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Board game tables with lighting are quickly becoming a must-have for those who love playing board games. There are many advantages to investing in board game table lighting. Firstly, LED lights are energy efficient and can save money in the long-term compared to traditional bulbs. Secondly, good lighting allows players to see the pieces on the board more clearly which makes it easier to focus on playing the game and enhances the overall gaming experience. Thirdly, LED lights also provide ambiance and can be dimmed or brightened according to your preference. Additionally, good quality table lighting will last much longer than traditional lamps or ceiling lights and won’t need constant replacing. Finally, having lights specially designed for a gaming table adds an extra layer of quality that can truly elevate a gaming setup.

To sum up, installing LED table lighting is an ideal way to make your game nights more enjoyable while saving energy in the process. It will add a special touch of luxury to any gaming room and last for years with virtually no maintenance required. As manufacturers continue to offer more stylish options and cutting-edge designs accompany vast color selections, we’re sure these lights will only become even more popular until they become an essential addition to every gamer’s home setup!

Types of Lighting

Direct Lighting: Direct lighting, sometimes referred to as task lighting, typically involves bright light fixtures placed above the game table that shine directly onto the surface. Looking for low-profile options is advisable as you don’t want to detract from the aesthetics of the table. Some examples are flat panel LED lights, recessed can lights, or spotlights. The primary benefit of direct lighting is clarity – it provides intense illumination so that you can easily see the board game pieces and play effectively.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting refers to any lighting feature used just to emphasize an important element in a room. For game tables, these could be light strips installed under shelves or cabinets that hold games and gaming accessories or even certain parts of the table itself. These lights do not need to be exceptionally bright but should draw attention as needed in order to make certain elements more prominent than others.

Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is often considered complementary or supplementary lighting that fills up a room with a nice glow and helps create cozy areas for leisurely play or warm conversations around the game table. This kind of lighting generally requires small fixtures or luminaires like pendants draped over large shelves for cue storage, small chandeliers placed above serving tables with refreshments and snacks, and decorative wall sconces shining on art components adding character to different areas of a gaming room.

Lighting Features

One type of board game table lighting is task lighting. Task lighting is intended to give light specifically to the areas or tasks in which a user may be working. The advantage of task lighting is that it allows players to easily see the components on the game board while they are playing, allowing for a quicker and more enjoyable play experience. However, task lighting can be quite expensive, as it requires specialized fittings and additional wiring to power them.

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Another type of board game table lighting is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is designed to provide a background layer of light that evenly illuminates the entire area of the room or space that the board game table occupies. This type of lighting typically requires fewer fixtures than task lighting and tends to be less expensive due to this fact. However, ambient light can also dimly illuminate a table and make it difficult to properly make out components on the game board during gameplay sessions.

Last but not least, decorative or accent lights are often used in combination with both ambient and task lights for added visual interest whilst playing one’s board games. Accent lights come in various shapes and sizes, such as pendants or wall sconces and can help add an extra special touch by highlighting certain design elements like special pieces or art painted on either side of the gaming table walls. The advantage offered by this type of light is simply an aesthetic one; however, it provides great pleasure when done well! On the downside, depending on placement and other layout constraints these types of decorative lights may not be able to sufficiently illuminate a large portion (or any) of the gaming surface itself making their effectiveness limited depending on their location within proximity to the gaming surface itself.

Where to Buy Lighting

One great place to purchase board game table lighting is from specialty shops like Gear Hungry and Man Cave Library. On these sites, gamers can browse through a variety of gaming lights including ambient lighting options such as candle stands and theater-style spotlights for those late-night sessions. Additionally, gamers should check out the D20 Collective which offers gaming lamps with dice profiles inlaid into the logs or specialized dragon lamps with intricate carvings and colored LEDs. Other online stores such as Wayfair or IKEA also offer affordable lighting solutions that may be suitable for board game tables. Finally, gamers can also find great deals on used or refurbished lights at local thrift stores or online marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist.

DIY Solutions

Some DIY hacks that can be used to make a custom board game table lighting include using LED strips, Christmas lights, and an old picture frame.

For LED strips, pick up some LED tape at your local hardware store. Measure the area around the gaming table where you plan to install the lights. Cut a strip of LEDs to size and secure it along the edges of the table using glue gun or double-sided mounting tape. Make sure to connect the light strips to an outlet or battery pack.

Another DIY hack is to use Christmas lights in a standard string configuration. Secure one end of the lights with hook-and-loop fastener strips to the underside of the tabletop and hang them over one side of the table. This creates a nice striped effect when turned on, but you may want to add a diffuser if desired. Connect it directly into an outlet or run an extension cord between two outlets if you don’t have reachable access to both sides of your gaming table.

Finally, reusing an old picture frame can make for a great board game light display too! All you need is some hardware store-bought wire mesh, bendable aluminum sheets and basic clip-on lamps from IKEA. Simply attach the materials together in a zig zag pattern following the lines of your picture frames backside area and then add bulbs at desired height intervals within it. Place onto any wall surface near your gaming table and plug in for beautiful ambient lighting effects!

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Tips & Tricks

1. Different kinds of lighting can affect the atmosphere and experience of a game night. Experiment to find the best solution that works best with the types of games being played and the people playing.

2. Use tabletop lighting which highlights areas key to gameplay, such as a central workspace area or an individual player spot, instead of bright light fixtures that illuminate the entire table top minimising any shadows.

3. Low-intensity box-style LEDs around all four sides of your board game table are essential for good visibility whilst playing in dimly lit rooms. LEDs are also energy efficient – perfect for those extended late-night gaming sessions!

4. Place lamps close enough to the table and adjust their positions if needed so players can easily move them out of their way without losing too much natural lighting and being able to clearly see their cards and pieces when gaming.

5. If your room receives ample natural lighting, try supplementing it with embedded LED lights behind or above your board game table as it will help create a casual ambience so players can focus on their games without feeling too much strain on their eyes when moving around pieces or doing tasks in the dark.
6. Consider installing recessed strips or utilizing remote control color changing LED light bars under each edge or corner of your board game table, this will cast an accent light onto each side while providing ambient glow across the whole surface -creating a great gaming atmosphere for everyone!


When looking for board game table lighting, it is important to keep in mind that quality matters. Having proper lighting not only allows you to enjoy your gaming experience more, but also ensures the safety of all players. Additionally, investing in quality lighting can increase the lifespan of your board games and keep them in top condition for years to come. It is also worthwhile to find lighting that is adjustable or can be directed towards specific areas on the board. This will ensure that all players have an even view when playing during long gaming sessions, eliminating any disadvantages caused by improper levels of light. Ultimately, having quality lighting for your board game table is essential and can make a big difference to gain an edge over the competition.

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