What Is In The Uboot Board Game Box


Uboot is a popular board game that puts players in the exciting shoes of World War II submarine captains. Players are challenged to take control of a U-boat during World War II and navigate it through dangerous waters as they try to outmaneuver their opponents.

Players must carefully plan their moves, choosing which equipment they need to succeed and deciding when and how to attack other ships. It’s an intense experience that requires strategy, luck, and some quick thinking!

So what exactly is in the Uboot board game box? Inside there are several components that make the game come alive. First, there are several boards depicting different missions and maps, as well as markers for each player’s submarine so they can track their progress. There are also cards representing different ship types and abilities, as well as dice used to complete specific tasks or activities. Lastly, you’ll find counters indicating energy levels and torpedoes measuring how powerful your attacks can be! All these elements combine to create a thrilling gaming experience that will have you immersed in its world of danger and excitement!

Materials Needed

To begin playing the U-Boat board game, players will need some additional materials. These include dice, pens and paper (for keeping a score sheet), and a timer (such as a sand timer, cooking timer or a mobile device). In addition to the items that come in the box, each player should have enough space to create their own hidden tracking mat for reference during gameplay. Finally, players should be prepared to get creative”the strategic possibilities are truly endless!

Overview of What’s in the Box

1. The Game Board: A large, rectangular game board which serves as the main playing arena for the game. It is divided into hexagonal sections, each with its own unique landscape details or ocean pieces.

2. Betting Pools: There are two betting pools, one that everybody can use and one that only captains may use. In the main betting pool, players can place bets at any time in the game to try and sway their opponents’ chances of success. On the captain’s betting pool, all bets made come from a special pool of money that only captains can access during the game.

3. Ship Cards: There are three decks of cards made up of 10 different types of ships each deck consists of 20 cards representing various ship classes such as battleships, merchant vessels, submarines and frigates plus additional action cards which can influence gameplay when played.

4. Resource Tiles: Resource tiles represent all three resources in-game; gold, silver and iron ore ” these resources must be exchanged and accumulated by players to build ships during the course of the game if they wish to win! They also have thematic artwork on them depicting various ports and buildings related to trade/navigation around that era in history ” giving it a unique visual experience when playing!

5. Command Tokens: Command tokens are used by commanding Captains in order to assign orders to their fleet during battle (assuming they have enough resources). Command tokens come in three types; Move, Aim & Fire representing respectively navigation direction control (Move), torpedo aiming direction control (Aim) and finally firing guns while at war (Fire). Combined together they allow military commands to be carried out efficiently and strategically throughout Uboot battles!

6. Customs Duty Markers: These markers are used throughout the game to signify how much customs duty players have to pay when wishing to establish trade routes with foreign nations (such as ports controlled by other players). They also serve as reminders for taxation rules or when celebrating victories or remarkable achievements within chapters!
7. Cubes: Last but not least we have cubes ” During U-boat player’s will need a set of colorful cubes which represent various resources such as fuel tanks or torpedoes cargo aboard their submarines – these objects move around freely depending on order instructions given by Captains/Fleet Admiral etc… giving an extra layer of environmental realism during battles!

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The Board

The UBoot Board Game box contains a large board which measures 30x24x1 inches. The playing area of the board is divided into 9 sections consisting of 3 distinct regions – Coastal, Inshore and Submarine highlighted by a variety of island spaces and stitched anchor markers. During gameplay, each player will use their boards to navigate a course across enemy-held waters with best navigational tactics in order to make it out alive while also avoiding dangerous shorelines or unknown islands.

Each space on the game board has its own action associated with it. Players can alter their course through these bands of sea lanes as they search for victory points and dangerous minefields that slow down their progress. They encounter friendly ships, warships, and U-boats ” all of which can add to their tally or put an end to their mission altogether. Players maneuver from port-to-port collecting items such as fuel cards, spying tokens, intelligence reports and torpedoes to help them survive their voyage. Cards reveal naval secrets about the terrain, weather conditions and ocean depths offering tactical advantages against opponents. Additionally, players must manage limited resources such as fuel and ammunition while planning courses around treacherous areas such as coastal defenses or unknown U boat routes. With each successful journey comes a reward in terms of victory points or resources found on certain zones in the form of equipment cards that enhance your submarine’s prowess like depth charges or increased endurance at higher depths.

The Tokens

The Uboot board game includes 8 plastic tokens. There are 5 submarine tokens (for each player) and 3 destroyer tokens for the enemy navy. The submarines can be used during gameplay to move around the map, mark sea zones and tweak the weather conditions to gain an advantage. The destroyer tokens represent a more powerful opponent on the board: they can block movements and detect submarines by specific actions taken by players. Special abilities associated with these tokens include increased fire range and increased damage done to sunken ships. Additionally, when a destroyer is in close proximity of a submarine there is an increased chance of being detected.

