michigan, those looking for further entertainment can explore the surrounding area. Nearby attractions include museums housing renowned works of art, interactive science centers and family-friendly amusement parks–all within walking distance! So take a break from playing to tread the nearby paths explore more of what Michigan has to offer!

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