How To Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game


Monopoly Cheaters Edition is an exciting twist on the classic Monopoly board game. In this version, players must attempt to complete as many sneaky deeds as possible while avoiding getting caught by their opponents. By accomplishing these cheating tasks, you will be rewarded with rewards that can help turn the tides of the game in your favor.

Objective: The objective of this game is to collect and complete sets of property deeds faster than all other players by attempting to secretly accomplish “cheating” tasks. Rewards can be received for completing these tasks and successful cheating attempts can leave players with a hefty collection of properties or even a mountain of cold hard cash!

Rules: Each player begins the game by choosing one token representing them as they journey around the Monopoly board. Throughout their turn, players draw cheating cards from three different decks; Money cards, Property cards, and Action cards. Players take turns rolling two dice to move their tokens around the board and take turns carrying out various cheating tasks while trying not to get caught by their opponents in order to receive rewards. Players must also pay rent if they happen to land on any spaces owned by other players. The player who succeeds in collecting the most rewards and completing sets of property deeds first is declared the ultimate winner!

Product Details

Monopoly Cheaters Edition is an exciting adaptation of the classic board game. The game encourages players to break the rules and takes advantage of cheater-type strategies that many people use when they play monopoly, such as sneaky property swaps, 2nd secret bank accounts and even stealing money from the bank!

Players can choose their favorite type of Monopoly cheating strategy; sneak it, work it or risk it.
Sneak It: Players try to do a transaction without the bank or other players noticing. For example, secretly giving money to another player in exchange for something.
Work it: Players try to succeed by using their resources smarter like getting discounted rent or convincing opponents to pay more rent than they should.
Risk it: This approach involves taking risks in order to gain rewards. For example, attempting a big deal not directly allowed by regular Monopoly rules but your opponents might agree to it and so you will benefit if successful.
If successful, players get rewards; such as cash payments or additional properties in return for breaking the rules. If caught cheating by the Banker, players are given either a Cheater’s Penalty card or send them straight to Jail! The first person who reaches the winning amount of cash (as specified on the Goal card) is proclaimed victorious as the king/queen of cheaters!

How To Play

1. Setup: Before you begin playing the game, gather 2-4 players, remove all of the game pieces from the box and each player chooses 1 token to play as – The Peep Token (character figurine) or Monopoly Dog. Place a colored pawn on its designated space on the ‘Go’ square of your Token sheet. Each player also receives 3 Cheater Cards to begin with.

2. Rolling and Moving: The oldest player goes first, then turns proceed clockwise around the table. Start by rolling both dice – one labeled Chance and one labeled Community Chest – and total their face-up values which represent the number of squares your Token moves ahead on the board.

3. Buying Properties: When you land on an unowned property space, you have an opportunity to purchase it using money taken from your bankroll (1500 coins). However, if someone else owns that parcel of property already then you must pay rent instead when passing that space or landing on it during future turns.

4. Applying Actions: If a card is drawn from Chance or Community Chest cards then you must follow whatever action is listed such as Go To Jail or Pay A Fine (taken from your bankroll).

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5 ” Using Cheat Cards: Use Cheat Cards to break the fundamental rules of Monopoly such as stealing anotherplayer’s property deed or swindling rent away. When you complete a successful cheat mission, move your pawn forward 3 spaces as recognition for that turn in addition to any rent collected during it.(If unsuccessful discard cheat card after reading aloud and gaining awareness of consequences)

6. Winning: When every other opponent has gone bankrupt be declared winner and finish up/end game according to instructions given in “Actions” tab found inside instruction booklet .

Strategies To Use

1. The Grand Hotel Strategy: This strategy involves buying a lot of properties and then upgrading them to hotels. With more hotels, you have the potential to earn more rent when opponents land on your properties.

2. The Criss-Cross Strategy: This is when you try and create pathways between different corners of the board, so that you can travel quickly while avoiding paying landing fees or other fees.

3. The Blockade Strategy: Build multiple houses and hotels around one property, making it much harder for opponents to get or land on the property so they avoid spending money there.

4. The Chance Card Wheeler Dealer Strategy: Use chance cards to your advantage by trading them with other players in order to get what you want or need.

5. The Profit Skimmer Strategy: Buy as much property as possible throughout the game so that you can eventually collect all of their earnings when it’s time for them to pay rent or landing charges on your properties.