The Cards

Uboot board game comes with five different card decks: Command, Torpedo, Surface, Dive, and Air. Each of these cards have specific effects when used in the game.

The Command Deck includes ship commands and manoeuvre cards that allow players to move their submarine around the map as well as other strategic decisions they can make during a game. The Torpedo deck contains cards representing both Mark 10 and Mark 14 torpedoes in play, which are typically used to attack enemy vessels or defend against incoming shots. The Surface deck consists of anti-aircraft guns and radar capabilities that can be deployed to detect other ships on the board. The Dive deck allows for submarines to submerge in order to deploy mines and avoid detection by air units. Finally, the Air deck contains cards representing planes, helicopters, and kamikazes which can be used to attack enemy vessels from above. All of these cards have different abilities they can grant players during gameplay and provide greater depth of strategy to the experience.

Gameplay Rules

The Uboot board game box contains a full colour game board, representing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea; 2 sets of 10 player’s ships with pegs for each type of vessel; 40 destinations cards showing various locations to navigate to; a manual containing instructions for setting up the game, playing turns and scoring points; detailed plastic miniatures for submarines, escort ships and merchants ships; 130 action cards with special orders that can be used during each player’s turn; 8 dice representing depth and depth charges; plus 1 mission book containing several missions to complete.

Gameplay Rules: At the beginning of the game, each player will choose one set of 10 ships and place them onto their marked location on the game board. Players will then take turns choosing action cards and taking their turn by placing ships in notable locations such as ports or buoy fields. Players must decide when to use their special actions such as diving, attacking opponents or collecting resources. Meanwhile, enemies on the map will move around according to predetermined rules specified in the Mission Book. Throughout a player’s turn they can attempt to score points by completing missions or sabotaging enemies. After all players have taken their turns, points are tallied up based on which objectives were achieved. The first player (or players if playing cooperative) to reach a certain number of points wins the game!

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Strategy and Tactics

The U-Boot board game box offers a variety of components to facilitate tactical and strategic play. Players must utilize their resources in order to plot and execute a successful attack on their opponents. This includes an assortment of vessels for players to choose from, including submarines, naval cruisers, cargo ships, and transporters. Additionally, the board provides a diversity of terrain for players maneuver across the open sea and infiltrate enemy territory. To increase replayability, the box offers two sets of rules ” basic and advanced ” allowing different level of depth to be applied to gameplay. As the rounds progress, an integrated points system awards points for successful maneuvers placed at risk in each round. Additionally, victory conditions are also included such as sinking more of your opponent’s boats or gaining control of key pieces on the board. Finally, there is a set of detailed reference cards designed to help communicate various situations throughout the game; these additional details can greatly enhance strategic decision-making.


The original UBoot board game box includes a large double-sided game board that measures 25” by 34” and displays a map of the North Atlantic Ocean complete with markers and islands, a set of 258 high-quality plastic playing pieces representing ships, planes, submarines, mines and their crew, a selection of Command Cards (command rules and action directions), four dice for collecting key resource elements. Additionally the box comes with four playing figures (captains) to represent each player on the board.

Variations: Expansion Pack #1 ” The Wolfpacks introduces two additional optional ships in the form of new game pieces allowing up to six players at once to participate. Also included in this set are changes to how mission cards are handled using different levels rather than dice rolls. Submarine captains receive more camouflage tokens while also having critical decisions present themselves as they explore unknown waters.

Expansion Pack #2 ” Atlantic Crossroads introduces more realistic scenarios and more resources such as support vessels, emergencies and events. It further deepens the strategy involving bridge terrain via submarine hunt maps, additional vessel types like landing crafts & destroyers plus Sabotage tokens which can alter an enemy’s progress or success. It also adds an Admiralty Action scene to enable group gameplay strategy opportunities utilizing counters representing naval bases & ports for refueling purposes or when attrition occurs better chances of repair & resupply become available providing bonus points for team play efficiency.


The Uboot Board Game Box includes many components to give players a classic WWII submarine simulation experience. Inside the box there is a large game board, submarine miniatures, control telegraphs and dials, store racks and air pressure meters, real-time weather charts, and wooden cubes to mark different measures of success or failure. The game itself allows players to align their planning and maneuvering skills with their strategic decisions to gain the upper hand in their mission. During the game play, each player takes turns as Captain controlling their own U-Boat and crew as they plan missions and battle opposition forces to achieve victory! It requires skillful maneuvers as well as carefully strategizing in order to come out on top. With realistic ship models and comprehensive design elements, Ubisoft’s U-Boat board game provides an exciting journey into the depths of WW2 naval combat!

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