How Do You Play The Board Game Jumanji


Jumanji is a popular board game that has been around since the 1980s. It was originally released as a family-friendly fantasy movie starring Robin Williams. Since then, Jumanji has become a beloved franchise with numerous iterations, including several books, board games, and even video games. The game’s story centers on an enchanted jungle inhabited by exotic wildlife and dangerous creatures. Players are tasked to explore this amazing world while avoiding certain dangers while they attempt to win the game.

Objective: How Do You Play Jumanji?

To play Jumanji, each player takes turns rolling two dice which determine their steps forward or backward in the game. As players journey around the jungle, they must draw and act out cards featuring various animals and events such as monkeys stealing your tokens or vines blocking progress through the forest. If a player lands on a space with an animal symbol, he or she must draw a card from the animal deck to find out if something bad happens. A successful roll of the dice can also lead to exciting bonus rounds where additional tokens can be won, allowing players to jump ahead significantly in the game. When a player reaches the end of the path before all other players, they win Jumanji!

Strategy: What Are Some Tips To Win?

Although luck plays a large role in who wins when playing Jumanji, there are some strategies to increase your probability of success. First, take short but effective detours when possible rather than advancing longer distances; you never know what surprise lies ahead! Additionally, move strategically around Monsoon Card spaces or Cards of Doom as these can often put you behind in points if you’re not careful. Finally focus on completing special quests that allow you to gain useful items and extra tokens as incentive against your opponents; having these advantages can make or break any match!

Rules of the Game

To begin the game players choose who will be taking on the role as the Guide of Jumanji. The Guide reads a card and rolls the dice to determine how far players move their pieces in the game. Any player that lands on an Adventure Card square must draw an adventure card and follow the instructions. After each turn all players pick up another Jumanji Card to add to their hand, building their strategy and preparing for the next round.

Players can use the cards they have collected to collect precious gems or even deal with perils such as wild animals. If a player runs out of cards he may spin “The Wheel of Fortune” to get more play options. Depending on what it lands on, his piece is either moved forward or backward, draws a card from either “Tyrannosaurus Attacks” or “Safari”.

The goal of Jumanji is to be the first player who collects all their gems plus 2 additional gems and reaches home safely. The first player in complete safety is declared the winner!

In order to customize your playing experience there are many ways you can alter the rules of this game! For instance: if playing with young children, you can reduce time lengths (such as reducing time spent waiting for other players to take their turns) or setting different Victory Points requirements if you don’t want them racing towards endgame quickly. Additionally, if playing with adults something like a custom deck could be created which includes alternative win conditions based around specific events determined beforehand by each member of the group adding additional depth and trickery into play!

Setting Up for Play

To play the board game Jumanji, you will need at least 2 players but no more than 4. The recommended age range is 8 and up.

Before starting the game, each player will need to choose a token which represents them throughout the game, and select a coloured playing piece for their turn. Three different dice are used in Jumanji ” 6-sided die (numbered 1-6), 8-sided die (numbered 1-8), and 4-sided die (symbols of various animals). Players then place their token on the starting square.

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Each player takes turns rolling the three different dice to determine their next move. Depending on where they land, they may have to take a card from the appropriate stack; if it’s an Action card, they have to follow and complete what is written on the instructions on that card before continuing with their turn. If it’s an Event card, they must abide by what is instructed on that card as long as it applies to them; if it does not apply to them, then nothing happens and their turn continues as normal. Each time each player crosses an outer or middle space of any kind ” be it an Action or Event space”they get a hint as to how far away from home and Jumanji they are getting according to some mysterious group of stars located somewhere in Jumanji’s forest of trees!

The overall goal of Jumanji is for each player to make it all the way back home safely while collecting tokens along the way; the first one who makes it back home wins the round! There is also an option for players to team up during gameplay instead of competing against one another”this can be quite rewarding since you can help each other reach home much sooner than going solo!

Players and their Roles

All players will choose an adventurer (or adventurers) and assign a team to them. Players are allowed to play as any type of adventurer, including Explorer, Explorer/Medic, Explorer/Cryer, or Explorer/Thief. The Explorer is responsible for finding the legendary Jumanji board game and unlocking its challenges. The Explorer/Medics can heal wounded adventurers during their journey across the jungle. The Explorer/Cryers can call out challenges from the board game and warn of approaching danger. Finally,The explorer/thief’s main duty is to unlock and steal treasures from the board game’s chambers.