Tips To Win

1. Don’t neglect your community chest and chance cards; they can be powerful tools to help you get ahead quickly.

2. Don’t disregard the fines on cheaters charge cards ” they are an important part of winning the game and can really add up with multiple players.

3. Don’t lose track of what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to focus too much on your own strategy, however, looking out for other players’ moves may help you win in the long run.

4. Don’t pass up chances to use secret storage spaces, such as putting buildings on properties without purchasing them first and holding extra money without anyone knowing it.

5. Avoid trying to cheat multiple times in a row if someone catches you because there’s no guarantee that you won’t be caught when attempting it again

Cheat Cards & Their Benefits

Tactic Cheats: These cards allow players to take advantageous actions and advance their game strategies. Examples of tactic cards include Moving an Incomplete Property Set, Collect $150 from the Bank For Every Hotel You Own, and Have the Banker Cover Your Bad Debt. To best implement these cheats, players should first assess the state of their game”what properties do they have, what upgrades have been purchased, and how much money does each player hold? From there, they can decide which cards will benefit them the most and execute accordingly.

Chance Cheats: These cards offer unpredictable advantages that give players a chance to change up their strategies. Examples of chance cheats include Borrow Money From Other Players Without Paying Them Back and Take a Quick Trip Around The Board. To best implement these cheats, it’s important for players to assess the risk versus reward with each move. They should consider how beneficial the outcome or action might be in relation to its associated cost.

Wild Cards: Wild cards offer instant action-packed changes with no prerequisites or conditions required for implementation. Examples of wild card benefits include All Unowned Properties Can Be Purchased at Half Price and Draw Another Card Immediately. To best implement these cheats, it’s important for players to think fast on their feet”if they play sensibly, they can secure a major advantage before anyone knows what’s happened!

Game Variations

Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game allows for game variations to create different difficulty levels for the players. The 4 different game modes consist of:

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1) Standard Cheating Mode: Players try to get away with sneaky tactics, such as stealing from the bank or skipping rent fees, as they navigate around the board.

2) Reaction Mode: As soon as a cheating card is drawn, all other players must race against one another to complete a challenge before the cheater gets away with it.

3) Wager Mode: Players are encouraged to bet on certain completed tasks or whether the cheater will be successful or not. This adds an extra level of suspense and excitement to the game.

4) Extreme Mode: In this version, tasks become more difficult and intricate in order to catch cheaters in the act. Anytime a player attempts sneaky moves, all other players have limited time or resources to stop them!


Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a version of the classic family board game Monopoly with an exciting twist. The rules are similar to the standard game; players use their tokens to travel around the board, they purchase properties, build houses and hotels and collect rent from opponents when they land on their squares. However, in Monopoly Cheaters Edition there’s also a fun element of mischievous behavior encouraged by adding specific cheat cards. Players can fulfill these dastardly deeds without consequence in order to get ahead.

Rules: In this version of the game, each player has 4 token pieces which can move anywhere on the board including off it but never land on Go or another player’s spot. Community chest and chance cards affect the usual too. Each player starts with 1,500 Monopoly money units at the start of play.

Tips & Strategies: On their turn players spin to determine how many spaces they can move then choose to either follow regular movement rules or attempt a cheat card task such as collecting rent from an opponent unobserved for instance. Reaching GO square awards another $200 Monopoly money unit but landing on it does not get extra turns as usually happens in regular Monopoly games. When attempting a cheat card task players are required to flick Mr Monopoly’s golden token onto a designated spot on the board if successful adding Property Deeds to their collection immediately instead of requiring payment first when landing on that square in the future turns.

Game Variations/House Rules: At any stage during play house rules and other additional game variations may be added by mutual agreement if desired such as awarding bonus points for risky tasks completed successfully, factoring luck into outcomes e.g. winning an auction bid randomly chosen using dice rolls, etc.. Alternatively removing certain elements from playing such as removing all Chance and Community Chest cards from play may allow for faster more strategic gameplay which might suit certain people more than traditional style play does would be viable too but not recommended for most people who enjoy longer versions of game play overall.


Conclusion: Playing the Cheater Edition of Monopoly is a fun and challenging way to enjoy the classic game with friends or family. It encourages sneaking, bluffing, and strategizing to win. The cheating cards add an element of surprise that make the game unpredictable and more exciting. Additionally, players can use their get-out-of-jail-free card if they’ve been caught red-handed! On the other hand, some may find this form of cheating too competitive for their taste. Overall, it is a great option for those looking for a fresh twist on an old favorite.

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