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Highlight Additional Themes

The 7th Continent game includes a huge diversity of themes and storylines that greatly deepen the immersive experience of the game. Players can explore an eternal day, race against the clock to survive, search mysterious forests to discover hidden secrets, and use ancient spells to gain powerful spells. The “Discovery” system in this board game allows different storylines to emerge as well as new powers and abilities to be gained by players. It also adds fun challenges such as puzzles or battles, which may require players to combine cards in order to succeed. As players traverse the continent, they will encounter all kinds of creatures such as dinosaurs, ancient warriors, mutated species and more. Along with discovering new lands and facing off against challenging foes, players have an opportunity to unlock special items unique to their character or collect special artifacts granting great rewards. Moreover, special events await where wild creatures may appear out of nowhere for a battle or rewards could be found if equipped with the right items. All these elements are sure to provide an incredibly varied gaming experience!

Involvement of Friends and Family

The 7th Continent board game is a fantastic way to spend time and bond with friends and family. As the game is an excellent cooperative experience, there is lots of communication and cooperation that must take place between multiple players. Players can take on the roles of different characters who will have unique skills for completing challenges within the game.

Family members in particular are a great source of help when playing The 7th Continent as they don’t usually mind if players want extra help or advice while playing. Friends can also be involved in the game by helping out with strategies, providing their own insights on any challenging situations, and providing support to other players in the game. It is important that everyone understands each other’s abilities and focus on specific objectives that need to be achieved throughout the course of the game while still maintaining communication and taking turns when necessary.

In order to maximize gaming fun, friends and family can provide food or snacks while playing which adds an even more enjoyable experience. Plus having loved ones around you means support and group problem-solving tactics come from those closest to you which makes things that much easier!

Different Versions

The basic version of 7th Continent is the most affordable option, but still offers 2-4 players with an amazing exploration experience. With access to over 200 different action cards and story events, players can explore a massive cursed island that is brimming with unknown encounters and puzzles. With unique character creation and a variety of scenarios to choose from, this version provides hours of exciting gameplay.

The expansion versions increase the game’s content greatly. The Explorers of the 7th continent and What Goes Up Must Come Down expansions come together as one bigger box, and add new components to the game such as powerful adventurers who can help you in your quest, airships to explore inaccessible lands faster, and new curses that make the game even more challenging!

The deluxe version of 7th Continent takes everything up a notch with exclusive premium components; a special 3D card construction kit allows explorers to build mountains right out of their gaming table! It also includes ten new Mystery Booster packs for added replayability, three extra Character cards for more options in team-building, as well as seven additional scenarios that take the thrill factor even further!

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Connectivity Options

The 7th Continent Board Game has several connectivity options to allow gamers to connect and play with each other. Offline, players are able to gather around the same table with physical copies of the game, allowing them to play with each other in person. Additionally, certain scenarios in The 7th Continent also require multiple players playing as a team. With the digital version of The 7th Continent, players are able to play remotely over a variety of platforms, including Steam and iOS platforms. The digital version also allows players to either join up in an online group or form their own custom game group and invite others to join it. Finally, the game features cross-platform save compatibility which enables users who have access to different versions of the game (such as physical or digital) to share progress across different versions without having to start from scratch in each one.

Added Expansions

The 7th Continent Board Game has become an incredibly popular game since it was released in the summer of 2017. It quickly became a major success with board game fans, with many considering it to be one of the best board games ever created due to its innovative mechanics and stimulating story. Since its launch, several expansions have been made available for the different versions of the game.

The base game version of 7th Continent currently has three different expansions and add-ons available: What Goes Up Must Come Down allows players to explore further regions on the continent as well as giant beasts from folklore; A Brave New World puts players against ancient forces from beyond the continent’s borders that threaten their survival; and Mystery Winds and Cursed Earth lets players face new challenges to uncover mysteries about the world they are exploring.

The Kickstarter Deluxe Edition also has two additional expansions: The Icy Maze for those who want to push their luck, dexterity, and overall abilities; and Thce before US, which adds extra cards that feature elements from all four main decks.

Finally, there is a second expansion called The Chosen Paths which contains two mini-scenario decks containing 40 new cards each. This latest release offers even more powerful choices through additional customisation options as well as new curses that will challenge players even further. All these expansions work together alongside the base game in order to create an even more exhilarating experience filled with unexpected discoveries and surprise outcomes!

Giveaways and Promotions

The 7th Continent board game is currently offering an exclusive pre-order kit through their Kickstarter campaign. This pre-order kit includes the base game, stretch goals, and additional standees. The pre-order kit promises to be the best deal available for new players looking to get a complete 7th Continent experience. Additionally, all backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive a special “thank you” box with extras thank you cards and game pieces not found in the standard edition. Finally, as part of their reward program, all contributors will be eligible for lifetime discounts on future purchases of both the expansion packs and future products.

Expansion and Expansion Ideas

The 7th Continent Board Game Geek offers many ways to expand and customize the game experience by exploring different ideas that players can use. From buying expansion packs, to creative ways to tailor the game to your needs, there are virtually limitless ideas that can help make the game even more enjoyable and rewarding. Some of the expansions available on Board Game Geek include expansions cards and game pieces, optional adventure packs, miniatures, and more. In addition to these extensions, players can also use house rules modifications as well as creating their own customized decks of cards and stories. There is no limit to what you can create with the 7th Continent Board Game and the Geeks offer plenty of ideas for how to make it even better! With all these options at your disposal, you are sure to find interesting and unique ways of giving your gaming experience that extra boost of excitement and challenge.

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Future of the Game

The 7th Continent is an exploration and survival game in which players take on the roles of explorers setting out to discover “The 7th Continent.” Players will interact with the environment, explore dungeons and battle monsters. The game is based around a board game system created by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and has been featured in multiple projects including its own Kickstarter campaign.

The 8th Continent Update (the first expansion for the game) was released in January 2021 and was highly anticipated. This expansion introduced new cards, characters, monsters, resources and terrains as players needed to overcome them to continue exploring the continent. Following closely behind were two more expansions; Curse of the Seven Seas and Secret Society of Monastery Island which were both released respectively during 2021.

With already three new expansions under its belt, fans are looking forward to potential upcoming announcements surrounding The 7th Continent’s future plans. Some possible additions appear to include a 2-player variant of the game so that it can be played with just two players instead of three or more, as well as rules for playing solo. Additionally, further expansions or individual adventures may be announced. As always, many other exciting mechanics could be added to freshen up the experience for veteran adventurers.

Unique Versatility of the Game

The 7th Continent board game allows for a level of versatility that sets it apart from many other games. This means it can be adapted and enhanced in a variety of ways to suit different locations and settings. For example, players can set the game up as a large, standalone world or as multiple connected worlds populated by islands, plains and desserts. The board game also includes elements of exploration, adventure and character significance, which creates interesting settings with believable stories. Additionally, this encourages creative thinking when approaching problem-solving by using nearby resources in unexpected ways. For example, players must decide where they should travel next based on environmental signs such as footprints or paths that could lead to an unknown destination. Ultimately, the 7th Continent provides players with unique levels of engagement while actively adapting to potential shifts in their environment.

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