Once all adventurers have been chosen and assigned a team, each player’s goal is to find Jumanji and conquer as many challenges as possible before time runs out. Players must traverse various treacherous lands filled with beastly creatures and dangerous traps, encountering luck-filled moments where fortunes bestowed could be life-saving or regioned by a deceiving bad omen. In addition to the creatures above all else lurks a mysterious force threatening the lives of everyone who dares enter the world of Jumanji.

How to Play

Game Objective:
The objective of the game Jumanji is to be the first player to collect five treasure tokens and reach the Jumanji space on the game board.

Turn Sequence:
On a player’s turn, they roll two dice. The total of their dice roll determines their next move, with the numbered spaces on the game board reflecting the value rolled. Moving around the board, players may land on various playing squares that direct them to draw a card from one of four separate decks (Hazards, Animals, Adventures and Miscellaneous). If a card drawing square is landed on then its respective deck will be consulted and an effect based off that card played out in accordance to its written instructions.

Treasure Tokens:
Once all four pieces of treasure have been collected by any one single player, they are awarded an extra turn in order to reach Jumanji before any other players. Each treasure token has a specific clue associated with it; these clues become revealed over time when they are exposed while landing on numerical spaces and drawing cards from either deck (Animals, Hazards Adventures and Miscellaneous). A correct guess of all five clues leads you closer towards winning the game!

Danger Cards & Challenges

To play the board game Jumanji, start by setting up the game board, which consists of a jungle track along with various objects such as stones, levers and other tokens. Each player must select a Journey Book, which provides details about the specific character they have selected. The players will then take turns rolling the die and advancing their playing pieces along the track based on the dice rolls. Throughout the course of playing, players may encounter a variety of different challenges and danger cards. Challenges range from finding an item for another player to solving puzzles or competing in contests. The Danger cards represent sudden plot twists that can alter events on the board such as traps, predators or hidden surprises. When an Adventurer moves across a space containing one of these hidden events they must complete whatever task is required to earn points or progress along the route. As play continues any player who reaches the end of their designated Journey Books wins!

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Strategies to Win

Jumanji is a beloved board game classic enjoyed by children and adult players alike. The game involves rolling dice, moving around the game board, and completing objectives. The gameboard features a thrilling jungle adventure theme that allows all players to enjoy maximum fun.

To succeed in playing Jumanji, it’s important to come up with a strategy that works for your skill level. Beginner players can take advantage of some basic tips such as counting their dice steps carefully and pausing between each turn to study the board. They should also pay attention to their opponents’ moves so they know how to counter them. Advanced players may want to focus on using their dice strategically to move quickly throughout the board, collecting as many treasures as possible along the way.

In addition, there are certain tricks that all levels of players can use when playing Jumanji. It’s helpful to leave a trail of obstacles behind you as you move through the gameboard”this prevents opponents from catching up to you easily and reaching the treasure before you do! You can also use power-ups that appear on certain squares in order to give yourself an edge over your rivals. Finally, studying what kind of challenges each particular opponent presents can help you plan better strategies for defeating them in battle or collecting coveted treasures first!


Jumanji is a classic board game that can provide hours of entertainment. The main objective of the game is to be the first player to make it from their starting square to the safe haven at the end of the board. This requires players to draw cards, take turns, and answer fun riddles and questions. Players often face exciting challenges such as having to travel through treacherous jungles or dodge danger. If a player lands on an attacking space, they may have to try their luck by rolling the dice and avoiding traps or monsters.

What makes Jumanji so enjoyable is its unpredictable gameplay. As each game proceeds differently since no two cards are ever drawn in exactly the same way and everyone’s approach towards completing their objectives vary depending on who you play with – it never gets dull. Additionally, because each game only lasts around 30 minutes, it’s perfect for anyone with a busy schedule seeking entertainment without taking up too much time.

Jumanji can be purchased online and also in many major retail stores near you. Before playing though, make sure that you read all instruction cards included before beginning your journey; this will help maximize your experience while ensuring that everyone understands the rules!

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