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Drinking Game Board Game DIY is an ideal game for people who enjoy the fun of alcohol-infused activities. It is a great way to bring friends together around the dinner table and share some laughs. The beauty of this game is that you can be as creative as you want – it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You can easily customize any board game into a drinking game by adding new rules, coming up with funny challenges, and giving out rewards for those who meet your expectations. With a few simple ingredients and a little imagination, you can create a unique homemade experience that will last long after the night is over! So why not forget all of the chaotic preparations involved in a bar crawl and opt instead for an intimate gathering to share stories and celebrate with laughter over an entertaining board game? By injecting your own unique flair into it, you can make it truly special. Want to add additional fun rules or combine existing ones? Go right ahead! You are only limited by your creativity, so don’t let anything stop you from creating something really enjoyable. Even better yet: make it completely personalized by selecting just the right beverage to mark each occasion – may be even try some new drinks! So dare yourself (safely!) to be creative as you craft this perfect consuming game designed specifically for your group of close friends – all while avoiding any problems such as over consumption or excessive costs!

Supplies Needed

For a DIY Drinking Game Board Game, here is a list of necessary materials:

– Cardboard or foam board: You will need to purchase enough to make the base of your game table that you can glue your tiles and other pieces onto.

– Paint: Most paint types can work on cardboard. You may want to use craft paints since they come in small containers so that you don’t have to buy a large amount.

– Laminated printed paper: This will be used as tiles for the board game, either by yourself or for pre-made tile sets.

– Glue: To adhere the tiles and pieces to the cardboard base of your diy game table.

– Dice: Includes regular dice and special drink dice you can purchase from stores or make out of a 3d printer if you want to get creative.

– Wooden pieces/tokens: Most stores sell various wooden pieces and tokens which are perfect for customizing your game boards.

– Markers/pens: Whether permanent markers or dry erase markers depending on whether the game is going to be reusable. A good tip would be to coat all marks with sealant like Mod Podge so they don’t run off with excessive playing/drying out eventually.

Optional accessories include extras like shot glasses, cards, paddles, etc., depending on what type of drinking games you intend on making ” such as beer pong, flipcup, etc. Stores such as Target or Walmart offer these items in their party section!

Preparing the Board

1. Gather materials needed to make the board. You will need a medium-sized piece of cardboard, scissors, tape, glue or a glue gun, and markers.

2. Using the scissors, cut out small rectangles on one end of the cardboard that will fit each player’s shot glass (adjustable depending on how many people you are playing with).

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3. Next, draw an outline of your game board on the other side of the cardboard making sure that all shapes are proportional to each other. You can then color in any designs or categories for your game board.
4. Additionally, you can create your own rules for how many shots per box and how many boxes should be filled before reaching the last box. If desired insert some modifiers to make different boxes worth more than others by sticking small pieces of paper inside them marking their values or assigning wild cards for extra chances at luxurious prizes!

5. Now that you have finished your game board art it’s time to secure it onto the base cardboard using either tape or glue (or even both!). Make sure everything is well secured before moving ontothe next step!
6. Finally, attach shot glasses in their designated spaces with hot glue as these will be moved around throughout gameplay and must stay put while doing so! And now you have created an exciting drinking game that can be enjoyed by yourself or friends!


Gameplay of Drinking Game Board Game DIY consists of two key elements. The first element is the game board, which includes a four-by-four grid with each space corresponding to one of four categories: beverage, destination, action, and consequence. To start the game, all players take turns rolling two die in order to determine their starting position on the board.

Once every player’s initial position is determined, gameplay begins. On each turn, a player must move to the next corresponding space on the board (drawing an extra card if they land on an action space), and follow any instructions depending on that space or the cards drawn when landing on Action or Consequence spaces. For instance: if a play lands on a Beverage Space, they must consume the amount of drink listed for them. If they land on an Action Space, they draw a card which tells them either what extra instruction or task to do before proceeding (e.g., sing a song) or provide some sort of consequence for not following through with it correctly (e.g., drinking double).

The game ends when one player reaches the finish line or upon completion of another predetermined objective. Additionally, players can modify rules dependent upon skill level by adding time limits for specific tasks and/or increasing amount consumed during beverage rounds as well as adding more tasks and activities beyond what comes in the game set itself!


Theme-Specific Games – These themed games can replicate classic drinking game challenges with a specific theme, such as movies, books and television shows (or their spin-offs ). A “Harry Potter”-themed game, for instance, could include challenges based on knowledge of the series’ events and characters.

Team Based Games – Teams can compete against one another in a strategic format to win the drinking game board. In team versus team games, each team attempts to have the most points at the end (by using more specific rules) while also executing facial expressions that render the opposing teams smarter while they are sipping their drink.

Bonus Rules – Bonus rules are variations of gameplay which add challengers or changes the original rule of gameplay. As an example, players might take advantage of a bonus classification system by allowing themselves to collect points and win drinks; if a player makes an opponent laugh, he or she receives a predetermined number of bonus points. Another example is giving extra points for certain activities like singing songs or reciting poems.

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Basic Tips:
• Make sure it’s clear to everyone how the game works.
• Set rules before the game begins and make sure everyone knows them.
• Remember to drink responsibly and keep track of who is drinking during the game.
• Have a designated driver or someone else who can help escort players home when necessary.
• Make sure everyone takes turns shuffling and dealing cards, keeping things fair and interesting.

Entertaining Ideas:
• Get creative with your game board by adding custom designs, funny characters, illustrations, or even sound effects!
• Offer extra sips of liquor after a certain specific moves are made in the game.
• Don’t be afraid to take things up a notch by playing multiple rounds that require different types of strategy throughout the night.
• Create an atmosphere of fun – add music, provide snacks, bring glow sticks/party lights, etc. – to set the mood and make it an experience that’ll last long after you have finished playing your drinking board game.


The DIY Drinking Game Board Game is a great way to have fun with friends and add some excitement to any gathering. This project is easy and affordable, and you can customize it based on the people taking part in the game. Play anything from classics like Never Have I Ever to homemade variations of Twister all while sipping your favorite beverage.

This blog post has detailed the steps needed to make your very own drinking game board game. To summarize, start off by gathering materials like cardboard or poster board, paint markers, Popsicle sticks, felt pieces for pieces you move around the board with, and a game die. After cutting out connecting paths for the players to traverse around, draw out whatever mini-games you would like associated with certain areas of the board. Then customize your rules as desired and enforce limits if necessary so everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience playing the game.

DIY Drinking Game Board Game is a great activity for special occasions or just an ordinary night in with friends . As long as participants are over 21 years-old (or appropriate age wherever applicable), create an unforgettable experience that you’ll all look back fondly on! If you would like more information or ideas on creating a drinking game out of other items, check out websites such as My Crazy Life or Thrillist which have plenty of creative suggestions.

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